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I love showbiz. Comedy is always been part of me since I was growing. I always made sure that everybody that came into my way left with the impression that am funny. I didn’t actually pay attention to this passion to do comedy because of the objections from parents and other relatives. So I decided to focus on formal education. So right after national service that I decided to follow my passion. I did mount one or two stages in the university especially during dinner and awards night. So basically I started comedy all because of the passion.It never took my mates by surprise when they finally got to know that am now doing comedy .


My ability to touch on certain social and societal issues to bring humour out of them.

My ability to render popular songs in my own way to wow my audience

My classroom experience has also given me an array of classroom jokes which would help me in this our young and prospective comedy industry.

My ability to also compose funny songs will also make me unique and would help my brand.

Being a good dancer is also a plus

And above all my funny gestures would also make me acceptable by Ghanaians

I have a strong team that Is extensively researching to help me finally settle on a permanent brand and also my stage appearance.
I am the NONFA KING ( I play arround words and make them sound funny)

I Do standup comedy

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