AJ CASE / Press

“Almost five years ago, Weekly Surge’s Staff Writer Timothy C. Davis wrote a cover story entitled, “In Search of the Lost Rhyme: Sizing Up Murda Beach’s Hip-Hop Scene.” Davis dove into the local hip-hop scene to swim around in Cristal and let the dollar bills rain. It turns out, there was no Cristal to be had and there was a dollar bill drought. Back in 2008, the year the Great Recession began in earnest, local hip-hop artists were already feeling the crunch, living in a small market for rap and a surplus of rappers. Back then, like today, most local rappers had day jobs and didn’t see prospects of quitting them any time soon. At the end of Davis’ article which was published Jan. 31, 2008, he asks the subjects, “Where do you see the Murda Beach hip-hop scene in five years?” Well, the time has come, five years gone and we’re back to see – what’s going down in Myrtle Beats? (Yeah, we changed the nickname). In order to find answers, we convened our first-ever Surge Hi”

“Myrtle Beach Culture Collective provides eclectic mix of music, art Among the musical talent on display will be an eclectic mix of styles including Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock and Electronic. “I really wanted to get as many genres involved as possible and represent anyone who is making music in Myrtle Beach,” said Powers. The live entertainment will begin at 1 p.m. with singer-songwriter Rodney Seay, and continue into the evening, closing with a set by nationally-recognized Drum N Bass DJ Mixmaster Doc at 8:20 p.m. In between will be performances by AJ Case, Lizardwoman, Below The Bassline, Wicked Gift, Sleeping Policeman, Feel No Other, Ascended Essence, ALLAREONE, Collective Insanity and Xluther will keep the crowd moving.”