Alexander and The Grapes / Press

"With its' big riffs and 90s college rock indie boy vocals, "East Coast" almost certainly would have been perfect for an episode of My So-Called Life, had the two met at the right time. That alas wasn't meant to be, but I'll still love the song for what it is, and what might have been."

Fuzzy Logic

"Charos sings about falling short and other hallmarks of the human condition with the honesty and economy of Gram Parsons and Kris Kristofferson. He doesn't have to confuse you into thinking he's brilliant."

Creative Loafing

"Alexander and the Grapes packs a sweet and juicy wallop of pop, psychedelic and country. Whether those styles come at you mixed up or distilled with pure directness, there isn’t a bad tune in the bunch."


"With their first LP due out this coming year, Alexander & The Grapes are sure to draw the attention for a rock and roll community for everyone to enjoy."