Darkness Descendant- (AlenGroove OMusic) / Press

“ “A stage presence that will rival any national touring band out there, they managed to make their way to The Bamboozle Festival, for the second year in a row. This year, they will be on the Saints and Sinners stage, which will definitely be a perfect fit for them, and will allow them to win over new fans, just like they did at The Stone Pony and School of Rock during The Break Contest I would keep your eyes and ears pealed to their social networking sites, where they are very active, because there will be big things to come from this band in the upcoming months and years. Their hard work and dedication to the local music scene will NOT go unnoticed. You better watch out because if you are not paying attention, their music will kick you in the ass! ” Brian S - The Aquarian ”

Brian S - The Aquarian

“ “One of the most amazing metal/hardcore acts in the tri-state area today! - Mick/Devin” Feefer - Feefer ”

Feefer - Feefer

“Cemetary of All Spirits is a killer track.Im play it loud at home.Keep n Metal Alen.Much luck from Sevilla Bros”


“Cory Beagle- reminds me of old school nyc hardcore ”

Cory Beagle-

“sounds great!!!”

The Fanatic Skitzo..

“fantastic playing and dynamics on "cemetery"..diggin the slow-down and then massive resurgence at the climax. face-melting shredtastic guitars!! Jan 07 ”


“sick ass tunes,hope to hear more”