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Alexi / Press

“great melodic content, excellent choruses! smoooooth voice that's right on. Love this music. thanks!”

Guy Berthiaume - Reverbnation

“I Am Loving Your Style-So Humble So Pure-You Have an Awesome Way of Expressing”

BobbyShockRiot - Reverbnation

“Wow, Great sound, Awesome Production, Stellar Voice, and Great Lyrics, Wow, Your a Star, Thanks For Becoming A Fan & Welcome To The Nation.”

The LK Nation - Reverbnation

“Your music is just great. Great sound, great production, vocals and lyrics. We love it. Jah Love is a wonderful tune. Transported us to a better place full of hope and love. Amazing!!!”

RTB Music - Reverbnation

“Great reggae music Alexi. Lovely compositions. Your "Sweet Island Girl" has such cool rhythm and feeling. Cool lyrics and vocals. Feeeeeling Gooooood.”

Jan Schnell - Reverbnation

“Your awesome! Wicked music! Rock On!”

Silver Knuckle - Reverbnation

“The best at being big heart to his music...We Love Alexi!...After you her him...You will be on board too...:)”

Billy Dunham - Reverbnation