Alessandra Belloni / Press

"Ms. Belloni sang in an exultant voice. The songs blazed with an age-old momentum."Invocations and work songs, exorcisms and lullabies shared the program of ''Rhythm Is the Cure'' in a chapel of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. With combination of voice, hand drums and rustic fiddling, The musicians on Friday night were Alessandra Belloni, a singer and Neapolitan tambourine specialist who has researched ancient songs from southern Italy that show deep Arabic and African influences; Glen Velez, a virtuoso on frame drums, the percussion family that includes the tambourine and the Irish bodhran; and Siba, the leader of the Brazilian band Mestre Ambrosio, which is steeped in the folk styles of northeastern Brazil. The three musicians shared and traded songs, nearly all of them driven by tambourine patterns so fast that the drummers' hands became blurs.

“Alessandra Belloni played from her stunning new album, "Tarantata: Dance of the Ancient Spider," A small woman with a wild mane of black hair and an enormously powerful presence, Belloni sang and danced with a concentrated intensity that quickly transformed her surroundings.She demonstrated her articulate skill with various tambourines, and in a climactic closer, she sang, danced and played the whirling, ecstatic, trance-like music of the traditional tarantella. It was a remarkable performance, enhanced by a group of superb accompanying musicians--flutist/saxophonist Steve Gorn, violinist Joe Deninzon (who joined Belloni in dancing the tarantella) and guitarist-lutist John La Barbera. Belloni deserves a repeat Southland performance allow a full exposition of her compellingly entertaining and informative view of Italian/Mediterranean ”

“Voyage of the Black Madonna, Sacred Music of Italy with Alessandra Belloni and the Our Lady of Lourdes Choir: Singer, dancer and tambourine virtuoso Alessandra Belloni weaves together an aural tapestry referencing the cycles of life, women and nature. Backed by East L.A.'s Our Lady of Lourdes Choir, Belloni will drum as well as perform a selection of chants from Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and France, to one of the most sacred icons of the Catholic Church: the Black Madonna, said to offer both physical and spiritual healing powers. Belloni, one of the most famous and revered voices in Southern Italian music and dance today, has designed a signature series of tambourines, some of which she will utilize during an evening that begins and concludes with a candlelight procession honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe”

“With her left hand she uses a variety of techniques to produce a wide range of timbers, incorporating thumb strokes, finger strokes, and slaps.”

"Italian-born virtuoso Alessandra Belloni is established as a unique phenomenon, not just a percussionist, but also an actress, lecturer, entertainer, and healer."

“Alessandra Belloni is a force of Nature”