Akina Adderley & the Vintage Playboys / Press

“Jazz is in Akina Adderley’s blood, and it flows with a warm mix of old-school soul and R&B. Last year’s eponymous CD laid out the local’s dark, rich vocal chops over the Vintage Playboys’ brassy punch.”

Margaret Moser - The Austin Chronicle

“Adderley is funk to funky, with the Vintage Playboys slathering hot-buttered soul all over her arrangements...”

“Local soul singer Akina Adderley needs not flaunt her sterling pedigree as a member of an esteemed jazz family – her voice is capable of doing that on its own. A righteous combination of old-school funkiness with a contemporary edge, Adderley & her Playboys blow through bluesy rock and jazz-tinged funk with style.”

“The entire album maneuvers between the upbeat and slow and soulful with a confidence and effortlessness normally reserved for bands with much more experience under their belt.”

“This smooth operation of eight or so fronted by the bright pipes of Akina Adderley is just what Austin needs in times of musical woe.”

“Talk about fabulous! They know how to dish out the soul. When I asked Akina to describe their sound, she did say the main word is soul, but it’s really modern soul with an old school flavor – and a sprinkle of rock ‘n’ roll. Delicious!”

“Every player can steal the show individually, and periodically does; but the strength of The Vintage Playboys is their ability to discreetly and seamlessly find their place within the groove, creating an aurally gripping backing track over which Akina floats her vocal melodies.”