Alchemic Journey / Press

“Extrait du Dauphiné du lundi 16 juin 2014.. "Place ensuite, au Blues Rock d'Alchemic Journey lui aussi de création récente, qui se lançait dans des jeux de guitare impressionnant."”

“Prelude & (Feat eXSpace : The Path) Basic demo "I am a still impressed!!Your composition*** could serve as background musik for the film "Avatar" (*:*)"”

“Le Jour se Lève... “Boston, one day after the Beantown Jazz Festival '09 - this one caught my jazz/ambient ear right away. I see the word "Celtic" on the genre line but it doesn't matter. You can hear a bit of Hendrix and Coltrane in the first 10 seconds..."”

“Le jour se Lève :"It's great to come by and listen to your music especially Le Jour se Lève which is a wonderful piece of music. Uplifting and beautiful."”

"dotSpice/Alchemic Journey/eXSpace All projects of Juan and Woodoo Prod again instrumental work, again a fusion of styles, again just wonderful stuff".

"Juan, I am loving Le jour se leve... and where you are going with it! It will be so vast and beautiful! Your string composition was stirring!"

"The delicacy of your sound is special, very subtle and understated....in particular, I enjoyed Nebuleuse and both versions (orchestrated, especially) of Le Jour Se Leve. ~Spin, Turn, Spiral it Out~ aztrology witch"

"Your music's vibe speaks to every culture. -Jane"

“Dreaming of you : "Sophisticated and nice to listen to, profound... the depths of the soul in one minute "”

“Le jour se lève... : "Great quitar work, kind of reminds of Steve Howe."”

“Le jour se lève... : "“the title means; "Daybreak". excellent guitar duet, also sounds like a fretless bass in the background. somewhat low-fi, nice mood and great playing. Check it out!"”

“Dreaming of you : "great stuff from pulsion, this was on my list of songs to rec!!!"”

“Walkin' on : different, but deep music !”

“Prelude - Le Jour Se Lève... [Chords] : "It's wonderful strings composition. A part of "Le jour se lève...", for a future new version of this song in 2009, with voice in an album. This track reveal another facette of the talent of Pulsion man. Really beautifull!!"”

“Le jour se lève... : "The track before this segways into this one with perfect ease. The two tracks together are very Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd-ish. Music to chill to."”

“I so appreciated such beautiful sounds of all your tracks. Please provide more & in length! An intriguing listening experience! ”

“Prelude - Le jour se lève... [Chords] : Ethereal, enigmatic, beautiful.”

“Le jour se lève... D'une force et d'une fragilité touchante. [...] Cet instrumental possède une indescriptible force, aussi fragile qu'il puisse paraître [...] Cette guitare authentique. C'est peut-être aussi là que réside toute la force de cette oeuvre. Son authenticité ! [...]”