Alexander A.Kuzmin - Composer / Press

"From the Ukraine comes a melodic star of the bass guitar. In front of solid grooves, Alexander takes the funk-style of slap soloing to a lyrical place, utilizing exotic scales and a healthy dose of funk! It's A++ listening!"

Will Lee about of album "A Secret Wish"

“I was very impressed by your compositions and your playing, it is a great work. I hope to get news from you and your music being famous cause you really desserve it ...”

Chyco Simeon about of album "A Secret Wish"

“I like your music very much. Great bass playing, grooves and overall concept. "With 'A Secret Wish', Alexander Kuzmin establishes himself a voice to be reckoned with on the bass". ”

Gerald Veasley about of album "A Secret Wish"

“I did check out your music and you sound great. Very interesting production and fantastic playing. You should be very proud of your hard work!”

Mark Egan about of album "A Secret Wish"