aka Poez / Press

“a young man with a flow of words like a river ... words that pour out of him as he stands with his eyes half closed, his head thrown back and moving in rhythm with the phrases, his voice traveling through key changes, rising and falling, ...like a jazz instrument.”

“Accompaniment also overwhelmed movement in "Spontaneous Combustion," to a poem read by a poet who calls himself Poez. The most interesting section of the piece simply consisted of a sonic fantasia based on rearrangements of the syllables in the dance's title.”

"Spontaneous Combustion," performed by its author, Poez, a temperament gifted with an astonishing and unexpected vocal presence.

“What was remarkable was the incredible and extraordinary performance of the poems "Intuition" and "Spontaneous Combustion" by their author Poez, with whom words suddenly become rhythm and music.”

“Beyond the writing, beyond the performing, into a personal portrayal that is a virtual song.”

“After decades away, a spoken-word pioneer returns.”

Jim Dwyer - The New York Times