Alex Jimenez / Press

“Self proclaimed product of the early San Francisco indie music scene, Alex Jimenez has spent the majority of his life creating music to share with his fellow musicians and community. An avid guitar player and singer, Alex is currently focusing on his solo work, a blend of acoustic pop meets gritty blues. If you haven't seen him before, don't miss this next opportunity to add a new favorite local to your list.”

Oaktown Indie Mayhem

“Alex’s music is rhythmic and engaging and his songs come straight from his heart. He’s a notable guitarist and his singing is both powerful and sweetly melodic.”

“Alex Jimenez is one of the most caring and big hearted men I've met on the road. He loves music and musicians in a way that brings tears to my eyes. I always said that if you do anything in this world with honesty and passion, you'd be the first person to do it, and he by far, held the reigns of one of the best shows I have ever seen.”

Rev. VJ Thesis