AJENDA / Press

“What gives them a commercial edge is their ability to get some sort of a hook in each song, be it a great chorus, pre-chorus or refrain. This is shown to perfection on ‘Tattoo’ which has the lot in terms of hooks, with the ‘don’t mention love’ refrain being particular catchy. In Jenny Walker (the ‘Jen’ in Ajenda) the band has an absolutely top class talent. She has a wonderfully husky voice with such great tone that she can put life into even the most obvious of melodies, but also has the ability that can take a song where it needs to go.‘Unrecognisable’ has everything a quality melodic Rock album should have. It has the Rock, but also the accessibility. It has the riffs but also the choruses. It has great band performances but also enough production to smooth the rougher edges: As a Rock fan, there were times I’d like more guitar or a thicker guitar sound, but that’s nit-picking really as overall the balance is just about right and, given that this was self-funde”

“AJENDA have produced something remarkable in their album release of Unrecognizable - a perfect album for US FM radio that will also appeal to rock fans. Sweet harmonies, acoustic tenderness and well placed riffing and measured solos produce an effect that entrances and endears - all underlined by lyrical themes that deliver vitriol in a velvet glove. The lush soundscapes will not endear them to metal fans, but rockers will be all over this platter, while commercial deejays should be foundering deciding which track to playlist first. You can stuff your Snore Patrol and Kings of Lame - this is how commercial rock should sound: delicate, poingnant and well produced, but with tales of melancholy.”

“Making their style of rock music to the backdrop of Northern Ireland, there’s something fresh about these guys. The vocalist is reminiscent of the artist P!nk who frequents the charts with singles, yet the musical environment isn’t manufactured to the same degree. Melodic and complimentary, with a traditional vibe and maybe a hint of blues thrown in for good measure, that is what penetrates the spirit of Unrecognizable Don’t go expecting this album to soak your ears with driving melodic rock, or over-familiar song structures with huge sing-a-long choruses. This four-piece have worked together to bring Gavin, the guitarist and visionary, life to his songs. Whether it be the versatile drum approach of Pete, or the competent and solid display of bassist Jan, they are all doing what feels right. Each moment is a journey with acoustic guitars and a sense of melancholy one moment, before raising the tension with something powerful accompanied by power chords and all the while deli”

“Ajenda have recently released their first album – titled Unrecognizable - and the best way to describe it would be Halestorm light mixed in with some Carrie Underwood country and a touch of Pink. A strange combination indeed and one we thought would sound ridiculous. Well…we were completely wrong with that assumption! The album starts off with Dirty Rock N Roll; this sets the scene perfectly and showcases Jen’s vocals, and it instantly reminds us of Lzzy Hale of Halestorm – both share that husky/raspy voice and have that guitar and drum combo backing them up. It’s instantly catchy and straight away it’s clear that this band is something special. - See more at:”

“They’re not flashy, OTT, or overproduced which is refreshing in this day and age, and in vocalist Jen they have a singer of real power and presence. Unlike other relative newcomers in the female fronted rock stakes like American counterparts Halestorm and Hydrogen, Ajenda are less brash and more rooted in the classic rock style of say early Heart, with the more ‘rock out’ tracks counterbalanced by acoustic based numbers.”

““Unrecognizable” by AJENDA is an incredibly diverse collection of music, featuring a significant amount of skill and consideration. The vocals are distinct and emotive, the bass funky, and the guitars and drumming extremely versatile. This album is quite hard to define and describe, and the only way you can attempt to understand it is to listen to it. A definite recommendation for all Hard and Soft Rock lovers out there.”

“The EP starts off with the ‘rumbling’ bass intro of ‘Circles’, and what is instantly apparent are the powerful vocals of lead singer Jen. It certainly ticks the box marked ‘huge melodies’, its an infectious song that stays in your head long after its finished playing. I always say that if whilst listening to a CD I’m then imagining that band playing live - then they have that little something extra. This is very much the case with Ajenda. I defy anyone to listen to ‘Circles’ or ‘Come Clean’ and not feel a warmth for their sound.”