Alameda / Press

"Apparently Alameda is a “new” band. I couldn’t tell it by navigating my way, track-by-track through their album, Seasons/Spectres. While they may be new to each other and exist under the umbrella of a new title, none of Alameda’s 5 members are new to the business or to the Portland music scene. The album bursts at the seams with skilled and creative musicianship and composition. Call it folk. Call it chamber music. Call it whatever you want. Alameda is delicate and simple. Stirling Myles’ song-writing is wholesome and relatable. To top it all off, they claim the great city of Portland as their stomping grounds and we LOVE good, local music."

Music Scene PDX

“For their upcoming debut full-length Seasons/Spectres, Portland trio Alameda is getting deep into emotional indie-folk hybrid. "New Leaf" is a little bit sea shanty folky rambler theme music—which makes sense because singer/guitarist Stirling Myles took inspiration from the folk and prog records he brought with him while he was scouring the globe, studying art. What makes it robust are the ladies of the band: cellist Jessie Dettwiler and Portland Symphony clarinetist, Jenn Wooddall (where she still has a seat). Together they've created something that hints at early 90s indie pop, when lush and dreamy were paramount. Globetrotters and star-gazers unite.”


“Consisting of only three members—singer/guitarist Stirling Myles, cellist Jessie Dettwiler and Portland Symphony clarinetist Jennifer Woddall— Alameda has pulled taut the strings of their spare and stunning live shows and put them to record. Thus, their debut album, Seasons/Spectres, is a solid collection of lovely, simply-arranged orchestral pop songs. I might have even used the word "lush" to account for their sound, but they've already set the record for "Most Times Music Writers Use 'Lush' When Describing Their Music," so nevermind.”

Raquelle Nasser - Portland Mercury