Aleii Joan / Press

“I'm tellin' all y'all... don't sleep on baby girl She's next in line. OK? Her shit is on bang and she's sassy with it too.... I really likes that..”

Q - Barbecue

“wicked hot flow you got on these tracks..love that verse you got building to the hook on the clip of "moments"..that sounds like a majestic joint..and fantastic rhyme and vocal for "end of that"..that beat is super funky cool. Tasty!!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“...The Hottest Female Rapper in Dallas Right NOW!”

media crew - 411RealityRadio.com

“It’s a great sound and you are going to want to stay awhile…Click…Play All….. Your tracks are terrific…♪♪♪♪ Best,”

Pat Branch - ReverbNation

“Loving your singing voice and precise flow delivery you're a musician poet”

dRedzilla - ReverbNation

“sounds dope, got your own style i respect that”

DRSOUNDCLOUD - soundcloud.com

“Smoooooth nice work”

Jack Lewin - Australia DJ