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"Like having dinner with the Dali Lama." "We give it the second highest rating we have. Buy this single on iTunes." Broadcast review of "Bread" from Workingman's Bread.

“After I listen to music all day, after I work to find cool stuff, after I look for the news, I click on the icon of Workingman's Bread. I wash my dishes to it, I build shelves to it, and I put it on the headphones, pumping it into my ears while I type away. I could tell you it's psychedelic rock...but they mix in a lot of other genres. I could tell you Workingman's Bread is a clean, well produced album which still retains an enjoyable soul. I could tell you I like to try to hear all the lyrics because they're somewhat like a puzzle, with a message you feel compelled to follow. And I could tell you that when I'm listening to it I feel the urge to sway. But I think the main thing I could tell you is to click the link and have a listen. I get shit tons of music through what I do. This is one of the ones I'm sharing.”

“Each song is well crafted lyrically and include a healthy dose of instrumental interactions, thus the Psychedelia categorization. Upon my initial listen I was drawn to “Brian Jones”, as it opens with a Bevis Frond-like feel. After listening further the comparison is right on, Nick Saloman would be proud of the recording.”

“Alamantra is not a new band, but they are a hidden gem (to me at least.) Sure, they’ve been around in one form or another since 1995, however since I just heard about them they’re new to me. And even though they’ve been around for a while they’re a legit indie group. They’re a deep south rockin’ band with a lot of chill and tons of jam to their rhythm. Me gusto mucho. The singer has a soothing voice, the lyrics are awesome, and the whole band has a relaxing vibe to it.”

“#Alabama #Rock #Band is now on my online radio! @AlaMantra rocks! Hear them at http://islandstudiosolutions.com #musicpromotion”

“☆✖█▓▒ƒ▒σ▒ℓ▒ℓ▒σ▒ω▒▓█✖☆ @Alamantra This band earned my respect not just because of their music, but the way that they treat their fans!!”

“While I’m at the game of pigeonholing, I’ll go ahead and mention that there’s a whole lot going on underneath the basic structure here – careful listening reveals influences from jazz and blues to psychedelia and avant-garde experimentation.”

Kenn McCracken - Birmingham Weekly

“And that seems to be Alamantra’s M.O.: blending genres and time changes in unexpected ways...”