Akil The MC / Press

“The long wait is near Jurassic 5 will be Coachella 2013: Jurassic 5 doesn't know 'how far' reunion can go”

“Akil The MC (Jurrasic 5) hits the studio for an exclcusive Red Bull Studio 30 minute set. He fits the Live Session with his DJ into the hectic Sound Check World Tour of 35 dates,12 sold out shows in Europe then Australia, 6 shows in New Zealand while performing some classic jurassic 5 material”

“11 Sold out shows on the UK tour.. Akil The Mc taking off 2010”

Agent - Adjusting your tones

“He is minute yet magnetic, and delivers a powerful set which retains its authenticity and declines from feeling like Jurassic karaoke, even when he launches into a Concrete Schoolyard acapella and the crowd belts it back word perfect. Even the ladies love him”

PTV Hip Hop Events Scotland - ATM in Scottland

““This is a chance to see a living legend and one of the finest MC’s on the planet perform up close and personal in the Basement Bar at The Firestation. Jurassic 5 were a world-wide musical phenomenon and to be welcoming the man who put them together for a gig in Windsor is a real honour.”

Sam Hunt from The Firestation - Akil The MC U.K Tour

“Akil The MC FROM JURASSIC 5 COMES TO ENTERTAIN WINCHESTER “A legendary MC, from a Legendary band. Jurassic 5 are undoubtedly one of the biggest hip-hop acts of recent times. Need we say any more? Don’t miss it.” - MOJO ***** ”

MOJO - U.K Tour

“AKIL THE MC ( JURASSIC 5 ) From one of the most successful and celebrated underground Hip Hop groups of the last decade, Akil the MC has toured the world numerous times over and now touches down in Ipswich to perform”

Rapsploitation Sessions - Akil TheMC U.K Tour

“Featuring one of the freshest MC’s from the greatest Hip Hop Group of the last decade: @Magnet ”

@Magnet - Akil The MC U.K tour

“Me Nan Loves.... HIP HOP SPECIAL #1 Featuring one of the freshest MC’s from the greatest Hip Hop Group of the last decade: JURASSIC 5’s AKIL THE MC Live ”

Me Nan - Akil U.K tour

“where can i get you twilight track you were doin last nite it was banging! keep up the good work, the new tracks are banging!!”

hoopzi - Adjusting your tones

“I know you are busy I just have 1 question...This sunday you perform in liverpool... will your set be finished by 11:30p.m... its just that I am travelling from wales and need to get the last train back home at 11:45... if i dont, then im f%$*@£ !!!!!!!! love your new material, J5 4 LIFE”

Ian - Fan

“hey akil I know my girl Aaris put you on the cover of the UBO magazine and i tour heavily with oshkosh derill pounds...he told me about how great of a dude you were out there and thats fresh!holler at me!! kosha dillz!!”

Kosha D - Adjusting your tones

“5 shows sold out with presale tickets, touring continues..its going DOWN”

“What's Good Akil, It's Your Boy Big Sumoe Just Checkin' In On U! Holla!”

Terrance Samuels - ATM

“Thanks for rockin' the peg! can't wait till the next show. Unified skill district Canada is gunna expolde so be ready brah. cheers”

Brett Naskrent - ATM CANADA

“Just wanted to say thanks for opening up some doors for your boy boy right here mane! Salams 1LuV”

Keepnit Real - ATM

“Do I have 2 steal Charlie,Soup,Marc,Nu-Mark,Cut & throw yall N 1 room w/mic's & 4 turn tables & A MP & won't unlock the door I never want 2 hear yall called it quits! Yall act like yall get along! J5 is a fam from South Central! Yall can leave like that! Hip-hop was robbed -Neil Webb-”

-Neil Webb- - Akil The MC

“Whats up Akil! you look hella busy with touring, but any time frame on your new album?! The solo tracks u played on 4/19 Az,were ill! That shit was live,The group im in opened for u that night (conscious collective: live reggae/hiphop/rock),... ”

brian stevens - AZ tour

“Yo, the little kid breakdancen was hot. That was a cool ass video. ”

Nuce - Akil in cambodia

“Totally sweet Akil. Love, Mz.Tannahill ”

MZ Tannahill - Akil In Cambogia

“sick-- i just found my new "people i want to meet" forum. thanks for visiting my home-- maybe i'll catch up with you there next time. ”

“thats kewl... i didn't even know many people knew Cambodia. glad you do :)”

“Wassup man? Tour goin well??”

Krylon - Adjusting Your tones

“Wat up wat up...It was a pleasure to see you rock the show in Hamburg and to hang out...it's been a long time! Imma be over there in your turf soon, enjoy the Malaysia-show and have a safe trip back home. Much love homie!”

Jazzy star - Adjusting your tones

“Just wanted to let you know that the solo stuff is hot, and i appreciate what you and j5 do. Hell of a live show to, i saw you .. best concert ive seen. ”

J5 fan - mad love

“peace wonderful show in berlin. thanks for holdin on to whats golden and keepin it that way. the fake is exposed as worthless in every crisis which makes the golden shine even brighter. ur new material is definitely brilliant, sunny, shining, flashy and all that, u know. peace”

C the uncn - European tour

“I see you re a very good mc too so i appreciate more... keep it real and high peace”

Trak - European tour

“peace akil! I had fun rocking with you in berlin and baden! have a good rest of your tour! bless LD”

LD - Show night

“A real MC”

Tone Adjusters

“Hey Homie, you tore the house down last night. Thanks so much for coming out and also for inviting me to open up for ya'll. Its all love. Be safe finishing out the tour~ Savage Sun”

Savage Sun - Savage Son

“HEINEKEN GREEN SYNERGY presents AKIL THE MC One of the strongest writers from the now defunct band, Expect a true hip hop scholars display with some Jurassic 5 cuts to boot. www.heinekengreensynergy.ie ”

“what up fam? you killed it last night in st louis homie! i was feelin ur ish in a major way! hope you get a chance to peep the cd I gave you! i know peeps is always tryin to shop their stuff to you, but for real, somethin different, somethin new!!! see for urself. much luv once again! -jonezy”

jonezy - jonezy

“Yo How was Hong Kong. Hit me if your still in L.A. Rameses ”

Rameses - Rameses

“Lookin forward to the show on Wed. in Iowa City. Caught a J5 show a couple years ago in Milwaukee and still talk about it. Hope all is well. Peace, ”


“Hello. How's it going? First and foremost, I heard about the Hollywood Pop Academy and saw that you were part of the artist development team for Hip Hop.”

Shin B - Fan

“What..s good? peace & beijo sabrina”

Beijo and Sabrina - T.A

“I'm fine Alhamdulilah! How are you Akil? I am aware of your tourdates. I've seen them on the internet... I think the best would be to meet in berlin , so when will you arrive there? , musa ”

Musa - Myspace repin

“I had a great time last night. Glad to be able to show you OSHKOSH! ha anyways have a safe trip to Germany, keep in touch! ”

samatha - adjusting ya tones

“hey bro. thanks for coming through the b'gosh last night and hope the trip overseas is a goody. much respect and you are welcome back anytime! rock the derill pounds your mom tee! lol. peacey...”

Derell pounds - adjusting ya tones

“Yo it was crazy mad nice to rock the stage with you in Oshkosh...Stay cool my brotha Peace KMC and Miss BB”

Adjusting ya tones - KMC