Alexander Cardinale / Press

“Alexander Cardinale, also known as Xander, took front and center [at The After Party Tour] with his guitar in hand and his bold yet honest existence to his surroundings. As he strummed his guitar to “Traffic Lights” and his latest release “One Shot”, the crowd joined in and sang with just as much sentiment as the lyrics itself expressed. Keep your ears and eyes open for this lyrical force of nature.”

“The venue was near capacity for this event. This evening's crowd was quite familiar with his work as they sang along on a variety of songs word for word. One of the most noteworthy parts of Cardinale's live performance is that it is just him with an acoustic guitar and a microphone on stage... putting on a raw and organic no gimmicks performance. Alexander Cardinale put on a great set and is certainly someone to keep an eye on as he has been quickly making a name for himself”

“Aaron Carter’s “After Party Tour” is where you will have the opportunity to listen to an artist whose music is impenetrable and puts you in a dreamlike state. Alexander Cardinale brings a whole new meaning to dreaming. His undisguised and idyllic musical style can be heard with every melody that takes a breath.”

“Alexander Cardinale is the WINNER of the HMMA for Best Song in a TV Show 2012 - "Traffic Lights" - 90210”

“Alexander Cardinale has been named #2 on 'Music Connection's HOT 100 UNSIGNED ARTISTS OF THE YEAR' for the 2nd year in a row. (2011 and 2012)”

“100,000 [Facebook] fans can't be wrong...”

“A highlight [from the Driven Music Conference] was the performance by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Alexander Cardinale at the Center Court stage, which was especially bluesy and soulful. He belted out over a ukulele at one point.”

“Alexander Cardinale played the role of the jewish Steel Drummer, as well as actually recording the steel drum music for the "caribbean night" scene in the film The Social Network.”

“Alexander Cardinale is wry, cynical and full of off-beat humor, in Chad Perter's "APOCALYPSE, CA."”

“Refreshingly talented... a somewhat shaggy, bespectacled actor & singer/songwriter he splits his time between both careers...”