Alex Foster / Press

"With help of an above than average talented ensemble "Condition" is full of energy, life, passion, and honesty that Alex Foster has come to be known for. Not sticking to a formula, the album takes stride in exploring the vast frontier of jazz music and combining nontraditional sounds. Alex Foster makes a bold statement that he is going to do things his way."

"Although Shaffer stayed out of the way for much of the evening, he gave Hendrix's "Little Wing" the appropriate minute detail with a toy glockenspiel while his Letterman show sideman Will Lee sang and trumpeter Lew Soloff got off a torrential solo, alternating long tones and sputters. On any other bandstand that might have been hard to top, but then the next piece, "Teen Town," did just that; Alex Foster's extended soprano solo unleashed a funky breakdown that brought the house down."

"Mr. Foster has a very unique personal tone to his tenor sax. He likes to switch voices by playing a melody with one horn, and then exploring the chord changes on another. The soprano solo is haunting on this song. Keywords for “Wait A Minute!” is uptempo, showcasing beauty, and complexity. Everybody is kicking butt on this tune. The guitar weaves through the main melody harmonizing and cutting through the tempo with sax. The gloves come off on this solo, Foster is followed by a Scofield/Adam Rogers style guitar solo. Meanwhile, Mike Wolff is injecting great chord changes and the bass figure is like a rallying point at solo's end. I love it when Alex calls out “Wait A Minute!” which if followed by a big finish like a McCoy Tyner triumph. Very cool guys. The vibe gets into a down low moving ballad with some great tenor work from Mr. Foster, and includes nice aspects of Coltrane in his presentation. "

“Alex Foster's Condition is an organic recording delivering a full spectrum of high quality original music from Alex and his bandmates! The interplay between Alex and the group is really a pleasure to listen to. I have listened to this recording many times and am confident that Alex Foster's Condition is in excellent shape!”

Jack DeJohnette - Drummer and Bandleader

"What makes jazz so wonderful is that it has such up beat, and fun tones that make you want to move. Jazz has a lovely expressiveness about it that allows musicians to really feel the flow of the music and play along within that flow. This is something that takes years to achieve, and it is why jazz musicians are so impressive. Alex Foster is no different." ... "Music is a healing tool, and you might as well call Alex Foster a doctor because his smooth saxophone dominates. He can expertly switch from a slow, sultry song to a fast paced, super solo with ease. "

"A longtime stalwart of the Saturday Night Live house band and former member of Jack DeJohnette’s Directions and Jaco Pastorius’ Word of Mouth big band and sextet, saxophonist Alex Foster stretches considerably as player-composer on his first leader project in 15 years. “Litha’s Song” is a soothing bossa that features some of his most lyrical playing on both alto and soprano, along with a tasty wah-inflected solo by guitarist Costas Baltazanis and a beautifully flowing piano solo from Michael Wolff. Another high point for Foster is the Trane-inspired “Fathers and Sons,” where he digs deep on tenor and wails on soprano."

"Alex Foster contributed a wailing soprano sax solo on this raucous Jaco anthem from Heavy Weather, which was underscored by drummer Kenwood Dennard’s insistent backbeat."