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alchalant / Press

“alchalant is quite an entertaining little album. It drags punk songs through the mud of several other genres just enough to give each one a unique flavor. alchalant has received 7 nominations at the 1st annual Indie Music Channel Awards. Hurry and listen to it before the masses discover it. Caution: repeated listening will make you want to sport your old Mohawk.”

“alchalant nominated 7 times for the 1st annual Indie Channel Music Awards, including Best Alternative Album for their new self titled release.”

“Artist: alchalant Title: alchalant Overall Rating: 3.5 (out of 4) Lyrics - 3.25 || Musicianship - 3.75 || Vocals - 3.5 Web: www.alchalant.com Location: Detroit, MI Genre: Garage/Punk/Alternative Rock Key Tracks: National Blues Written By: Senseitional”

“The song "National Blues" is a thrashtastic voyage that will make your head spin. The gnarly way they played this particular tune is worthy of praise, not to mention the fact that they kept the sound very organic with the acoustics giving off that true garage band feel. The lead vocal is a serious work of art bringing out the "rage against the man" message that lives within the song's violent musical space. This is a winner in my book and I dug this tune the most out of all of alchalant's music.”

“My favorite track on the album, “Binary” is a geeky love song about how love should be, “as simple as binary, just ones and zeroes.” While listening to it I wax nostalgic for my old Dead Milkmen records.”

“A lot of CDs give you an extra track hidden at the end of the album after a bit of silence, but alchalant out does them all by giving you an entire album of hidden tracks. The hidden album is made up of recordings that Matijow recorded earlier. “National Blues 2011” is an updated version of one of those tracks. It was originally written after 9/11 and this updated version is a bit heavier and adds some great guitar leads that are noticeably missing from the previous version.”

“alchalant is teeming with clever lyrics, unexpected beats and some quirky twists here and there. The first track, “Better Off Dead” (the anti-love song) I would call a kind of techno punk. It’s punk with pop synth sounds. “How did it taste when you ate my soul I’m sure as hell that you didn’t get full because I’m empty,” is just a sample of some of the modern poetry you can find on alchalant.”

“Rock & Roll has a new home! Nominated for 7 Indie Music Channel Awards, alchalant is a band that clearly has established itself as a serious force on the frontlines of today's DIY movement. The Detroit rockers have a very cool sound that encompasses elements of every lane in rock music, keeping them from being placed in that all too present "box" in the minds of average listeners.”

“What is more punk rock than drinking all night and then getting into a major crash on your bicycle? That’s exactly what happened to Alex Matijow. Notwithstanding the blinding pain of a broken nose, five cracked teeth, and an upper lip split up to his nose, Matijow walked away from this near-death experience. He didn’t walk away empty handed. Matijow had a brand-new vision of what was important in life…his music. Matijow currently holds a bachelor’s degree in music production and jazz guitar from Wayne State University, where he is now pursuing an MBA. Matijow is responsible for composing, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering the first 8 tracks of this album – all alone. The second half of the album is Alex Matijow (vocals, guitar), Lyle Hayman (guitar, vocals), Bryan Reed (drums, vocals) and Diana Oppenheim (bass). alchalant’s live lineup is Alex Matijow (vocals, guitar), Todd “TJ” Errion (bass, vocals) and Chris Hobbs (drums). ”

“Overall, “Grad Song” is a solid piece of music with exceptional lyrics and a catchy rhythm. alchalant is a band with talent, which is obvious while listening to this single, and “The Grad Song” is a good indication of what they can do.”

“alchalant, hailing from Detroit Rock City, is made up of Alex Matijow on vocals and guitar, Todd Errion on bass and vocals, and Chris Hobbs on drums. Their single “Grad Song” is a nostalgic piece of music that laments the innocent and care-free life of youth. The track is lyrically sound and extremely well-written. Anyone with a sense of youth that has passed will relate to the thoughtful lyrics and look back wistfully at happier times.”

“Artist: alchalant Title: alchalant Genre: Punk Release Date: 2011 Label: NXC Records 4/5 Stars Key Tracks: Binary, National Blues, Bronchitis Kirk Bullough – Muzikreviews.com Staff April 1, 2012 ”

“Fast, rough, and ready, sounding like a band that just wants to plug in and rock out”

Mike Korn - 'alchalant' Record Review

“Artist: alchalant Album: alchalant 3.5 of 5 stars”

G.W. Hill - Review You

“Recent reviews of the new record describe us as a diverse mix of punk influenced genres from classic punk rock, to pop punk, alt rock, hardcore, art rock, indie rock, emo, and progressive rock.”

Alex Matijow of alchalant - Comment on record reviews.

“Artist: alchalant Album: alchalant 3 of 5 stars”

Mike Korn - Review You

“Certainly fans of punk rock and emo are the most likely target audience for this set, but alternative rock fans could find a lot to like here, too.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“It's all delivered efficiently and with a lot of passion.”

Mike Korn - 'alchalant' CD Review

““National Blues 2011” is like hardcore punk. It’s a real screamer both in terms of the vocals and the pace.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

"Control" has a leaner, sparser sound with more punk energy and very strong hooks. It sounds like its being played by an altogether angrier band than "Better Off Dead" and these more aggressive songs are really where alchalant shines.

Mike Korn - 'alchalant' Record Review

“Punk rock can be a limited musical endeavor in terms of scope. The music here stretches the limits beyond punk, but still manages to remain consistent.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“The band plays a diverse brand of poppy punk rock that fairly bounces off the walls with energy and spirit.”

Mike Korn - 'alchalant' Record Review

"Dawn" is a stripped down, smoky cut with appealing melody.

Mike Korn - 'alchalant' Record Review

““Bandaids” is one of the coolest tracks on the set. It pounds in with an alternative rock kind of jam before launching into an angry punk rock arrangement. It’s high energy and extremely tasty.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“After 12 CD tracks of silence, the older Nonchalant material shows a rawer version of alchalant that is not quite so diverse but perhaps more appealing to the straight up punk because of that. "Bandaids", "Fee For Free" and the earlier version of "National Blues" are all fast, rough and ready, sounding like a band that just wants to plug in and rock out.”

Mike Korn - 'alchalant' Record Review

““Fee for Free” is full of punk fury to close this thing in style. It includes both an almost Black Sabbath-like grind and a tasty melodic interlude.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“Acoustic guitar meets a real punk rock sensibility on “Bronchitis.””

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“alchalant has released a disc that’s really two discs in one. The first half of the album consists of new recordings by the artist known as “alchalant.” After some silence mid-disc, a second album, a recording of the band Nonchalant (with alchalant as lead singer) is presented. Where the first half seems to be very DIY in terms of production (and sometimes sound) the second half is more classic punk rock.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“The fast paced vocals on “Neglect the Heartbreak” are particularly noteworthy. The song has a solid punk rock sound that’s not as high energy as some of the other stuff, but is still strong. It's got some seriously melodic elements.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“While the arrangement on “Control” seems more stripped down and DIY in terms of production, the anger and power of the cut stands above the previous number. There’s a real crazed feeling with some of the spoken vocals later. It feels very psychotic in some ways. There’s a killer instrumental section later, too.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“Now, “Lyle’s Song” is more like old school punk rock. There’s a short little intro jam and then they launch into some smoking hot punk from there. It definitely has more of a “professional” mix. That makes sense because it’s the first piece from the Nonchalant album.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“The next cut is here is the original version of “National Blues.” It still has all the hardcore punk energy and oomph.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“Although a lot of the album is set in a punk rock motif, this tune (Dawn) feels almost like a progressive rock number. It’s got some intriguing keyboard sounds and fairly complex arrangement.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

““LL” is the title of the third track and it stands for “Loko Land.” It’s a fun and very short piece. It’s less punk rock and more just weird.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

““Nightmares” is closer to an emo sound. It would be easy to imagine this getting airplay. The bass line is killer in the way it wanders around in the backdrop and this one feels more polished than a lot of the other stuff.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

““Binary” follows and has a real indie rock texture to it. It still retains some of the odd charm of the previous number, but is more accessible. It’s also a lot longer. There are even bits of space rock in the arrangement.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“After a short rhythm section intro, “Better Off Dead” powers out into a hard rocking, punk cut. Although the central song structure is set in an old school punk motif, there are some bits of keyboards that lend a different sound and a guitar solo movement is almost art-rock in style.”

G.W. Hill - 'alchalant' Record Review

“Released on June 8, 2004, nocturnal is alchalant's debut release, 16 original mind blowing acoustic tracks of intense, creative, emotional, personal music.”

“11/22/2002 Wired Frog: For teens, Easpointe's Wired Frog is the place to be. Say Uncle, Neighborhood Watch, the Answer to Everything, No Excuse and Non-Chalant keep the young punk scene alive and kicking. 21145 Gratiot, Eastpointe. 586-498-9500. $7.”

“Non-Chalant, a group of local teenage punk rockers, will release their debut CD, "Break the Lamp, " on Sunday at popular all-ages venue the Wired Frog in Eastpoin te. Inspired by punk rock greats of the '70s and '80s such as the Clash and GBH along with modern day punkers Rancid and NOFX, the group's eight-song debut blends the best of punk rock angst with melody-driven hooks. It's young stuff from young kids. Joining the group on the bill are punk rock partners in crime No Excuse, Zero Dependence, One Hump Chump, No Alternative and Forever Ending. Non-Chalant hits the stage at 10 p.m. 21145 Gratiot, Eastpointe. 586-498-9500. For more go to: www.reverbnation.com/alchalant”

“alchalant's 1st show in 5 years. At Wayne State University for WAYN Radio. Interview on website”

“alchalant's 1st performance in 5 years, at Wayne State University, for WAYN Radio. February 2010”