Albert J Smith / Press

"'Second Life' brought tears to my eyes..."

John Boehner

"Listening to this guy is easy..."

A. Caveman

"Music to my ear..."

Vincent Van Gogh

"I haven't seen anything like him!"

Ray Charles

"I'm a Big Fan"

Hollywood Wind Machine


Albert Einstein

“This Guy Can Write!”

Mr. Rogers - LOM Cronicle

"His Music Makes Me Smile"

Mona Lisa

"We just Love 'Sonata For Joshua', well worth the .99 cents!"


“One of my biggest influences”

Keyboard Kat

"This guy has the chops..."

Lizzie Borden

"Why buy his music? , because just like deer nuts, his downloads are under a Buck..."

Henny Youngman

"This guy came out of no-where!"

Carmen Sandiego

"His rendition of "Phonebook" is EPIC"

Mr. Rogers - LOM Cronicle

"Now I know what Willis was talkin' 'bout..."

Arnold Jackson

"He brought the house down"

Two Little Pigs

“This Guy has a Guitar”

Mr. Rogers - LOM Cronicle

" If I had a nickel for every time I listened, I'd have a lot of profile portraits"

Thomas Jefferson