Alchemilla / Press

“Alchemilla, who’ve been burning up the voting on Boston Emissions fave new local song poll, sound like they’ve been writing songs and booting heroin with Kim Deal and Lou Reed backstage at a New York Dolls show. Be sure to get there early and check them out.”

“Some of Alchemilla's members have been playing together since high school and you can feel the years-in-the-making sound in the way their music builds and wraps around itself. Their solid rhythm section holds it down while Jon Sprague and Joe Bondi hypnotize with their intense guitar riffs and harmonies. All this musical goodness centers around the amazing vocal stylings of Kathleen Burke. Let me tell you, this girl can wail. I haven't heard vocal range like hers in years. Put all of these elements together and you get the bluesy solid rock sound of Alchemilla that will melt your face off.”

“Alchemilla is no upstart band; they are as tight as any national act and pack twice the punch of most. The rhythm section is solid, providing a concrete base on which the melodic elements of the band can dance freely. Bondi and Sprague’s guitar work is superb, very energetic and interesting. Kat Burke has PIPES. Her clear, strong alto captivates the listener through every song, sometimes soothing, sometimes rocking your face off. The music is hard rock through and through, with streaks of jazz, experimental, blues, and classic rock. To me, this is the kind of rock that ought to be all over the airwaves. It’s instantly captivating, emotionally compelling, and beautiful.”

Stephanie Crosby - Northeast In-Tune Magazine

“Vocalist Kathleen Burke more than holds her own amongst the pounding drums, driving bass, and grinding guitars. Her voice is extremely powerful in the alto range and strides confidently to the front of the hard-rocking rhythm section. She also uses a breathier upper register to good effect in some of the quieter spaces.”

Brian McGrath - Northeast Performer

“Alchemilla is a vastly more straightforward experience. A five-piece, they are centered around singer Kat Burke. She's a diva and a power-wailer, and I'm completely enthralled whenever she's singing. The rest of the band tends toward a classic rock feel on most of their songs, but they mix it up on one weird one with verses in ten and choruses in eleven. I'm pleased to hear them branching out. They are playing with a fill-in drummer tonight, former band member Matt Russell, who is pretty impressive on two rehearsals.”

Steve Gisselbrecht - The Noise

“While Alchemilla isn't an easy band to pigeonhole, the sound is certainly not metallic or angry. Alchemilla is, quite inauspiciously, bt described as a rock band. In fact, it smells a bites like a jam band. They can be lush with atmospheric elements provided by the two guitarists, giving the band a bit of an alternative swirl about them. While this all is familiar, there are no easy band comparisons to be made here. The focus of the band is vocalist Kathleen Burke. Her voice is full with a pleasant vibrato, and although generally subdued, when motivated, she shows a nice range from brash to throaty. While many vocalists seem to have a "what do I do with my hands" dilemma (one shared by straight white guys when they dance, I might add), Burke seems entirely comfortable with herself on stage.”


“I step into T.T.'s and became immediately captivated by Alchemilla. The three guitarists are laying down a beautiful mesh of melodies over drums and bass that are absolutely perfect. Singer Kathleen Burke steps into every song with a dominance that is solemnly and incredibly easy to get lost within. I notice that the entire club is totally immersed as well. They begin "Crashing," which is my favorite song of the night, and almost the entire crowd has their eyes fixed on Kathleen to watch her pour out every emotion through a truly amazing voice. By the time they finished their set, I really wish they had more time because the songs really shine far above everyone's technical ability and prove that this six-piece is unlike most rock bands here in Boston. This is really tasteful and gorgeous rock music.”

Hal Berkstresser - The Noise

“I'm back once again at the Middle East upstairs, and it's a lot less crowded when the Rumble is not here. Alchemilla is playing when I arrive. Holy shit, can this woman ever sing! She's a wailer, bluesy and raw, with a clear, pretty upper register that she moves into occasionally and a scat-singer's sense of melody when she cuts loose, which she does a lot of, and it's awesome. The rest of the band is really good:great rhyth section, with involved and involving bass lines and steady, supple drumming.”

The Noise

“Alchemilla are up last. I cannot get enough of their singer; she has a phenomenal voice, and she just WAILS! A little bit jazzy, a little bit bluesy,a little bit rootsy, and a whole lotta rock. There are also three guitarists,a bassist, and a drummer, all are good...overall the feel is high-energy roots rock,and she's usually singing. Bending notes, dancing around the melody,howling and growling and kicking my ass.”

Steve Gisselbrecht - The Noise