Alan Leatherman / Press

"A potentially welcome addition to the impressive crop of young male stylist - Jose James, Gregory Porter, Milton Suggs and Sachal Vasandani principal among them - that is propelling post-millennial jazz singing."

Jazz Times Magazine

“Detour Ahead Chart Bound! - 1/18/2012”

"Two tracks into Alan Leatherman's Detour Ahead and the phrase "sweet soul music" comes to mind. But this isn't the rarified realm of Sam Cooke or Otis Redding with ballads. Rather, Leatherman resides—and comfortably so—in the role of classic torch singer"

"Mostly though, his pure, clean, honest, organic, elegant vocals are in service to the song. He doesn’t stretch out the syllables like those obnoxious cartoon-character singers on American Idol. His voice is totally devoid of melisma. In other words, he doesn’t make the word “love,” for instance, into five syllables. He sings it sweet, unadorned, declarative, deceptively simplistic. He makes these timeless lyrics mean something again."

"From the opening title track “Detour Ahead” there is an elegance and grace that Leatherman brings to the table with his smooth style. He warns with the lyric “wake up, slow down before you crash and break your heart, gullible clown.” And you believe every caution- ary word because his delivery is real and thoroughly captivating."

"His vocal lines are forthright and sweet, comfortable and cozy, no flowery over-singing here. He’s a natural."

Atlas Jams

"Detour Ahead thus becomes a noteworthy entry into a time-tested genre, as Leatherman breathes life into a role few have so capably assumed during the history of jazz singing."

“Detour Ahead has the smoky, weary soulfulness of Sinatra’s “In the Wee Small Hours” or Nat King Cole’s “Just One of Those Things,”especially at the beginning, and Alan does justice in classic form to all the great standards he has chosen, and then at the end, especially with the last track, he bridges classic to modern sound, giving a hint of what might be to come in the next album. Fantastic performance and well-constructed album!”


"For the uninitiated or ignorant, it'd be simple to stereotype Leatherman as a clichéd role-player. But an abiding sincerity permeates his performances and those of his band, so they transcend caricature."

"Playing this album is like being in a late-night conversation with a particularly mellow-voiced confidant, the lyrics seem so addressed to the individual listener. In the relative dearth of male jazz vocalists, Alan Leatherman is a worthy addition and this disc will reward your attention and purchase."

CD Baby

"A classic jazz sound with a with a true an touching vibe, is a must have for every jazz lover"