Alex Cartwright / Press

“Alex Cartwright has a new release, recorded in Tahlequah, Okla., using musicians from that neck of the woods and featuring a slew of her newest songs, that from an artist who started writing songs when she was 15. The songs she writes have the feeling that she’s “been there, done that, moved on and learned from the experience.” She delivers them with a soulful voice that has just enough twang to nudge the overall sound of the project into the country-rock arena. There’s a fun, bouncy vibe throughout the disc, even when the material is looking back at a less-than-positive situation. You get the feel that Cartwright is so ferociously upbeat that she could weather any storm, and is so effervescent that you can almost visualize her percolating as she stands at the mic laying down the vocals during the recording session... ...Here’s hoping we hear more from this young talent in the years to come.”

“If you get a chance to see Alex in concert, make sure that you go. You won't regret it. Her music is amazing.”