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“Thank you for a fantastic time last night at The River Rooms. We always love seeing you guys and last night you were brilliant. My feet are killing me today from dancing so much smile emoticon Looking forward to seeing you again.”

Joanne (Birmingham) - Joanne (Birmingham)

“Stoke singer Pete Shirley has just released his debut album Sunset Katy and other stories. The old-style folk singer had put together a collection of 14 songs and the album is available through his site. The album features Alan Whitmore, Esther Brennan, Ciaran Algar, Adrian Crosbie, Dan Hulme and Purcy Flaherty. Pete Shirley is well worth a mention. He has been well received at the Newhampton Folk Club He opened with Working Day a traditional ballad of every day life which was accented really nicely with his precise guitar playing. Shirley followed this with a softer song Sunset Katie in which he displayed an endearing, old fashioned quality to his voice which was nicely accented by his gentle picking on his guitar. Rather appropriately for Remembrance weekend his next offering was Another Man's Sky which was a song about war and he cleverly fused it with the old spiritual Down by the Riverside (Study War No More).”

“Voulez Vous – Mad About ABBA Tour. “What a show, the audience loved it, our team loved it and they will be coming back!””

Glyn Jackson (Centre Manager) - Drayton Festival Centre

“Voulez Vous – 40 Years of Waterloo Anniversary Tour. . Just a note to say that last night’s show at Horsham was a knock-out. ABBA-solutely fabulous and all the audience thought so too. We were excited all the time, singing, clapping and waving arms. During the second half the only person sitting down, that I could see, was an old lady with very weak legs who was crying because she was excited but couldn’t join in as she wanted. Well done for giving a cuddle to the young lady with disabilities. That made her evening even more special. It was nice to able to talk to you afterwards. I think more performers should try to meet their audience. See you again soon, I hope. Thank you for the music! David”

David Jessop - The Capitol Theatre – Horhsam

“Hello, a big thank you to all the band for an amazing evening in, Hunstanton! You are very professional and good at what you do to give us ABBA fans a good night out! You look like ABBA, you sound like ABBA and you perform on stage as ABBA – simply perfect, you made my birthday treat very memorable! Comments by Andrew Barnes.”

Andrew Barnes - The Princess Theatre – Hunstanton

“• Alan, with your obvious skills, you added such richness of sound that merged with an overall 'fullness' of unleashed-energy directed at the fortunate audience at the Dundee venue. Alan, for me you made 'Roland' come alive, I assure you Bravo! Please thank all your 'Band of pleasure' members, for me,Alan The music thanks you, for bringing the joy to us all!”

Patrick from Dundee

“Manhattan Stroll now available to download in Poland!! Check it out!!”

“Listening to the beautiful lyrics and awesome vocals in the exciting new album 'Manhattan Stroll' by Alan Whitmore made me imagine I was really there! Fresh coffee, New York City, world cultures, walking alongside the yellow taxis and feeling the atmosphere. Enjoying the nice stroll, lots off different and interesting styles on this album all with nice pop melodies ad unusual production, like it :-) Beautiful vocal harmonies, Alan has produced some outstandingly good songs, vocals and arrangements. I thoroughly enjoyed listening. Superb stuff! The title track Manhattan Stroll is a lovely, bouncy piece that greets the listener with a warm invitation to explore your musical world. Great lyrics and full, well-crafted songwriting supported by well-executed performance and strong production! This is a really strong package of eclectic, hook-driven poptastic tunes..very tasty indeed! ”

“Inspired by Mr. Whitmore's "Manhattan Stroll": I took a stroll thru Manhattan when I was about sixteen Went there with my fam, & I felt so free It was right after Madonna filmed "Desperately Seeking Susan" We hit Battery Park where Roberta got a bruisin' Remember a bagel shop where I took a bit 2 long 2 order my sandwhich, got a mouthful from the don Manhattan blew my mind & I hope 2 return to a city so wild, so complex, so True Thanks 4 the inspiration & fan! Love ur jam! ”

“The Key by Alan Whitmore appears in the states on the Phoenix Arizona Realtor”

“Universe Idol includes Manhattan Stroll in its latest news on website!”

“All the songs were performed with gusto by a band who really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and went down a storm with an audience ranging in age from children to pensioners. ”

“compagnodiclasse.com runs feature on Under the Covers”

“NME Magazine features Manhattan Stroll”

“Manhattan Stroll now available in Finland”

“Virtually North West gives 5 star ratings”

“Awesome!! True Music in its purest form! Please forgive me, I couldn't help but share these songs!”

Moonbeem Rider

“Falling Rain - Many have felt this way, hurt this way and been broken in this way. This is a powerful but also a very haunting piece ”


“Tellytube features Manhattan Stroll”

“Columbus Real Estate Videos Promotes Manhattan Stroll”

“Your soul is the most important thing you have... I am so glad your's is singing!”

Touch Promotions

“Check it out! www.musicasenlinea.com feature!”

“interceder.net features Manhattan Stroll”

“Really enjoyed Those Days Are Gone. Great track. I also love your reason for writing songs! ”

Stephanie Andreus

“Electrogarden features forum on Falling Rain taken from the Manhattan Stroll recording by Alan Whitmore”

“Topsy.com features the recording of Manhattan Stroll”

“clip.dj features Manhattan Stroll!”

“Manhattan Stroll featured on video channel in Pakistan”

“Manhattan Stroll featured at Zune.net”

"Fullsong website features video material by Alan Whitmre"

“I love the organ sound on this... like the smoothness of all those good old tunes we grew up with! ”


"Crazy for you" taken from Manhattan Stroll by Alan Whitmore is featured by in-jamaica.com

“zomobo.net features the video for the title track from the new recording. "Manhattan Stroll"”

"i like the song alot, and its a shame its so late, i want to turn the volume up :( XX"

Jenny Shaw - Jen and Thumper

“An inspiring piece of work my friend and very entertaining too! ”

Super Flowing Water

“Manhattan Stroll featured on Greatindie.com!”

“Veengle.com features Manhattan Stroll”

“You did an amazing job on this. Nice melody with powerful lyrics. Well done you guys!”

Laura Brake

"these are wonderful songs with a wonderful performance!"


“I really like your music..you're a true artist! ”

PK Da Don Lady

"A very beautiful, calm, peaceful tune with nice lyrics. Dio te benedica!"

Italian Writer's Forum

“Hey Love your sound, Keep on doing that awesome thing your doin. Love it. You ROCK!!!!! ”

Sonja Quintana

“Wonderful, Alan. Keep posting! ”

Rob Smallwood - Perfectbudgie

"Falling Rain. Beautiful song, it's very tranquil."


“Put on your dancing shoes with this brand new album recorded with passion, desire and great fun! Songs with popular rythmn and soul reflecting the chemistry, fidelity and the melody of love!”

“Check out Manhattan Stroll the brand new release by Alan Whitmore”

“So, anyway, the guy said to me... erm "You absolute keyboard wizard you!" as he passed at the top of a high staircase at the end of the gig while I was struggling to carry the heaviest piano case in world history and to top it off the bulb at the top of the staircase had blown. "I said thanks to my latest fan as he walked away and left me there in the dark!" ”

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