Alberto Alaska / Press

"With distinct strains of 90’s era alt-rock woven in, the band’s signature heavy riffage style and soaring, ethereal vocals have made a bigger and better comeback on the new release."

"A meltdown of atmosphericand progressive styles that's typical of the post-rock genre. Alberto Alaska is a young band that can build a song into a hazy climax and burn it with a mid-tempo groove...this band is neither hard nor heavy nor wrong. It's like a wall-of-sound with chops on the side."

“One of the area’s fastest rising acts, Alberto Alaska is a band comprised of long time friends with a wide range of musical tastes that have come together to create great music to share with the world. ”

"The singer's voice has absolute recognition and fans of the Thrice and By A Thread will want to risk an ear. 6/10"

"Given the little amount this band has previously released – ‘True North’ being their second EP – there is so much potentially brilliant music that we haven’t heard from them yet."

"They are a classic example of alternative rock, intense and driving with emotive vocals. What they sometimes lack in harmony they make up for with sheer power."