Alex Kelly / Press

"Some artists have “star”written all over them. It’s in the way they tackle a song, in the manner with which they approach performance. Kelly is one of these artists..."

"Alex Kelly is a multi-threat bombshell ready to explode on the music scene...."

“If you want to hear some “out there,” genre-elastic electro-pop-rock-wave, well Alex Kelly is the joint.”

“Her voice has the ability to make heads turn, whether she's trying out a song while strolling down the sidewalk or playing out live in front of an energized crowd.”

“Alex Kelly(she is incredibly gorgeous) belting out the tunes and…does she put on a show….whooooo We have pics & video of their performance…..sooo coool to see Robby outside of the Goo Goo Dolls….. ”

“Alex Kelly's story would make a great ad for the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce....”