Albatross Party / Press

“Albatross Party probably prefers to avoid the progressive rock label and its stigma (for the same reason jam bands don’t like being called jam bands), but what they’re doing is inherently progressive. Rarely does a band find a balance between musicianship, compositional intricacy and accessible songwriting. If you’re looking for a theme song to your summer, look no further than Glass.”

“Despite its six song brevity (or just as likely because of it) Glass packs an amazing wallop, like a prize fighter who knows when to feint and when to let loose with his best shot. The album overflows with tasteful touches, bright nuances that give every indication of a band that is only scratching the surface of their potential.”

“Albatross Party continues to explore, interpret and manipulate a wide variety of musical inspirations and influences within a pop/rock blueprint in a way that I’ve heard few others do. Their knack for doing something truly original in a genre known for redundancy and cannibalism (long live rock, anyway!) is unfaltering and impressive.”

“...each song seems built from the ground up, each possessing its own personality. Nothing on this album sounds forced or out of place, and the band has a great working knowledge of when to lay back and when to let fly with both musical barrels.”

“Usually, after reviewing an album, I donate it to one of the fine, independent music retailers in our area. But this one I'm keeping.”

"(Albatross Party) displays attitude and innocence, and matches melodic flair with rough instrumental texture..."

Robin Tolleson - Bold Life

“Unusual arrangements make it nearly impossible to neatly categorize the band’s sound, but vocalist Tiziana Severse’s talents seem to be the constant focal point in each song.”