Andrew Austin / Press

“Db....5 is groovy and Miles-y. Love the mood and creativity out of nowhere. A moment for the moment!!!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“Bish, Bash, Bosh, and I'm lovin' Db...5. This is the kind of music I could listen to all night Andrew!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Db...5 is so inspired! A gem!”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“Db.... 5 is fantastic Andrew, love the way the intro drives you right in, great sounds and originality....”

Albert Bevia - reverbnaton

“Db.... 5 Sounds terrific like a new rocket launch, real movement that makes you want to move your shoulders, feet, hips in every direction. Sassy has left us Double AA. ...=_=...”

MARYANN - Reverbnation

“Very clever arrangements man. Zen Crashed is kinda hypnotizing!”

Blue (songwriter) - Reverbnation

“Listening to the incredible Zen Crashed. It has a funky jazz feel to. Very innovative work Andrew! I loved the story about Bowie and how you were the first to buy Jean Genie!!!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Zen Crashed... Another nice mix of effects and tones Andrew... and did I hear some old school dj scratchin' around 2:45 -ish? Cool - adds a subtle edginess to the tune ... cheers .m.a.x”

Emmayex - Facebook

“'About Wine' is intoxicating, just to listen, with delight~~~~~~~ Magicsong”

magicsong - Reverbnation

“The Andrew Austin chillout sound machine zone has reached me - great! Damned cool work at "Zen Crashed", man! Your music makes me curious for listening to more of it!”

Jens Schröder Akim Jensch - Facebook

“So much glorious space between the notes on Bonzo sleeps, making every phrase count. A sense of peace and activity happening all at once. Huge respect to you and Art!”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

“The mixture between ambience, psychedelics, jazz, and other elements makes for an enthralling eclecticism!”

Michael Brown and Friends - Reverbnation

“Sounds I Love (6) Andrew Austin music "Sister M". I dont know what is that called masterpiece. I only know this must be one.... Love 'Zen Crashed'! I play it and when it ends I play it again - this is what I think...”

Fernando Garcin - Facebook

“Always thoughtful arrangements. cream always rises. g”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“I love the muted trumpet on Sister M, it reminds me of Weather Report! Love your improv style, it takes a listener on a musical journey to a new place, rather than the usual repetitive chord progressions that are way overused & songs seem to be nothing new! Andrew...you have an excellent style, was created by you....that's the beauty of music...”

Larry R Campbell - Facebook im

“Sister M"!! Always love the complex structures and sounds that float around, and grab your attention for the whole tune - EXCELLENT!!”

Scott Sullivan - Reverbnation

“Some of the best compositions I have ever heard!!!”

Big Greg - Reverbnation

“In a league of your own "Sister M" Andrew. Ultimate jazz innovation.”

Chuck Brunicardi - Reverbnation

"What I know about wine, I only understand when I drink" love that line!...Fernando's lyrics and voice meet Andrew's astonishing musicianship with Art Lip's amazing trumpet playing. This is one tasty treat of a tune Andrew! Cheers!

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Hi Andrew... I''m back here enjoying a few of your pieces with Art Lip. You two make fantastic music together. I hear a blend of Miles Davis modal jazz and very modern elements. It's "out there" in wonderful ways, and yet it pays homage to tradition, too. Huge respect.”

Tom "Yimmer" Hedrick - Reverbnation

“About Wine" just confirms to me that you three are,without doubt ,the coolest combo out there... Andrew - your choice of chords,their placement & timing,mean your compositions always define good taste - blending spirituality with total beauty... Fernando is the mystic... his words caress my ears & Art plays like a Zen master... a blissful listening experience... T”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Sister M" is some fantastic modern jazz. Innovative grooves and creative soloing. Nice work, Andrew!”

Oligarchy of the Masses - Reverbnation

“Sister M is a joyous kaleidoscope of moods,images,sounds and rhythms.Loaded with surprises and genial adventure.Art's phrasing and timing is impeccable and holds the piece together brilliantly.”

Wendymoonshine - Reverbnation

“Watch me shoot these rocket...to the moon! Together we can roll!”

JC & Laney - Reverbnation

“Koan Ahead" was a must-see, and it's beautiful! Every second~Beautiful sound, beautiful imaginstion, so alive = jazz! ~ Magicsong”

magicsong - Reverbnation

“we love Sister M......such .talented musicianship!!”

Jeff Rush - Reverbnation

“Interference By The Birds" - full of wonderful, original, musical ideas and surprises - totally engrossing Andrew and, towards the end, feeling mystical to me - very evocative and sound picture making...”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“Sister M w /Art Lip.....Jazz Sophistication, suspense, intrigue.....this music is in a class of its own....”

Kim Kristiansen - Reverbnation

“Shimmered" ~ brilliant Andrew ~such a high level of instrumental technique in each composition on this page. Respect, Paul”


“Koan Ahead" is so awesome, I freaking love this! so original and unique, such a great sound, Love the haunting vibe...”

Albert Bevia - Reverbnation

“...Hi Andrew, so mistic sound, rare and involving ambiences, a special experience...”

Felix Capitaine - Reverbnation

“About Wine... a pure delight, Andrew and Co. You, Fernando and Art weave pure magic. Stellar musicianship and poetry...”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

“About Wine is pure and sober poetry ;) A clearheaded reflection on alcohol!”

Joe Jaunty - Streetmusician - Reverbnation

“Your natural jazz aesthetic can't be taught Andrew. "Shimmered" shines!”

Chuck Brunicardi - Reverbnation

“AJA Productions Inc has out done him self. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoyed your video. Very clever. Love the music of course Double AA...AJA...MA ...=_=... KOAN AHEAD”

MARYANN - Reverbnation

"About Wine"... three maestros melting together in tribute to the nectar of the Gods... a magic brew by the magic crew... my favourite tipple with my favourite trio - utter perfection... yours,in total admiration... T

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnaton

“The video for Festival is too cool Andrew! Love those trippy effects and such a killer track! You're a one-man band who always impresses with your exceptional talent!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“ღ hi Andrew, ✿ܓ so kewl to be back here!! ◠‿◠ great collaboration with Fernando n Art Lip blowing as faithful n musically endearing as always with his Trumpet magic's ‘About Wine’ is a really sophisticated score of music where you all combine ur musical elements n talents so worldly n wide!! ♪❤♫ *brilliant* production everything shines from you all!! •●♥☀ ✫☼♫☾ you have inspired me to take in a nice glass of red wine with a smile (☼‿☼) as my night cap these early hours!! ✫☼♫☾ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox Rawking Regards Co ღ”

Belinda & Co - Reverbnation

“Long time .. but still amazed by your music Andrew : ) Peacelovemusicgreetings from Bavaria, Axel”

“Koan Ahead" - Haunting,esoteric and artistic!!! Love it....”

“About wine is so classy... like wine on a city night out... the lovely keys, the tone of the mutemeister... and that old cask of amontillado himself... El Fer... too good y'all... your huge fan, da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Clouds" - video - watching now... looking awesome so far .... great track ..very eerie sounding ......loving the moon too .....well done ......”

“Gil 5" - video ... Very proud to be on ANDREW AUSTIN'S upcoming CD release entitled "UM"! Watch this promo and stay tuned. Serious music by serious cats. Andrew leads this exhibition into the vast wormhole of cool...”

“Koan Ahead" - video - Outstanding video to go with your excellent music. The correlation of the two is spot on..."This frog is jumping into the pond.. SPLASH...”

“Koan Ahead" - video - That's the one fer me... complements the mood, the music, and projects an air of the enigmatic artist. Very taken by the movement of smoke and fluids in there. Activates the memory of senses...”

“Be Spoken Fer. Fernando´G:s voice, hey? Like a psychedelic-tandem cycle going backwards down an audio hill (with no breaks). Not knowing were it´s going to wind up =) Loving odd. Loving this. Sold!”

ToJo - Reverbnation

“...Bowled over by "Be Spoken Fer" - what a wonderful combination of voice, music and percussion, lyrics and that terrific trumpet. Had to share on FB...”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“Be Spoken Fer is FANTASTIC. Hearing you, Art and Fernando on this piece together is pure pleasure. I'm going to share this on FB. Two big thumbs up!”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

“Jazzy, Sazzy tunes, A! We especially appreciate Bobcat. (Cat´s are always cooool) Happy ears! /T&J”

ToJo - Reverbnation

“BE SPOKEN...TOP TOP CLASS MUSIC. There is a very good artist here and that is YOU. Very clever and intelligent yet fun song writing...VERY VERY GOOD.”

Steve Inglis - Reverbnation

“.... So evocative and completely absorbing on Be Spoken.Intriguing & wonderfully enigmatic ....”

Wendymoonshine - Reverbnation

“I come to this page to steal all Andrew's cool idea's for songs... you want some smooth jazz with some wild rides inside? Press play and close your eyes!! WHOA!!”

Scott Sullivan - Reverbnation

“With a special mention for "Be Spoken Fer"... Andrew - your music is just such a deeply enriching experience... (like fine dining,but without the crap & snobbery...)... taste buds blow their minds course by course,music dancing delicately on the palate - soul food for sure... T”

The Thredgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“There is jazz and then there's Andrew Austin Jazz. Original and always entertaining, the music of AjA is like nothing else out there. Must be the lucid dreaming, Andrew:). This is where it all happens, folks. A new jazz lexicon....”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“Having had a good listen to 'Be Spoken' I simply couldn't fail to 'be impressed'. The instrumentation by yourself Andrew and the way you've arranged everything is real quality. I really liked the timbre, warmth and tones of Fernando's voice as well.”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“Like Vanessa Redgrave? I actually preferred her younger sister...Lynn (cancer is a bitch). Be Spoken.....my fair comment: I have seldom heard such an intriguing song. Ambient, Jazz...some Pop - AND spoken word? Damn - This intrigues the hell out of ALL my senses. I had to listen TWICE. I just had to. SuperFab work, AA! ~ AND - of course - THE Fernando G! (I spoke too soon)♥J gdae.records@gmail.com”

TheJoeJaunty - Reverbnation

“Be Spoken For is brilliant Andrew, I really like the dark mood, the gentle almost hesitant vocals and the peculiar trumpets. Somewhat odd pieces, but together It all makes perfect sense :)”

Nix - Reverbnation

“...Be Spoken Fer...ART AND ART AND ART!!!! Love it...”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“be creative, be original, be inventive, be Andrew. And of course Fernando and Art. It's always a special event to come along here for a listen. All the best, matey ~ k.”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

“...Festival 12...totally fantastic. Your music is a pure JOY. Original and so very enjoyable. Wonderful...”

Steve Inglis - Reverbnation

“I'd say you were pretty lucky mate... You are one hell of a player with loads of talent.... You obviously put the work in but the talent you got was a gift...yes mate you are a lucky lucky bloke indeed”

Tyrone Shulace - Facebook

“Be Spoken Fer" - Andrew/Art dream team - it's easy to be a voice there - or like raymond carver: "I go on casually eating from the bowl of raspberries. If I were dead, I remind myself, I wouldn’t be eating them. It’s not so simple. It is that simple.”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“BE SPOKEN sounds awesome, love the jazzy vibe, Fernandos voice and the amazing trumpet”

JMOYA - Reverbnation

“Be Spoken Fer....I found it !!!....and amazing.... !!! ..love the space ...and the fun !! ...awesome ((*_*))”

Jenny Dwyer - Facebook

“...I Like!! Funky 'fresh' cool....Be Spoken Fer...”

Teo Kim Merlino - Facebook

“Be Spoken Fer... Andrew... superb...”

Steve Inglis - Facebook

“Be Spoken Fer.... Fantastic piece of unique music !!! Salute !!!”

Ground Pilots - Facebook

“...The Wire is one of your great compositions, you do an excellent job with the mastering. & Caroline 32 is a nice one, like the strange atmosphere, I didn't know you produced your own music....you did a really great job with the mix....”

Lance Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

“Be Spoken Fer"...brilliant !! ...love the vocal and lyrics ....musically quirky ...which I so love ...great production..big thumbs up ...very cool !! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️”

Jen/Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

"Clare 4 w/oddrun eilki" - very elegant piano, bass, and cool voicing!!

Scott Sullivan (Solo) - Reverbnation

“wow-digging the Wire-nice rhythmic activity -dig your direction-super cool horns daddy-0-Gratz GMAY”

GMAY - Reverbnation

“Your natural talent is only surpassed by extraordinary imagination and flare Andrew! I remain... a big fan... cheers * Patricia :)”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“Andrew... loving how you deliver such cracking good tunes on this page...something kind of poignant and chilling about that beautiful shimmer of piano and rhodes working off one another on "poland"... Gorgeous work!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Hi Andrew. Acoustic Mirror and Koan Ahead = just two examples of your ingeniuos. Sound is your best friend indeed! And I usually don´t go for the first song on artists playlist, but then I noticed Oddrun was involved. Big fan of her! Clare is a gem ♥ ~ And some things don´t need to be figured out ;) BONZO...fab innovative genius, Andrew. Luv that soft trumpet ♥ Respect/Joe”

Joe/UnDErHatTEn - Reverbnation

“Stopping by to visit with Caroline. You are by far, one of my fav jazz prodigies! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Caroline kickin' like a Beatnikapalooza!”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“....The Wire is absolutely amazing....!”

Dawn R. Neptune - Reverbnation

“....Listening to the fabulous Festival 12 and soaring above the clouds. A true masterpiece of sound and rhythm it is. Love ya, Sal....”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“Austin, your work is like a match lighting up the mind::::))))”

Sharon Rachman - Facebook

“caroline is stunning bro...the muted trumpet adds another layer of class ;]”

pjdelay - Reverbnation

“All in all it all works out.. Some how the sounds come together to express the most valuable thing in life. ...Life itself. That's what makes it picture perfect. Love you Double AA. xx ...=_=... ♥”

MaryAnn - Reverbnation

“Hey Andrew... I usually don´t go for the first song on artists playlist, but then I noticed Oddrun was involved. Big fan of her! Clare is a gem♥.....Acoustic Mirror and Koan Ahead = just two examples of your ingeniuos. Sound is your best friend indeed...!”

UnDErHatTEn "Joe Jaunty" - Reverbnation

“Shimmered" - Wow, I can't believe this has a synthesized steel drum. Sounds very real to me!! Trumpet reminds me of Miles Davis....”

The Workers - Reverbnation

“Hello again Andrew. Just listening to your first track. (Caroline 32) I am sure that you can (and maybe do?) write excellent modern TV and film scores?. The track reminds me of Homeland ... One talented guy! Respect, Jules”

Julian Wilson - Reverbnation

“.... I'm really liking "Caroline 32" It is an eerie but beautiful composition with all sorts of sound effects coming out of nowhere. You've done a great job here....”

Kim Kristiansen - Reverbnation

“What a fountain of invention - "Caroline 32 " quietly overflows with musical ideas and is so involving - Don't know if Robert Fripp has heard you but I think you'd be perfect for his Discipline label. I'll be back for more of this wonderful and original music.”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“Got it, mate. Sounds divine! You did an amazing job...Every sound is bursting with life. A nice tribute to your dear sister! Truthfully, your mixing knocked me on my ass. I have to pick your brain as to how you managed to leap way ahead of me!”

Richard D Ruttenberg - Facebook

“...."Caroline 32" has that eerie feeling of the dark ocean floor....”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“Caroline 32... a magical ride deep down. Art, Richard and you have created one more very special and adventurous wavetrip that immediately catches me. Not the first time i notice that people quoting and referring to the sea, the ocean, the abyss are people i really get along with so well. Many thanks, Andrew:) All the best ~ k.”

kappi/Kloudworks - Reverbnation

“....Hey Andrew, Caroline 32 has a movie soundtrack vibe to it.... Nice movement and groove!”

Mitch Marcoulier - Reverbnation

“Andy, I would first of all say that I do not claim to be any sort of authority on your genre of music, but what it tells me is that your improvisational style is so very, very clever. I have always admired your music and you have my utmost respect. The quality of all the excellent musicians that have chosen to collaborate with you speaks for itself. Wishing you every success in the future~Paul and Becca”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“DoubleAA, my favorite friend ..."Caroline 32" is so spiritually connected. ... Wait she told me to tell you she loves you very much. Don't wake Bonzo! Shhh, we can sneak out for that drink at the Tiki Bar and get back just in time for Bonzo's next trick. ..I'm out on "The Wire" great entrance, I love the beat. I'm hanging with you...A lot of feeling in this creative musical composition. xx ...=_=... ♥”

Maryann - Reverbnation

“Caroline 32"... loved ones are always in my thoughts & dreams... this is such a beautiful piece,a space to let your mind run free... thanks Andrew... T”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“ღ hi Andrew, been on a journey deep in the depths of the ocean in the mind n soul ♪❤♫ ‘Caroline 32’ is so commutative submersing the imagination!! WOW it’s surprising how much really goes on when you go that deep with ur magical music!! ✰♥✰”

Belinda & Co - Reverbnation

“this girl from Carolina is loving Caroline 32! you are truly truly talented ❤️ ❤️ ❤️”

Amanda Pollard - reverbnation

“... "Caroline 32" ...such obscure and intriguing music ... very sexy :)...”

Jen ~ Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“..."Caroline 32¨... amazing track, this so original and intriguing. Beautiful sounds specially that trumpet...”

Albert Bevia - Reverbnation

“Andrew, it goes without saying that you're an immensely talented and extremely clever musician. The song arrangements here are nothing short of brilliant and the quality of the production is remarkably good. I never fail to be impressed when I visit here~Cheers my friend~Paul”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“....Bonzo Sleeps is simply brilliant. Smooth cool sound with fantastic atmosphere. Phenomenal compositions....”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - Reverbnation

“....Very impressed with Bonzo Sleeps, and I continue to admire your music....”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

“..Suspicious and sexy at the same time. Moving so gracefully watching your every move Bonzo is allowing the mind to create a movie in your head watching your every move. ...=_=...”

MARYANN - Reverbnation

“I don't know why Bonzo Sleeps reminds me of Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis, completely different style, as always your jazz excellence only excels more and more, love this new one, beautiful strange and dreamy... Art did a fantastic job on the trumpet, I love his trumpet style....”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

“Loving "Bonzo Sleeps", Andrew! So smooth, beautifully arranged, initimate...and very refreshing...”

The Altoonas - Reverbnation

"bonzo sleeps" is so cool, maestro.. blending your style with the mutemeister is always a treat... very atmospheric... like if Miles teamed up with Brian Eno for one... i totally loved it...

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“What a nice vibe to Bonzo Sleeps. I get the feeling like I'm in a dreamlike state! Cool...”

Roberto Cordero - Reverbnation

“Tapping Into THE WIRE is like the flip side to BONZO SLEEPS... dreamy work I never want to wake up from!”

Ecologyngl - Reverbnation

"Bonzo Sleeps"... is an out of my body,out of my head,uniquely total sensory experience/blast.... T

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

"Shimmered" is terrific - time to exercise the grin muscles with pleasure. And a lovely sax accompaniment. Lovely jazz that owes nothing to anyone else - except as per the explanation in the 'lyrics.'

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“....You are one in a million Andrew. "Bonzo Sleeps" with Art Lip is like a smorgasbord of tasty tonal delights....”

Chuck Brunicardi - Reverbnation

“Bonzo Sleeps is genial (you know) - a pure gem - your collabs with Art are amazing - this is one of my favorites, bass playing, trumpet and arrangements - I could even tell a word but I respect too much silences - Bonzo is the silence after listening when we say oh and he's sleeping and wake up and say ah -”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“....Bonzo Sleeps is not only a great title.It's an equally great and intriguing piece of music.I could feel myself moving into the spaces of the music here.Mysterious,airy & evocative.Wonderful trumpet playing and choice of keys/percussion..Dream on....”

Wendymoonshine - Reverbnation

“....You have such a fresh sound...love your use of percussion sounds..very subtle!!”

Vocalatti - Reverbnation

“'Bonzo sleeps' feels good to me too. It is a great example of the importance of the pause as a musical element. The whole track is so balanced and dynamic. I can only learn from this great approach to music and the creation of an as wide & intense soundset....”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

"shimmered" is so lovely maestro... like Miles gone Troppo!!!! steel drums to die for... and the tone and playing of the great LIP... too good... keep 'em comin' Andrew... you da man!!! ya boi d

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“ANDREW!!! I'm dropping by to have some tea...and take in some of your new music! You're SO INSPIRING as you take us off in Deliciously unexpected directions. Hope life is treating you well...Mum says HI!!”

Christine McHoes - reverbnation

“Andrew Austin just took me to school. A random pick, YUMY 2, sliced my neurons clean with a genre re-boot that left me a bit breathless. BITCH 2, tosses keyboard and guitar riffs with a facile craftsmanship that is almost, but not quite careless. Yet the effect is a freedom that captures. HERE'S KATE lurks at the edge of jazz fusion with delicious implications, falling into rock, then not, climbing bass overtures in cascades that interweave with the whole. Decidedly, I have been schooled by a Professor of Infinite Possibilities and I am humbled, awed and am gonna listen to the rest of this to fill my head and heart with the best stuff I've tasted yet this morning.... Nor was I expecting to stumble so fortuitously upon you.... Your grooves, unquestionable... Again,,,and perhaps you may feel I am overdoing this, however, listening to some of these tracks again I am awed by your exploration. At the very top of my list....”

David Namerow - Facebook

"Shimmered" smooth as silk and sonic syncopation in this well titled work Andrew. Love the interplay of electronic, Art's trumpet and popping bass. LA best wishes to keep shining!

Chuck Brunicardi - Reverbnation

“Before I read the 'lyric' of Shimmered, I was thinking how it reminded me of the summer of '76 when steel bands were all the rage; they even showed us how to make one on Blue Peter :) Real variety on here, very stylish, and I'm a sucker for the trumpet (no wonder I've never been able to get a note out of one!). Thank you! TC and The Mystic Wizards.”

Tractor Coundown - Reverbnation

“Springtime seemed to arrive here today. It shimmered everywhere and now I'm accidentally around for a listen here. And i doubt it is an accident:) Keep on shimmering, my friend Steely Andrew :) Love this song! All the best ~ k.”

k - Reverbnation

“Hey Andrew, Great music here! Arrangements are sharp with memorable melodies. I really enjoyed "Shimmered"...truly a "feel-good" tune. Nice work!”

Gary Nannini - Reverbnation

“The Wire !! Absolutely One of your finest , you and ART are a true creative force ! This one is out of the park !!”

Will Alexander - Reverbnation

“ღ hi Andrew, 'Shimmered w/Art Lip' brings me happy feelings n takes me away to a very happy place always when i spin this peachy number ♪❤♫ nostalgia is a key word associated to many memories, feelings n places with 'Shimmered' for me n makes me feel very sunny ☼(ˆ◡ˆ)☼!! i am purring all the way with feelings n positive vibrations with this one✫¸.♥✫ i want to say hi to Bobcat!! =^_^= ♫♪*•.¸ ur very talented Andrew!! ♫♪*•.¸ ♪ really diggin 'AjA' love the fresh tight drums n the solid bass line, the dynamics musically is *awesome* cause it has creative bursts of musical transpose taking the piece into new dimensions the pitch shifting n time stretch opens musical worm holes of innovation for the mind n senses!! ♫ .*♫♪ְֱ.* ★☾♪ ♫ respect n blessings!! ★☾♪ ♫ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda & Co - Reverbnation

“....The Wire w/Art Lip - Compositional brilliance that leaves you anticipating each note.....”

AITG - Reverbnation

“Back again for more Wire and to pay tribute to your father, it's a beautiful contribution to him, one of your best compositions by far if not the best.”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

“....Wow unique sound and rhythm in Shimmered Andrew! Your music is truly refreshing to hear and such fine improvs....”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“......Andrew - I absolutely adore "Shimmering"..... I can even feel the heat,while I'm shivering here... I've only got one complaint - the track should never end......”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“....Impossible not to feel cheerful with "Shimmered" playing - could listen to this all night - and that fabulous trumpet. Not a note wasted here - very, very professional - warm and intimate too....”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“....Back to listen to the wonderful, magic, jazzy SHIMMERED with the wonderful trumpet arrangement....”

José ~ SY99 - Reverbnation

“Chills down the spine listening to The Wire on headphones here.Absolutely everything going on in this track is a pure joy.Wonderful timing,use of space/rhythm.And the production/arrangement is outstanding.Like a futuristic film noir piece,I feel as if I've just took a stroll down the streets of Bladeruuner.”

Wendymoonshine - Reverbnation

“Shimmered is so inspired! Love the musicianship, the bass playing and Art's playing. Genial, watermelon, you know, shimmering like light on Monet lake house...”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“Your new track is very unique, groovy and first class performed. Your bass lines Shimmer like silver ;-)”

Martin Stein - Reverbnation

“The Wire is fantastic! I love the strong Miles Davis influence I hear in your music, such a strange and majestic jazz, sets you apart from the rest, did you have a strange dream my friend?”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

“The Wire.... Wish I had done the drums on this one...damn good shit!”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Facebook

“I was wondering how you made "The Wire" and then I read the story, and inspiration: is an astonishing piece of music, excellent bass & beat sounds, then the Art's trumpet . Masterpiece. We all are clouds somehow...”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

"the wire" is so bad ass, bro!!!! love the world beat... the zawinul like playing... and then the mutemeister comes in and starts, right away!! tremendous piece maestros...i'll be back to take it in deeper... bank on it... your huge fan, and humble student, da boi d

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“....listening to The Wire now, it has a very unique vibe with the trumpet. The song is very edgy....”

Todd Stone - Facebook

“The Wire - Im loving this very original I'm moving my hips xx”

Dorothy Wilson - Facebook

“The Wire... telling the story. Or the clues in the lyrics sound just as mysterious as the music does. That's why the music fits. Haunting! Excellent music and killer bass chops, Andrew. And Art is spot on as always. Cheers :) ~ k.”

kappi - kloudworks - Reverbnation

“..... Hey Andrew, enjoying your new track THE WIRE w/Art-Lip....love the vibe. Awesome trumpet, minimum but very effective bass and beat, JAZZY...liked and shared ....”

JMOYA - Reverbnation

“.... Festival 12 reminds me of a cool commercial, like someone sailing in the sun.....I like it a lot ....”

Venil - Reverbnation

“You always step outside the envelope - I've been watching & listening to "Scofield Matters"..... your creativity is truly astounding... absolutely World class music....”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Andrew. I always discover something new and interesting::::::)))) "The Wire w"... have to say, that I would put this track in Sherlock Holmes movie style. You did a very neat and professional job on the instrumentation and arrangement. Perfect:::::::))))”

Sharon Rachman - Reverbnation

“Hey Andrew~I never fail to be impressed when I visit your page. I don't profess to know the first thing about Jazz, but I can recognise quality in any genre when I hear it and your compositions are absolutely brilliant. Good to hear from you~Paul”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“ღ hi Andrew, been listening to ‘The Wire w/Art Lip’ ur song intensely *✫¸.♥✫ you produce, compose n perform with real emotional flexibility n this is so very stand out in quality!! ♪❤♫ everything you approach musically you bring new musical concepts n you challenge the music n mould the music into something of great value that invests in it’s self with ur brilliant imagination, originality, creativity, abilities n talents!! ‘The Wire w/Art Lip’ is like many of ur songs, meaning you can not put it in a box because it’s to cool for school n demands to be free without restrictions!! Compliments all round!! ✿ܓ ♪(ツ)♪ ♪❤♫ ♪(^_^)♪ may all ur dreams come true in 2015!! ♪(^_^)♪ ♪❤♫ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda & Co - Reverbnation

“Listening to "Festival 12" at the moment. As always, you have taken me on a fantastic musical journey! You are just incredible...”

Suburban Cry - Reverbnation

“wuff! The dog is incredibly intense and a wonderfully trippy piece of music, Andrew. Congrats to Art and you. Nuts rocks:) All the best, matey ~ k.”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

“i am here to talk to a man about a dog :D really been diggin ur care free song ‘dog w/ Art Lip’ you have both captured with ur awesome music the concept that you intended in imagining that the dog in question didn't care what anyone thought ♪(ツ)♪ well from kitten land =^_^= i do care how brilliant you both have created the concept because it has brought a wonderful song to us all ♪ְֱ.*♫ ♪❤♫”

Belinda & Co - Reverbnation

“Dog is so entrancing! These layers of sounds are so wonderfully FREE!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“Such a cool lazy song, your "The old country!" It sounds like dark bars, cigarette smoke and whiskey. A bluesy late night swing, thumbs up!”

Akim Jensch - Reverbnation

“just from Art's page , lol, and wow it is awesome , you ARE SOUNDING GREAT... "Dog'' is massive creative sound , mind games time shifts , a real coool listen!”

Improv everywhere - Reverbnation

“I think it's great that the clouds are very inspiring. Using the imagination is a wonderful thing as the clouds take on different shapes. I really like the dog. Send him my way...I think it's time I learn a few new tricks myself. Um, you can come along if you like. See it doesn't really matter if your over there or over here. What really matters is the manner in how we connect that is the only truth. Still a few new tricks are much needed in this day and age. I'll have the treats ready!!! ...=_=... ♥”

MARNYANN - Reverbnation

“...Andrew - Sounds & voices crossing the ocean like clouds - Over There...”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“It’s good to hear that Andrew Austin magic again... some new tracks here... ‘March’ has such a nice vibe, defo reminds one of the Bitches Brew sessions.... Bit by bit... Andrew just keeps out doing himself. “Dog” ...’ such an adventure in expression and creativity that holds the listener’s attention throughout. Bravo Andrew ~ Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK ♕♕♕”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

"dog".... your wonderful partnership with Art continues to provide us with nourishment for the soul & spirit..... T

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Jesus, very experimental, Andrew:::::::))) and it get better and better with every track you release;;;;;)))) I love to learn something new;;;;;;;))))”

Sharon Rachman - Reverbnation

“Love the colab with Gottwald (March)...Totally different take on Jazz...Love it...Mike...”

mikedoyleentertainment - Reverbnation

“Good to hear a new tune Andrew... dog ... Wow... enjoying the sonic sounds, when did you record this new track?”

Klint McEachnie - Facebook

“That dog is a real pice of art :-)”

Nix ExploderaMera - Facebook

“Andrew, Art, and Wolf... now that's a "Super Band" if ever there was!! Play this tune, and it sounds like all three are doing they're own thing, yet it mesh's to a perfect, wild sound in superb harmony!! WOW!!”

Scott Sullivan - reverbnation

“dude, you, art, and wolfgang are the new weather report or miles davis group... so damn bad ass... the groove animal is LAYIN' it down... and what can you say about the mutemeister gerneral... and the always bad ass gottwald.... like Jaco, Miles, and Scofield... too good... your huge fan, da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Clare 2 is strangely very beautiful, first time I have heard it, it's one of your top songs for me, a new favorite, as I am listening it's amazing how it touched me... Scofield Matters is an amazing one also, very Miles Davis, your jazz is just getting better everytime I come back to see you, I do miss seeing you in a burka.... You've become so famous here stats no longer even matter, a feat most of us would love to achieve, loving "Over There" very beautiful and haunting...”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

“Haunting, beautiful and eclectic Andrew, you are truly a man after my heart. I could listen to it and drink it :)”

Shirlena Mandika - Reverbnation

“Over There is a great mood piece..Kind of a jazzy Harold Budd meets Joe Zawinul in some blissed out mysterious other parallel dimension.Loved the percussion on there as well.Really nice track....”

Wendymoonshine - Reverbnation

“....Listening to Theory with Art Lip. This music is out there, like something from a sound track to a sci-fi film. Like the composition and tones....”

Jody Vanesky & Groove Time! - Reverbnation

“hey!! Andrew!! Thank you very much for your music.. This makes the world a better place!!”

The Hawk Son - Reverbnation

“....in a nutshell, Theory is a fantastic track man! .... (&)..... qualified bass playing on Clare 2....”

Dan/Mental embargo - Reverbnation

“I plugged my iphone with the sound system of the camping on the beach and now everybody are listening to your songs at sunset. YEAH!”

Fabio Costantino - Reverbnation

“....Superb and masterful work with the trumpet and the bass on March. I like how the song transitions itself from a light electronic jazz groove to a more afro cuban rhythm. Theory is the kind of song that I can totally relate to and resonate with. It has the type of experimental vibe that I try to give to my electronic songs but mine from a rock perspective rather than the jazz perspective you give to your music. I totally fell in love with this track. The Old Country is the kind of song that I wish I could have A Gretsch or a Gibson ES-335 guitar to jam along with. My PRS McCarty gets very close to do the job though. I'm a sucker for those traditional jazz slow jam standards because you can incorporate elements of blues and latin music to your playing....”

Saint Of The Echo - Reverbnation

“....Clare 2 in my opinion is an experimental masterpiece. The whole atmosphere created between all instruments including the acoustic guitar and then the modulated Uni-Vibe effect vocal in the middle!!. Simply Brilliant. Very impressed with your music. Hat's off to you Sir. Much Love and good vibrations from the Saint....”

Saint Of The Echo - Reverbnation

“Very unusual sounds & styles man, love it. .. Reminds me of Stu Side Projects stuff ...awesome ;)”

Dave/Grasscutter - Reverbnation

“Festival" is truly a festival of sounds and the perky, inventive rhythms and percussion throughout, give the right amount of spice for each track.....”

Kim Kristiansen - Reverbnation

“....Festival is one of my favorite tracks..I love the sound and the production, make me travel with my mind....”

M_Y_A - Reverbnation

“....This is seriously right up my alley, love the use of jazz and effects, this music is both serene and intelligent. Great Music Here....”

SMiley in USA - Reverbnation

“....I love your beautiful sounds, Great use of color and texture...,”

Dawn. The Fludes. - Reverbnation

“....Andrew.... I listen to your Moondance (it's always a great song!), Old Country so cool and jazzy and Festival (hypnotic-electronic). I like your stuff...”


“....Immensely enjoyed listening to "Festival." Wonderful musical composition, outstanding instrumentals....”

K. C. Beckmann - Reverbnation

“.... I LOOOOVE "Festival" and also all of the other tracks, but that is my favorite. Your voice is so soulful. Like you're telling a beautiful story. <33”

Ali Melissa Schaff - Reverbnation

“Andrew..... Beautiful compositions man.... NOW THAT is some skill ! Beautiful man....Cali”

Cali Sweet - Reverbnation

“Love that trumpet, and you SWING, even when you march! Real swing gets right into my muscles, magically, and I almost sprout wings!”

magicsong - Reverbnation

“.... You are amazing I love the old country and festival really takes me somewhere ....”

Morning Wing Project - Reverbnation

“Your work will become a great part of music history, for many many generations to come. It is, and will always be. Master Andrew~ you rule!!!! Saludos amigo!!!!”

Ruthus - Reverbnation

“....Love the tone and mood of March w/W Gottwald & Art Lip. That Trumpet is so smooth and hypnotic....!”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“.... I am listening to "March" right now and am blown away! It is incredible!!! You are soooooooo talented and creative....”

Suburban Cry - Reverbnation

“.... 'theory'' man you have to be 1 of the best . kings of JAZZ....!!”


“Hey Andrew!! Enjoying the cool trumpet in "March" - great catch gettin' the "G" Man to collab!! Excellent production my friends!!”

Scott/Seven Days - Reverbnation

“.... Andrew. I'm looking forward to our next collaboration :)”

Art Lip - Reverbnation

“Andrew I am going to tell you what I told Art and Gottwald, March is fantastic! I love how cool and playful it is, yall really did a fantastic job on this one!!!!! love it ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm with Gottwald.... "the pollination professional sure does know how to compose!" we all love it!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

“Hey, "March" is my favorite so far. Everything sounds so good at its place! Love your work on bass & loops, the trumpet playin' by Art is astonishing, I mean, heartfelt...”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“.... March .... Fantastic new track with two outstanding musicians ....”

JMOYA - Reverbnation

“- W Gottwald, Art and You - Wow -”

Carlos Wilde - Reverbnation

“👞 right in step with your MARCH dear Andrew! Hottest ticket in town with coolest cats alive! WOW!!! :)”

Patricia/Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“....whoa, "march" is so bad ass, maestro... you sound like Jaco on a good day, and then the mutemiester, Art Lip... and then you add the Ham Burger... Gottwald... wow... supergroup? i think SO!!!..... da boi....”

da boi aka &#39;The Magneto Flobe&#39; - Revebnation

“....March is a great new tune. Excellent Trumpet from Art, great bass lines and guitar riffs....”

Kenny Heroux - Reverbnation

“.....D+B 130 has a "Japanese" style forward racing beat..... AjA is a funny sounding title (in German "Oh yes" spoken with an attitude of asking irony and lifted eyebrows). Musically: lifted eyebrows with respect.....”

Art Lip - Reverbnation

“The one and only ... unique , this is Andrew's Music !!!”

Josie Bernales - Reverbnation

“Interference by the birds is sounding like MC Eschers stairways looks ~ extremely cool ~”

TE Fireoved - Reverbnation

“Your head is a Festival of Knowledge - Why do birds suddenly appear? Why do stars fall down from the sky? Of course, you know all this and that is why all the girls in town follow you”

Carlos Wilde - Reverbnation

“... Buzzin' is awesome. Very "laid back" ;-) I love it...”

Justin Gristina - Reverbnation

“... cool music man , i dig it. 'moonlight' and festival' classic tracks. remind me classic jazz with a modern rebel touch. its awesome ...”

Matt Mauer - Reverbnation

“.... So much quality music here Andrew...every time I visit your page I am increasingly more impressed with your work....”

Paul Done - Reverbnation

“I'm listening to moondance.... It's because when you dance on the moon you don't kick up any dust..Just butterflies...I'm getting to liking your version very much...Thanks for putting my name up...Nice work Andrew..I'm going to keep listening. A real pleasure to know you. ...=_=...”

MaryAnn - Reverbnation

“Original, delicate jazzy style! Very nice and interesting work, Andrew!”

Idril - Reverbnation

“moondance... great sounding collab y'all… how can you go wrong with three of the coolest artists on RN… or anywhere…”

&quot;da boi&quot; derinho - Reverbnation

“Cool performance in Moondance! That's such an amazing performance. The groove is perfect!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“Moondance"..... what a smoking vocal,and magical arrangement - class just oozing out from every note delivered.....”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“This Moondance is grooving like hell. Wonderful work. Congrats to all involved. I love the airy pad sounds, the kind of 'horse with no name' beat, the driving bass and of course the strong, jazzy vocals. Trumpet solo is also fab!”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

“Theory w/Art Lip ~ A perfect 'DUO' ! Wonderful ! this man here knows how to compose !”

Gottwald - Reverbnation

“...Excellent creativity, great tunes and overall musicianship...”

Cos Grassano - Reverbnation

“Absolutely outstanding tunes, love the jazz influences, keep up the really wonderful work!”

Greg59 - Reverbnation

“...Clare 2... love this one. I hear elements of Monk, but having the acoustic guitar in there takes it into its own territory. Excellent work...”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

“...you've immense creativity and fluid instrumentation. You've got beaucoup jazz flowing through your veins...”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“Smooth, classy, funky, emotional...Your music is absolutely incredible. What talent! Sharing a stage with you would be an honor my friend!”

Suburban Cry - Reverbnation

“The Fallen", so delicate with a soft touch coming from every direction..Leaving the senses to mend the sounds together like a broken wing on a bird. Once again to sore with great elegance! ...=_=... ♥”

MARYANN - Reverbnation

“Andrew... you're an inspirational artist,and it means an awful lot to me to know a guy, with such talent, has listened and likes what he hears in my voice..... "Theory w/Art Lip".... you never fail to reach out & stretch the boundaries of imagination,expanding all our horizons with the magic of your music...... T”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“The art of song shines bright throughout your incredible compositions Andrew my dear friend,I have had the honour of meeting you,and very much look forward to the next time,blessings,my thoughts are with you and yours, Love and Peacefulness, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“...scofield matter! great music and video...”

Ruhr Chill Factory - Reerbnation

“Improv 3Q ~ Mister Isnard sounds a bit like Philipe Cathrine - and that's is a highly respected 70s jazz git-heroe. Very good collab, Andrew :)”

Art Lip - Reverbnation

“Holy burning wheelchairs, Batman!! Very cool tune, goes in such surprising directions... great guitar work. Rose”

Rose Robbins - RN Fanbase

“...Improv 3Q ~ sick grooves mano! Real chill with some sick guitar solos in there...”

Lu Hound - Reverbnation

“imponderable possibilities is a danceable gas! kudos to your Derek too! gots me grooving in my arm chair, staring at the ominous skies! keeping hope & faith alive! Laura almost aura ~ DEAL! Andrew, alchemist! went down in your basement here, some mighty magical numbuh's lie there! Jeesh you can do anything to this musico kiddo! Clean House, make babies! spin gold! pay bills! or just ride through the tornado in fearless abandon! ooh ooh ahh ahh! talented creature you are dear heart! Light to you now and beyond, LTW in the heartland!”

Laura Taylor Whitfield - Reverbnation

“Acoustic mirror is mind blowing!!!!”

Lewisland - Reverbnation

“...You have always been a trouble maker...”


“...love Your wonderful lines & mixing... you have a special feeling - Buzzin' One of my Favorites here ..as a guitar player Wonderful Basslines - Looking forward to this wonderful Fender Jazz Bass on common music... Andrew ! Best from HH !”

Gottwald - Reverbnation

“Groovin with Acoustic Mirror! That is so cool. Every single one of your tracks is so unique. And here's another wonderful example of your creativity! Look at the freedom I can feel in Koan ahead. Such instinctive sense of good space....& can't help but get a smile at your playing on Clare 2..... because you're so free in your style....When you play the piano, it just done with so much confidence and intent and that draws the listener in.... Every tune you have is so unique. Interference by the Birds is COOL! Are you really a bass player? You're a keyboardist! Your creativity is outstanding Andrew! Here's Kate 2 is just another fine example of this. Each instrument sounds perfect (with perfect time as well).”

Robert Cordero - Reverbnation


Paul ~ Hilrant - Reverbnation

“Listening to "Scofield Matters 6" Just can't get enough of your music Andrew... It's amazing...!!!!!”

Mirandea - Reverbnation

“Andrew you have superb recordings. Such clarity and warmth. How do you do it ? I know all in the hands, but seriously I feel you have for me one of the best sounds here on your recordings. I would have thought you were a pro.. and yes I mean that.Very Very Good. Angelo of GRAB”

Angelo/Grab - Reverbnation

“Dawn rising--->A track with a fragile beautiful atmosphere... Pollinated - great dramaturgy between ethnic percussion and synths. Amazing trumpet and deep bass - really cool!”

Martin Stein - Reverbnation

“I'm listening to End Of Life...this takes so many twists and turns and IMO is perfect for movies and television. It just has so many applications; not to mention a straight on mental mind buzz!!!!”

The Singular Effect - Reverbnation

“...you really are a brilliant composer. I've just played "Festival" and "Clouds"..What can I say but top notch my friend...fantastic production and arrangement skills....”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“man, i'm groovin' to the beat of "Festival"... i cannot believe Spyrogryra have not bought that song from you for mucho moolah... the bass is so funky i need to open a window!!!”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“good for you...I really go with this Miles Davis theory...“Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” Miles Davis hugs and tweets”

Judith Miller Band - Reverbnation

“...Clouds is brilliant,cool moments of intensity flowing into a calm state and then back again. Feels like a storm is brewing...”

idleMob - Reverbnation

“Andrew, enjoying the visually stunning video "The Ghan." Music is perfect as this story unwinds. You always amaze me with your talent!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“...Playing Clouds. Fine track Andrew, I love the way you put your music together. Love how this track builds mystery and anticipation...”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - Reverbnation

“...love the steel drums and horns on "Festival" all comes together in such a delicate fusion. much respect...”

Muhafiz Ghazi - Reverbnation

“Your music is superb Andrew. Lots of Spyro Gyra and Weather Report influences. Really well crafted stuff. Look forward to more. Have a great one! Greg”

Greg Maskalick - Reverbnation

“Hello Andrew. Your musical and sound work is wonderful. "Scofield Matters" is an incredible masterpiece... :-)”

Virus B - Reverbnation

“END OF LIFE is AWESOME ANDREW,, The young lad you did this for must be pretty dang proud of you and what you did,, It's amazing and YOU are a musical genius...”

Bonnie McGill - Reverbnation

“Andrew! Diggin' October with Art Lip. Very cool indeed. End of Life is another amazing track. Your production/arrangements are incredible!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

"End of Life".... where else can you find music with this integrity,this spirituality,this soul...... Andrew,you stretch the boundaries..... I have such admiration for the artistry & soul that lives & breathes in your music.....

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“....funkin' turkey, interupting birds... that no ego thing, always elevating - wonderfulness prevails, thanks to the nth....”

Bobo Raposi - Reverbnation

“...chilled out music... like your soul talking to you! ☺”

LSB - Reverbnation

“....Your work with Art is amazing.... You are really good at waht you do.... One of these days I'm going to send you my voice so you can destroy my words...:)”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“End of Life.... Fabulous...really fab, Andrew....”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Facebook

“End of Life ... smooth, spontaneous and the only 'chaotic' thing about it at first listening might be the instrumentation. Makes perfect sense though. A great combination of loops and your own recordings. Very enjoyable song, Andrew!”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

"october" is like miles getting a drum beat and calling joe zawinul, and jaco over to get it on!!!! really nice keys, always killer bass, and the mutemeister improvising up a storm... "end of life" is not the end of the groove animal... genius piece, bro... the piano is bad ass... the zawinul synth... and damn, that chick sings on pitch!!! lol... the horn reminded me of "fiddler on the roof", oddly enough... you da avant/jazz fusion/ambient god of RN...

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“End of Life is brilliant. And October is yet another classic W/ Art. Great new tunes.....”

Kenny Heroux - Reverbnation

“Water Girl - lovin it man, it runs so smoothly, the trumpet, the bass .... Had to come back - Over There on my mind again this evening...”

maybe - Reverbnation

“your music and your efforts leave me speechless, you have awesome tunes, I would like to be like you;) greetings Dj Antonio”

Dj Antonio - Reverbnation

“...Festival, sounds a bit like Weather Report but funkier...”

Guy Ridley - Reverbnation

“Interference... Wow! What a fantastic piece, rich an utterly divine!!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“Festival. Nice steel drum. Reminds me a little of some of the stuff MIles Davis was doing in the '80s. Really funky stuff.- Interference. Kind of has a Return To Forever feel. I love these synth solos. Really cool piece of music....”

The Nonsense Buffer Of ANN - Reverbnation

“Interference by birds is really really sweet. love the overall feel. nice layering of textures. hats off in chi town.... The Ghan is as cool as my pork pie hat buddy. and that's COOL!!”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“Loving those sounds in Pollinated Andrew! And such classy and unrestrained free flowing improvisational style in The Ghan! Just amazed at your wonderful free style.... Really nice free playing in Improv 3Q! So inspirational because it is done with so much confidence and it shows...!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“Hey Andrew, you are just too cool, you know. Listening to "Festival" again, love the positive, uplifting vibes coming from this song, true talent!! "Interference by the birds" some beautiful sound blends that you create, such a sweet atmosphere you share with the listener!!”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“Yeah - You're 'out there' bud - There's some musical erudition goin' on here!. A lifetime's work coming together in every tune! That's really cool piano and arrangement on 'The Old Country' - It still remains foot tapping wherever it wanders and there is nothing hurried and something really relaxed about it. It takes many years of playing to get that freedom of playing. Very impressive....”

Julian Wilson - Reverbnation

“Dawn Rising - suggestive and inviting, imaginery and simply awesome sounding!”

Joe Jaunty™ Streetmusician - Reverbnation

“Hi Andrew, I can officially confirm that Braintree has never sounded better! Pollinated and Festival are particular favourites for me from your more recent gems. Changed R's is stupendous!”

Spider dlb - Reverbnation

“...Muted trumpets and the soulful grooves of Andrew Austin. I love the poly rhythms and electronica accents the feel of Pollinated is memorizing...”

The Singular Effect - Reverbnation

“...The Old Country is pure class and pure genius jazz...”

Frank Smith - Reverbnation

“I'm with you, sippin a single malt at the bar in the "Old Country". I smoke too much... ;) :)”

Art Lip

“Over There". I love the sounds that you've created...it's so peaceful and relaxing....”

Mike Vinson - Reverbnation

“Enjoying the rather classic 'The Old Country' and the contrasting 'Pollinated'. Cool how great the percussive rhythm works with the freely played lines. Also love the scary sound effects:) Original as always, Andrew.”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

“okay, first, "pollinated"... omg... too good bro!!! love the stark bongo beat... then the amazing mutemeister general lip starts to play over your cool keys, and the ambient canvas you provide... he hits the bebop fast runs, but he also improvises parts that sound like unknown standards at times... and then i love what i call your "alien" part... lol... only to end so bad ass... it make me jealous... dude, you are a heck of an artist......What The F.... duuuuuuuude. "the old country" is a freeeeeeeeeeakin' STANDARD, bro... do you play everything on it? no matter... it has a melody that could be from the great American songbook, and sounds a bit like Mingus playing with... Mingus... lol... bass and piano, i mean, and you could've kept it all west coast cool, but the keys and "strings" add an au courant sound, as well... i'm standing... i'm applauding... bravo, groove animal... bravo... ya boi”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“...listening to "The Old Country" well, actually on my second listen, and I've got headphones on and it sounds so sweet, lovin' that piano, the production of your songs always sounds so clean, really nice!!”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“...Festival - Wow, really great feel Just a wonderful production and nice keys. The bass is brilliant too...”

Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

“THE OLD COUNTRY is a beautiful composition. Great instrumental work and wonderful piano... Your songs have such deep thought. Love the jazzy style....”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“Festival.... Great Groove Andrew!”

IndieGuild - Soundcloud

“Festival sounds amazing Andrew.Great arrangement and choice of sounds..Love it!!!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“Festival ~ This is really a cool track Andrew! I like the fusion ideas coming from so many sources....”

bontonkeyclub - Soundcloud

“Hey Andrew, on my second listen to "Festival" really sounds nice, awesome production,has such a fun, smooth flow, (like a festival), love all the instrumentation. you are brilliant at what you do, great new song Andrew!!”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“andrew, you are showing new shades of color on "festival"... reminds me of Spyrogyra, if they were a little more edgy... i think jay beckenstein wants his boy's steel drums back...”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Festival" a perfect summer time jazz number dear Andrew! Upbeat, cool & breezy, folks milling about having fun. Love it....”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“very atmospheric million of tiny musical particles all coming together to make a very cinematic song I can feel the beauty of the Dawn Rising!! ♪(^_^)♪❤✿ܓ! Headphones ❤ ((*_*)) ❤ on up loud to ur *awesome* song *Koan Ahead* amazing synth landscapes takin me on a beautiful relaxing heavenly journey , ur bass line is so brilliant throughout chinks of light n then sliding you utilize amazingly shaping the sound n ur *awesome* song!!”

Belinda &amp; Co - Reverbnation

“ Festival is great reminds me of Glastonbury; 0)”

jonoznick - Reverbnation

“Festival!!!" super mellow luv the horns!!! phenomenal work!!! wow!!! you are blowing us away! with your magnificent sound!!!”

Project2025 - Reverbnation

“...Festival kicks much ass... A triumph... wildly cool Andrew!...”

Richard D.Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“...Festival - has a good upbeat feel to it, and nice musical choice with the steel drum section alternating with what sounds like a muted trumpet/flugelhorn - another fine piece by you...”

EmMayeX - Reverbnation

“Festival - very cool bass-lines, great!!!”

Martin Stein/Cento - Reverbnation

“Festival! -- fun combo of Hip Hop and R&B! Man you are just amazingly full of music. What would you do without RN to share this on? Really nice keyboard sounds... You know how to lay out a really nice feel just from the rhythm section. Excellent platform for soloing... Love the free flowing ideas from such an awesome musician!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“...You are simply a very creative musician with your own unique style . That's your mark of identity...”

Josie Bernales - Reverbnation

“...I've had the pleasure of listening to your brilliant work for a few years now...it always stood out...”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“...interesting timing in "Interference..." today. Amazing groove, HQ drums and mastering is superb!!”

Scott ~ Seven Days - Reverbnation

“Over There" sounds like a twisty turny road in a dream, follow it around the bend at least once before you wake up...”

NALEDi - Reverbnation

“MAJESTIC sounds! I got lost in your aspect. Fantastic. Thought provoking. Simply Magnificent! Over There, made me have what refer to as insta-groove syndrome...I love all the overlapping textures and tonal redirections... Water Girl! WOW love it! Inference By The Birds, you just get lost in it~ Who are the birds? I can hear them speaking to each other in the music too.... Koan Ahead, I was totally in the zone on that one. From the drum to the swells of sound. Amazing.... LOVE iT...... In other words, I can hear the genius of how God speaks to you and how marvelously you get the message across to others!”

The Singular Effect - Reverbnation

“Creative musical journey! great trax with professional technique n sounds....Love this "Theory" track! great feel n vibe!”

MILE25 - Reverbnation

“Interference By The Birds" ... Excellent tune Andrew. very relaxing and mellow. Filled with beautiful melodies. As i sat back with my eyes closed i envisioned a meadow with many verities of birds flying about.”

Kenny Heroux - Reverbnation

“interference of the birds" is great, andrew... like ambient with drums... i loved all of it... all the way to the very last cool note...”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“I'm loving your creative genius! Interference By The Birds is a delight Andrew!”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

“Got totally lost in "Dawn Rising " this morning..wow !! beautiful piece of music ♥ ♥ ♥ Loving your new track "Interference" ..played it 3 times..lol..which I do when I really love a track...”

Jen~ Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“Nice music Andrew ... good continuation , trumpet i like too as miles davis”

DJ Tala - Soundcloud

“ ...A style to call your own. Quite an achievement in this world... ”

Chuck Brunicardi - Reverbnation

“Theory is a spooky summer song. Yup, kind of dub and really with a touch of ellegance:) This song makes the heat outside bearable. Very laid back and chilling...”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

“Theory w/Art Lip is very cool...”

Juice Canon - Reverbnation

“Theory: another great collaboration with the man with the horn!”

Martin Stein - Reverbnation

“Love The Fallen I think this is my favorite with so much beauty, sadness and perfection!”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“Hey everyone,, Please listen to Andrew's Beautiful Heart wrenching,, *** THE FALLEN 911 *** WOW !!! It just brings chills to me every time I listen,, Andrew,,, You are truly a BRILLIANT musician,, I'm proud to know you my dear friend,,,BFF,,, Bonnie,,,”

Bonnie McGill - Reverbnation

“This isn't just great in 'Theory' . . . still lovin' the syner.Lip.py! ”

Lace Traces - Facebook

“...Changed R's - beautiful jam here! Fantastic R&B groove from the rhythm section and great layers of solo instruments from Trumpet to the ethereal keys...”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“...Theory - nice work here - it's intriguing, a little bit funky, a little bit jazzy...”

EmMayeX - Reverbnation

“...ur song ‘Song 1a’ truly awesome bass line using the full range of the fret board, love the harmonics and the key breathing in n out making ‘Song 1a’ a very unique original song...”

Belinda &amp; Co - Reverbnation

“dude, theory IS pure elegance... it also has that portishead, nuveaux dance feel, and art is class as usual... an unusually pleasant juxtaposition of sounds... like miles met tricky... the melding of genres... too good man... ya bway da boi d ”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Theory..... So cool!”

Howard Eisenberg - Facebook

“E=mc2 but Andrew + Art = THEORY transcends barriers of language and culture! ♥”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“...yet another time to wow the masses.. you gat the power austin.. big up...”

Din - Reverbnation

“ Wicked Tracks! Awesome awesome Instruments!! Its like I am traveling to another different world!”

Dustfingernail - Reverbnation

“You're a virtual fountain of magical streams of music!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“... excellent music ...”

Jermaine Walden - Bassist - Reverbnation

“ ...real powerful music bro, must say you have some intimate knowledge on putting riffs together. nice and ambient, with that electrical edge. im diggidy!”

JNp Music - Reverbnation

“   ....been listening to ‘Scofield Matters 6 w/Art Lip & Richard’. truly inventive breaking moulds n musical boundaries, music should be compelling n ur music is on so many levels ♪(^_^)♪ the spacey Trumpet is mind blowing. quality listening....”

Belinda &amp; Co - Reverbnation

“ ...Awesome music, you are an immensely talented artist…”

NewTribeZ Radio - Reverbnation

“...Wonderful jazz/electronica that creates a world of its own...”

TIW Music - Reverbnation

“...Water Girl....Innovative creative expansive Jazz... flowing like water..Awesome...”

Blue Summerstar - Reverbnation

“ ...Steely Dan plays Andrew Austin in there limo rides after their shows when they're hanging with super models...”

Omnesia - Reverbnation

“ There's a very very cUtE tRuM PET YoU'vE gOT tHeRE:::::::::))))”

Sharon Rachman - Reverbnation

“...Andrew, today I'm lovin' the funky salsa flavored "Bitch 2"..nice deep end bass line and it brings the whole tone together....”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“..."over there" is a cool sounding track. there's nothing cookie cutter about it. very beautiful and artistic. love it...”

dismantle.Repair - Reverbnation

“ ...One of the best musicians on RN...”

The Soul of Jacquescoley - Reverbnation

“ Water Girl is another example of the next level artistry we've come to expect from you Andrew! Creative genius at work!!!”

Ashbury - Reverbnation

“ ...You Andrew are one of the most modest uniquely innovative artists on reverb, great musicianship and composition...”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“ ....New track "Water Girl" is so charming Andrew. The rhythm section is sophisticated and delightful...”

Chuck Brunicardi - Reverbnation

“ simply masterful!!!! so many beautiful details!!!”

Jeremiah Ruiz - Reverbnation

“Improv 3Q - One of my favourites at this moment ... fantastic neo deep jazz ... Excellent ... Highly Recommended”

No Zu Sounds - Soundcloud

“ all i can think of when i hear the fantastic "water girl"... is.. oye mamacita me te pique su bon bon... don't you think of the same thing? that tune makes me wanna get my ron con con on, that's for sure... ya boi d”

Maloa Warriors - Reverbnation

“Another awesome tune -- Water Girl. Amazing original grooves all the time and beautiful improve all around, Just enjoying that groove and amazing soloists that are never afraid of space. ~ Hey Andrew buddy, glad to see Scofield back on the top list and you know I do truly admire your creativity and have so much fun talking music with you. I better listen to it again before it disappears! You have so many and it's proof of your never ending creative ideas. Awesome man!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“Watergirl.... Smoking Bass line my friend i really like this track.... :-)”

Scofidio and Glazier - Reverbnation

“I enjoy the mystery in your music Andrew! I love the way you bring that quality to your sound ♥ ♥ ♥ you and Art come up with some amazing work when you work together!!”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

“Water Girl is awsome Andrew ~ always a great listening experience !”

Six String Woody - Reverbnation

“Dancing with the "Water Girl" tonight!! WOW!! Can I take her home now?”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ Well my dear Andrew... you and Art have done it again... what a gorgeous new work... "Water Girl" stole my breath away... Cheers to continued inspirations! :))) Patricia ~~~”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“Snow w/ M.Isnard just did something amazing to my ears,,,much luv and respect ;)”

venil - Reverbnation

“ Love the drums, melodies, and unique sounds going on in Bobcat! Your level of creativity and arrangement is always on another level Andrew!”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“ .... Serious Grooves....!”

Michael Henderson - Reverbnation

“ Over There" is like floating on clouds. This music would make an eight-hour flight seem like two minutes.....”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“Sorry didn't read the Godot book so I have no contextual reference but I thought the ethereal feel was great. One thing that puts you in the level of a Wayne Shorter for example, is that you are not afraid of space..... Love the ambience projected by Clouds. You're really good at this free music sound. It's truly amazing.....”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“ Acoustic mirror'' that is a complicated contrast of changes very cool! funky!”


“Double AA, Love the intro to Over There or was it over here. Hmm, very interesting. An array of colorful sounds coming out of this song. Again another beauty Acoustic Mirror so much fun, movement is wonderful. Keeps you going, spell bound. LOL, Love it!! Scofield Matters 6. When your a jet your a jet all the way. From your first cigarette to your last dying day. Kinda reminds me of that intense moment. Waiting for the fight with Bernardo and Tony!! Bravo!! love it! ....=_=... Nice drum rolls in this song. suspense. ♫”

MaryAnn - Reverbnation

“....There is a serene beauty to Waiting For Godot 2... Requiem 4 Dawn... a very beautiful tribute... There's no telling what your mind can see when you listen to these amazing sounds. Excellent work Andrew....”

Kenny Heroux - Reverbnation

“...groovin' right along with "Acoustic Mirror", this has such a cool vibe going on, love all the instrumentation, and you say your stuff isn't professional, well, it sounds incredible, you are very talented!”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“Digging the mesmerising, ambient sounds of "Over There." It's both dissonant and beautiful at the same time--making for a cool, hypnotic experience!”

The Space Sharks - Reverbnation

“...Over There -- gives me visions of something beautiful. This is truly feel good music!”

Robert Cordero - Reverbnation

“ ....A tip of my hat to you Andrew, you are a creative genius. All my respect....”

kenny heroux - Reverbnation

“Great sounds and arrangements - you can realize your dream with your talent!”

Redblossom - Reverbnation

“ ...Listening "Over There"... love the haunting melody...”

Aliceleonz - Reverbnation

“ ...Love your sound! So original. This is what music should be like...”

Stephanie Lee - Reverbnation

“ ....Your musical imagination is as boundless as your generous spirit - & you're also pretty shit-hot on bass...”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“ Wow ! Just heard ''Over There'' ! FABULOUS !! Amazing Andrew Austin !!! Respect...”

Franz Dickson - Reverbnation

“Over There is breathtaking. So full of surprises. And when you think you got the song's structure it turns somewhere else. Wonderful. ~ k.”

kappi - Reverbnation

“ ...Lovely dreamy melodies, with tons of emotion, relax and harmony. Really like your amazing music my friend. This music is for soul and mind...”

Coldnoise - Reverbnation

“Wow... Simply amazing”

J. Stone - Reverbnation

“OVER THERE....I really like it Andrew!!! This tune draws you in and you have to keep listening!!!”

Sophi - Reverbnation

“....From my point of view: Over there is the good music of Andrew - hope one day we'll visit each other; then is Over there right here... Btw ;-) - interesting harmonies meets innovative melody=Overt there....”

Cento - Reverbnation

“ ...Clouds make the crows outside my window look mightier than ever...”

Per Bronco Karlsson - Reverbnation

“ Acoustic Mirror" is quite a psychedelic funky groovy masterpiece and epic showcase of your unique and massive talent! Much Love xoxo”

Vinyl Kitten - Reverbnation

“ Over There playing over here. Fantastic. Hey, that even fits your pic because of the kind of Asian tonality:) Beautifully floating song. Sounds like warm rain in the sunshine. Great one, Andrew! ~ kappi”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

“Waiting for Godot ~ * W*O*W*”

ZiLT2013 - Soundcloud

“... Waiting for Godot... Amazing Sounds Ambient...I love your cool music...Excellent...”

NO ZU SOUNDS - Soundcloud

“...Very beautiful Andrew...Over There....beautiful...”

oddrun eikli - Soundcloud

“... Acoustic Mirror... Amazing rhythmic quality, Andrew. This groooooves - definitely !”

Axel Weiss - Soundcloud

“ If I were to be stranded on an island with someone I would chose you for your creativity! Amazing work! Pics are Pro too! I could stay here all day!”

D.Soto/ssolo8 - Reverbnation

“ ...These sessions are an experiment in the clouds, guided by jungles of adventure, mystery, and robust visions of electricity... Epic sound/talent here!”

Matthew Johnston - Reverbnation

“ ...The sounds moving so smooth in my head...great songs...nice sounds...nice style...good work....”

Uga Levens - Reverbnation

“ ...dude, "over there", is yet another great ambient work by the master... how is it possible to be the groove animal you are, and still have the ambient sense of a brian eno? too good, man... ya boi d”

Maloa Warriors - Reverbnation

“ Over There - wow that is a super headphone mix. awesome. and the music fantastic. Acoustic Mirror . in my ears , awesome to reflect.. on!”

7beatstreet/Dan Albury - Reverbnation

“...Over There, lovely icy keys and harmonies...”

Acoustic Mirror - Reverbnation

“ "Over There" Very imaginative outer experience with a wispy airy sensation,That made me feel as I closed my eyes to listen to the sound, I was walking along some Himalayan trail marveling at the sights. a most enjoyable trip!”

Comfortable Cats - Reverbnation

“ I hear the ocean in your music again Andrew. "Over There" perfectly depicts the ocean and the smooth orangeness of the sunset as we wait for the evening tide to come in. So beautiful!”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“ Very innovative and interesting! Great use of cool sounds and great rhythms! Love your work!”

Dan Sheets - Reverbnation

“ Every composition sends you on a journey "MMSH" makes me feel like Im adrift in a small boat on a Scottish Loch.."AjA" is like chilling on the strip, &"Seaton Road"is like lettin' the top down&driving to the club in my ride with my favorite girl!!!”

Midnite Sunshine/Ryan Knight - Reverbnation

“...Thrilled to listen to Scofield. Such contrasts in this tune. Love how you go outside... Really fun to let it zig-zag you in unexpected directions...”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“The vocals,bass,percussion and energy of "Acoustic Mirror" is quite a outstanding musical journey!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“ ...Clouds! Andrew your playlist has musical diamonds throughout. Clouds took me on a journey and created a surreal vibe.. This would sound great in a film...”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“... "Acoustic Mirror " wonderful creation man ! I am inspired !”

Six String Woody - Reverbnation

“ ...bloody brilliant , so different from anything else !”

KEVinSANe - Reverbnation

“Acoustic Mirror! Cool you got inspired, Andrew, and added a slightly jazzy approach to the subject. Love the slowing down in the middle. That's how i feel in the morning looking into the mirror for the first time...”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

“The sounds are beautiful, interesting, deep and amazingly mastered. "Waiting For Godot 2" pulls you in into a beautiful and peaceful dream, so sweet. wonderful creations all the way!!!!!!”

Ruthus - Revebnation

“ ... "Acoustic Mirror " Really reminded me of a Great 80s sound Would make a Brill Sci Fi film sound track . I Loved the beat. I enjoyed Big Thank You ...”

Comfortable Cats - Reverbnation

“... "Acoustic Mirror" a reflection of your musicality at its finest! :))) ...”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“...'Waiting For Godot 2' is an expertly crafted piece, utterly engrossing... 'Acoustic Mirror' ... Love the new synthesis experiment! You are a natural sound shaper Andrew:)... a true bonafide musician, a fantastic one at that...”

Acoustic Mirror - Reverbnation

“ ...Listening to your brilliant and majestic song Scofield Matters 6!! True musicianship in its finest hour...”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“Godot 2" ... pebbling into a clear pond and discovering fairy tales under it's surface...”

Art Lip - Revebnation

“ See Andrew..I told you you have a surfers heart. Listening to "Waiting For Godot 2" you can see the sun sparkling on the waves as they sit at low tide and begin to rise. Beautiful imagery with your music..always...”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“Really delicious and convincingly played, great compositions the very best right now, "Changed R's" wow! thats xtra cool - Love your style Andrew - Dan”

Mental Embargo - Reverbnation

“ ...Clouds, very mysterious sound...”

Sam Pearce Music - Reverbnation

“Waiting for Godot 2 ... congratulate you to those thrilling, dark textures. and of course Sco matters, Andrew! Love the new songs and the new profile pic with Di is cool!”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

“Andrew! I freakin' love Scofield Matters 6!..Quirky & haunting jazz gem...also great pic of you & Di Lee. ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

"waiting for godot 2".... godin... godet... godeaux... go... what? what? how did i get here? you know what a sucker i am for top notch ambient work... this is the best ambient work by you, yet... in my opinion... even some soul with that guitar... and the ending, was perfect... too good, mate... ya boi da boi d

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“ Very cool soundscapes! Very complex creations! What a great listen!”

Steve Morin &amp; The Higgs Boson Project - Reverbnation

“Andrew Austin, Richard Ruttenburg and Art Lip = AMAZING!!!!! I'm loving Scofield Matters 6 ♥ ♥ ♥ you really are a pioneer of jazz here on RN!!!”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

“....am hearing the great Miles Davis in Scofield Matters... well creative n nuff originality in your style of play....”

MATTBLACK Musician - Reverbnation

“...Luv dramatic turbulence of Clouds. Scofield- fantastically cerebral journey! Luv ur use of electronica...”

Rachele Wildmare - Reverbnation

“ ...Scofield Matters 6 is a beautiful, trippy musical excursion that transcends easy classification...”

Sills &amp; Smith - Reverbnation

“ Loving the collab with Richard & Art Andrew! The sounscapes and arrangements are majestic and inspiring.. Elite musicians you guys are and a dynamic sound that cannot be replicated!!”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“...So darn Unique!...”

Marija - Reverbnation

“ ...I´m listening to Clouds, and I think it is almost visual, with emotional events turning up here and there - like a film made of sound...”

Per Bronco Karlsson - Reverbnation

“...Layers of music with purpose...”

Si THOMAS - Reverbnation

“Scofield Matters... wow, bro... i just listened to it four times in a row, and... i've got to say, you guys are like the pioneers of jazz here on RN... if i was in charge of the world... people who can play like that, shouldn't have to look for a job... i loved every second of it... i'm going to have to visit richard's page more... i lavish praise on you and art already, lol... dude, you sound menacing, and jaco-like at the same time... i play the music i play... you play the music i wish i could play... you guys should do a whole album together... what other intruments are you playing? keys, as well? i really like art, at the very end... ya boi”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“ Scofield Matters" imaginative & alluring! An Austin/Lip/Ruttenberg masterpiece of jazz fantazz! :)))”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“Andrew Austin is the consummate musician. His imaginative, harmonic and melodic abilities, coupled with a responsible work ethic and open musical mind, makes him a very desirable fellow to work with in a recording studio environment. He is an original thinker and is most careful in the discharge of his responsibilities. He is a joy to work with and I want to be associated with him professionally for many years to come”

Richard Ruttenberg - Linkedin

“ Creativity at its finest! Makes me think of some of Andreas Vollenweider's work in a way. Kinda speaks ya know”

Barley Station - Revebnation

“ ..."Koan Ahead"... The mark of a great artist is when they are so stylized you could pick them out of millions!”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“ ...Watching the Dawn Rising and the minimal evolution of sound and imagination is fascinating me...”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

“ ...I am loving your very creative tracks that evoke all kinds of images and stories...”

Robert Ledermann - Reverbnation

“...luv this music..the sincerity hits me hard on every track...”

Chuck Paul - Reverbnation

“...Brilliant sonic textures with hip grooves > intriguing & entertaining. Well done! Dig the muted trumpet bro - very Miles...”

Rocco Altamura - Reverbnation

“...Love the tracks, you are a truly brilliant musician...”

qollop - Reverbnation

“ Love the combo of jazz and electronica, it achieves really amazing imagery!”

Omniverse - Reverbnation

“Changed R's....is Miles(Tutu era).. a la Andrew...awesome as always..timeless and classy into the jazz colors.Fantastic bass line...sometimes less says much !!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“ Very interesting, unique sounds you have going on here Andrew. Very nice quality in the sound recordings and your mix of styles keeps one guessing as to what's coming next as opposed to conventional type music where the chords and melodies follow a set pattern. It's a good thing !!”

The Melvinator - Reverbnation

“ Very clever and beautiful music! I enjoy it very much! Keep it doing, Andrew! Amazing!”

One missed may - Reverbnation

“....It's a nice mixture of Jazz stuff and vaguely unsettling ambient electronica, I like it...!”

Jackn Bones - Reverbnation

“Very cool jazz sounds. Your music needs to be played around the world then more and more people would get into jazz. I know that it is a little more difficult to reach the masses compared to mainstream pop. However, your jazz is very unique and crazy cool. I believe it could help to break through to those who don't usually listen to jazz cause they have a preconceived notion of what jazz sounds like....”

Soul Kisser - Reverbnation

“...I think you just took me into a different realm with Dawn Rising. This is awesome, much respect Andrew...”

Hannah&#39;s Defense - Reverbnation

“...Dawn Rising... feeling the vibe. The tran-splendid echoes down the corridors of time...”

Blue Cast Oracle - Reverbnation

“...nice creations! Every instrument keeping its own identity, own colour and all complementing each other, a multicultural environment, where they all live in peace. taking each other to a higher level. My ears are very happy. thank you for sharing your gift of sound!”

Werner Nauman - Reverbnation

“...Right on man! Great sounds you have. Truly Jazzy. Even your bio is Jazzy...”

Sweetline - Reverbnation

“This page has the kind of sound I most admire !! Vibrant !!! Modern !!! Pure TALENT !!!”

OLAF - Reverbnation

“...Internet networking bullsh*t aside,this guy is well worth a listen to,folks.Peace out,Dean...”

the Dean Gray band - Reverbnation

“...I enjoy the ethereal quality that you give jazz. It is image evoking. "Dawn" is especially visual and takes me into another landscape...”

Jeaux ReFaite - Reverbnation

“Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your page this evening, Andrew, and was greatly impressed by this 'audio art'. Every sound is perfectly in its place, like an Impressionist brush stroke, and the sum of the parts is marvelous....”

Liam McFadden - Reverbnation

“Back for one of the exceptional tunes Changed R's, probably your best ever in my opinion.”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

“dude, i gotta say.... "dawn rising" is perfect in the morning, as i'm contemplating the intricacies of the universe... and communing with the Creator... and sparking the freak up!.... ya boi”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Very good guitar, on improv 3q/w (whatever this title means ^^;): guitar accelerated in the direction of the beat counts and at the same time emotional. Like!”

Art Lip - Reverbnation

“... "Clouds" ... Perfect name for that song!! ...”

Blue Plasma Orb - Reverbnation

“Um... More than two letters, good and overlapping bass-lines; great work as always, Andrew!”

Cento - Reverbnation

“Dawn Rising..takes me somewhere else,you are great for this Andrew!!!!Mysterious and exotic is always a must listen!!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“Lining up with all the other little musical lemmings, drawn to your massive mountain hillside of excellence. The end will be the same. :) Namaste. ~ "Um.... Andrew?" "Yes, Phoenix?". "Did you know... um... Is how shall I put this... such a mellow groove. I just kind of slip off into an astral projection... or two. Just sharing..."”

Blue Phoenix - Reverbnation

“...I like the groove in Lee-Di: very North East African in its blending of Arabian And African style elements...”

Art Lip - Revebnation

“...great feel and mood...wonderful interpretation of life and emotion...”

Ray of Strangewind - Reverbnation

“Andrew-your music is amazing and way beyond your years on this planet ! You ARE the future !!!”

Monica Dupont - Reverbnation

“Changed R's has a great jazz vibe fused with a unique soundscapes.. Your one of the most creative musicians on RV.. Always love visiting this page and btw that bass and sax is so dope!!!”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“Changed R's... is just wonderful, such an awesome groove going on, and the trumpet is spot on.......”

drummerGirl music - Reverbnation

“Listening to Changed R's, I really like it, very nice, I can tell you were heavily influenced by the jazz great Miles Davis, one of your best compositions to date, excellent feel and atmosphere, reminds me of Spain for some reason or the French Riviera, truly one of my favorites by you, sounds like a master composition....”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

““Great stuff here, dude! Bb is a beautiful construction of tunes, Buzzin has this delicious jazzy soundind, but still original... ” — LAKRANYA, Myspace”

Lakranya - Myspace

“...."Clouds" is a very entrancing, nice musical landscape youve got going on in this song!!!!!! Great arrangement.....”

Elvis Proctor - REverbnation

“.....You are on the good road, music for the future.....”

Jos - Aimé - Reverbnation

“....your stuff is brilliant....”

Mad Tango - Reverbnation

“....listen to "Koan Ahead".. I love your soundscapes... ! it's like a trip to the stars....”

Lydia Plain - Reverbnation

“Cool chromato-changes on "imponderable" on a beat that comes fresh and crispy. Exellent lightweigted but serious vocal scatting with the touch of Brazilia. Hey, and I LIKE descending progessions in harmonies!”

Art Lip - Reverbnation

“The Ghan" has got a HOOK in me!! Two superb artists like this performing is a DREAM!!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ ...the ghan is sheer class from a real talent!”

Big Fat Cat Ugly Bat - Reverbnation

“THE GHAN" is the best f-cking tune! OMG is this a bad ass track! Bend those keyboard chords! F-ck yes! F-ck yeh!”

Richard D Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“....man the colabs with Art are cool. muted horns can be 'feel' machine when done right. mmmmmmmmm yea!!”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“You have musical style dude, can feel the songs, and its something todays artists lack, at least people like you give us hope for musical sanity!!!”

Blurrd Vision - Reverbnation

“Changed R's.... It is incredible how easy you can change from different styles. Love the modesty and unpretentious minimalism to maximize the result in this track. The trumpet is really awesome. I like the contrast with those warm sounds in combination with the hiphop voices.... Another true fave of mine !! All the Best, Philo ”

ZiLT - Soundcloud

“You excel at giving then taking away. I'm left wanting for more at so many places . . Nice! Now this is a very, very nicely matched collaboration! Congrats to Art Lip & you, Andrew! ~ Lace”

Lace - Soundcloud

“.... The Ghan is an excellent piece & the trumpet fits perfectly. Can see echoes of o coleman, but this is my particular eye/ear ....”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“.... The Ghan is very interesting, i like changes, the dreamy atmosphere and the beautiful trumpet ....”

Nix - Reverbnation

“The Ghan Art Mix 7 - A beautiful tune, Andrew and compagnion ! Full of surprises, creativity and really fine rhythmic and harmonic sophistication. Big congrats from Bavaria to you both, Axel : ))”

♫ Axel Weiss - Soundcloud

“........... OMG!!! AMAZING!!!! .......... ”

LaVonna Harris - Reverbnation

“.... Reminiscent of latter day Miles which is no mean feat....”

Steve Bonino - Reverbnation

“..just heard 'the ghan' on art's page, bro... wow... i'm totally jealous of you savants...”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Changed R's Art Mix 2 - Damned good tune! ”

Richard D Ruttenberg - Facebook

“Andrew - I've just downloaded "Buzzin'" - and man,you're way out there - way ahead...... "Changed R's"is the epitome of utter cool...... Andrew - you are a masterful artist... music turns to magic in your hands....”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Andrew... your music is in a league of its own.....”

TIW Music - Reverbnation

“I'm not sure what the name of the first track Changed R's etc means but it is slick bliss. It's just oozing.Awesome.....”

Druids Edge - Reverbnation

“Changed R's .... Oh...this is really such a very good Jazztune!”

Oddrun Eikli - Soundcloud

“...Killer new tune I see. Changed R's is another masterpiece i must say! Brilliant Andrew!”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“ Listening to CLARE 2. Very classy and original I might add. Good to hear someone keeping the essence of Jazz alive.....”

Mista Perez - Reverbnation

“Great 'Changed R's', Andrew. This is a cool RTiculation of both of your visions!”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

“love your collab with that long "ghan" daddy-o, art "the lip"... it is truly a changed world... lol... ya boi”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“ Fabulous - I love your stuff - all the guys I ran around with in high school - there was about a dozen of us musicians from a little town in Oregon called Toledo, we would've bought this and played it all night long - and yes, I agree, Art is on fire - very, very nice - it's funny, when I hear other's music - I try to place myself in the mind of the writer or how that might have come across their ideas - the ones that really perplex me - and usually just leave me smiling at their art - are the ones where I have no idea where they came up with that....you're stuff is like that - it's so artistically surprising - thanks - David”

David P. Reinen - Reverbnation

“If two talents were meant to collide, it's that of Art Lip and you, Andrew! Changed R's Art MIx 2. . . a GREAT new collab! ~ Lace”

Traces - Reverbnation

“Thank you ALL for all the commments on our collaboration, dear friends and welcomed maybe-new friends! m working on the next diligently, Andrew: expect to hear from me soon :) ”

Art Lip - Reverbnation

“Changed R's ~ Chilled jazz with interesting blends of tones that occasionally send a surprising shiver amongst the ambience. Cool experimental work......”

Richard Nejman - Reverbnation

“Changed R's ... Love the new tune. That muted trumpet is sick man! :)”

Spider - Reverbnation

“... cool new music (changed r's), especially your bass-passage with chorus e.g. by 1:55 and the trumpet (sound and idea) ...”

Cento - Reverbnation

“Diggin' on the new tune "Changed R's" - KILLER keys and trumpet throughout!! Smooth bass and percussion with that classic Andrew jazz touch!!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“art lip should be called art "the lip"... looooove the miles style mute... your bass is bad to the bone... and i love the accents... ambient, yet hip, yet funky... this is really good, bro... aiiiiiiiiiiight... ya boi”

Derek Damico - Reverbnation

“'Changed R's' sounds great! Very cool - Like Miles Davis 'Tutu' Marcus Miller sound .... Love the trumpet sound and of course the bass!”

Laurie Miller - Facebook

“ Clare 2 - How you craft such expansive expression into such short pieces is astonishing - brilliant music........ ”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“ 'clare 2' is a badass joint, bro... your bass is freakin' great, and i love those haunting keys... and that ethereal, oddrun vocal... is that a leslie? really cool... as usual...”

Maloa Warriors - Reverbnation

“you have a very interesting set of songs here!!! each one makes you wonder what is coming next!”

Whiskey for the Lady - Reverbnation

“.... amazing sounds...Excellent work..Congrats..Cool Music.. Highly Recommended ;) ....”

NO ZU SOUNDS - Myspace

“....Way cool found myself bopping to the stillness between in Um. True artwork....”

Joe Sneekers - Reverbnation

“.... Great improvisations with not your average everyday grooves. Amazing stuff!....The Ghan 5 is so cool. I love that groove and just the way you layer the instruments so tastefully. This tune is hypnotic....”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“MAN! this is so incredible! sheesh, I wish y'all were closer - would love to take in a show of this great stuff....Absolutely outstanding music & musicians - love it....”

David P. Reinen - Reverbnation

“...back to music that has its brilliance and profession in its outstanding singularity...”

LeonB - Reverbnation

“Unseen Footage.... Really good vibe and yet it also seems to capture a moment for me that has me captivated. I am digging this one a lot......”

Grab - Reverbnation

“ ..... Dig'n Imponderable Possibilities! Cool groove and changes!.....”

Mitch Marcoulier - Reverbnation

“eating your HAT and loving it - !”

Bobo Raposi - Reverbnation

“..... the Fisherking group was amazing.....”

Neilsound - Reverbnatio

“Clouds! really atmospheric and paints wonderful pictures.............”

Steve Walker - Reverbnation

“ Hipsampled is really trippin...vocals chillin...who's the chick? ...fantagasmoric mix....not kidding...”

Randall A. Walsh - Reverbnation

“.....Andrew, I listen to your music every day, and I never ever tire of it, and I hear new things happening everyday in your stuff..now that's a sign of an awesome musician and writer.....”

Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“ Man I love the sonic variety, the song arrangements and those chord progressions esp. on Imponderable Possibilities......”

Chikkenhawk a.k.a. $.L.I.C.K. - Reverbnation

“Andrew that bass-line on Lee-Di Demo is amazing! I love the whole song but that is unreal :)”

Spider - Reverbnation

“....Incredible body of works....The Ghan is superfluous cool....”

The V.U.&#39;s - Reverbnation

“Hey: I like that Brufordy touch as it is incarnated in that Australian train. Voyaging with Ghan seems to be interesting and comfortable alike :)”

Art Lip - Reverbnation

“Unseen Footage is a real gem Andrew. Love the atmospherics going on on this track.......”

Sills and Smith - Reverbnation

“ Peaceful, flowing, moving, changing... the Clouds, like your song~ Beautiful! ”

Annie Handley - Reverbnation

“Your universe is very rich and it makes your music deep, intense and so beautiful!”

L.O.Crocodile - Reverbnation

“Loving Imponderable Possibilities.... Some great melodies and sounds you got going on like usual. Master of creativity and your drums patterns are always wicked!!!! Great vocals as well!”

Jonathan Tambe - Revebnation

“love imponderable possibilities rhythm, bass, voice, sounds, is a great work..... words not enough to describe your great work on bass & your sounds.....”

Fernando Garcin - Reverbnation

“(Imponderable Possibilities feat da boi!!) Andrew & da boi - a marriage made in Croyden...... blissfully out there,and shatteringly brilliant.... I totally love it!!”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

"Imponderable Possibilities feat da boi!!" Such an exciting track that keeps you moving all through... Gorgeous! Love the essence of it. Wow! You never cease to amaze me...What can i say' It is you.... :) Another masterpiece!!!!!

Ruthus - Reverbnation

“i love the ambient funkiness of "imponderable"... you may have started a new genre: ambient, intellectual, dance music... the possibilities are, truly, endless, my friend... really cool joint, bro... i love the synths and voices at the end... love it... peace... no wonder you're always number one...ya boi derinho”

Derek Damico - Reverbnation

“.... one of the most creative dudes in the UK!”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“ ........... This is some unique blend of unusual and highly addictive music ...........”

Coreetta - buchanproductions - Reverbnation

“ Very cool Andrew! Substantive traX with a vivid color spectrum of sounds....”

X-Ray Imij - Reverbnation

“...."Dawn Rising".....what a work of ethereal beauty. I never get enough of your creations.....”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“ .... love the spacy stuff. Snow is great, Weather-Report-y ....”

Guy Ridley - Reverbnation

“ .... this is the type of music you could listen to all day long and into the night and still want more ....”

bad dog and ally cat - Reverbnation

“ Andrew.....Clouds make me wish I could Fly! :) Simply Beautiful!”

Joe Jaunty/UnDErHatTEn - Reverbnation

“Um......... I'm speechless.....”

Promize - Reverbnation

“ Clouds is a thinking man's song, with no driving beat to move this song, the instruments used here reflects thought and a comfortable mindset......”

Bubbojones - Reverbnation

“ I think that shadows and "Clouds are mysterious. "Clouds" change shape like sounds from one second to the next. "Um", shadows just show up on your wall and they might even follow you around. Don't you think that is a little strange AA? Hmmm interesting isn't it? ...=_=...”

MaryAnn - Reverbnation

“.... Unseen Footage! Absolutely beautiful, innovative jazz .... The Ghan sure is a fragrant musical stew of wonder. Your music is hard to categorize and quantify. Brilliant stuff ....”

Frank Smith ~ Sills &amp; Smith - Reverbnation

“Andrew, ur work is IMPECCABLE!!! LUV the new tracks! Feelin like these tracks shud be part of a movie!! Outstanding Production! Luv all the subtle nuances u pack into each song! U don't miss a beat!”

Joey Pliskin - Reverbnation

“.... these tunes keep you in the imagine mode!! "Clouds" is a spectacular sound scape of soft movements that keep you locked!! .... "Unseen Footage", it actually does belong in movie footage!! Close your eyes and let the sounds create the scene!!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ You are one massively talented guy Austin!..This is brilliant work on here and I'll need no reminding to come back and listen to more of your incredible music....”


“wow Andrew, listening to the new music and it's a cross between ECM records and Vangelis with the sparseness of Miles "sketches of spain" nice open production...real movement...”

pinksideofthemoon - Reverbnation

“(Clare 2 feat Oddrun Eilki) _ It is - beautiful. Very nice to hear my old friends from the very first MySpace time improvising now together here on SoundCloud : )) A lovely, funny and exciting tune, Andrew and Oddrun. Big congrats from Bavaria, Axel” ”

Ax.W - Soundcloud

“ nice to hear something so unique and original here on RN -this was a total pleasure to listen to!”

the vespertide bloom - Reverbnation

“brian eno, himself, i'm sure would agree that 'digital tongues' is pure ambient bliss... i'm jealous... i've tried to capture a good ambient sound like that, and always failed... you make it look easy, bro... aiiiiiight... 'misty dawn rising' is ambiance at it's finest... evoking the very picture of it's title... i love this direction... 'clouds' is freakin' angelic, bro... i love the little pops in the ears, and the beautiful panning to make you feel like you're soaring... you even do moody, dark ambient well... "unseen footage", i can feel the tension... awesome... "the ghan", is too good, it's like brian eno got chick corea and miroslav vitous to join him on one... you've got quite the five song ep going there... i'd buy it... ya boi d...with the addition of "um" this, is shaping up to be quite a great album... your bass is badass... love the tribal beats... and it's still beautifully ambient... it's like jaco...”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“ Here's Kate 2 - big screen music - full of style,drama and intrigue....... and comin' in at just over 2 minutes - a mini masterpiece.....”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“ Amazing production in Here's Kate! First the groove is really catchy and just a great layering of improvised instruments. Crazy good drums.....!!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“....Very clever music music and an awesome sound you are very talented....”

Secrets of Steel - Reverbnation

“Here is Kate2 is a masterpiece of "other" music .The combination and settings of the instrumentation is unique....”

LeonB - Reverbnation

“..... Very tasty, soulful grooves ..... great bass playing .....!”

Multiversal Radio - Reverbnation

“ Merci Andrew...... Venant d'un musicien comme toi je suis vraiment très flatté..”

Jean-Christophe - Reverbnation

“Wow awesome taste, skills, sense of musicality, you are an super pro bass player and musician. Thanks for being here on reverbnation.Each track has a great vibe.....”

Cesar Coronel - Reverbnation

“ Certainly part of "The best of Reverbnation". Talent in the mature stage. Excellent Production!!! Professional. Satisfaction in every track.......”

Jason J Brown - Reverbnation

“.... your sound creates a awesome climate ....”

Raul Lima - Reverbnation

“ The Bass is all over the place,among other cool sounds. very cool xylophone. Great Ambient texture......”

Guitarzan and the Fretters - Reverbnation

“..... Loving the Electronica Jazz you got flowing here. Intriguingly mysterious.....”

TDNA - Reverbnation

“Playing Fuckbass....sizzle and zap...you never know what youre gonna find here on Andrews list of tracks, but I know damn well its gonna be creative genius......”

Joe Torcicollo - Reverbnation

“.... Your music is really something else, few have the ability to put so much emotion in sounds without words, after all that's what music is all about, the Unspeakable ....”

Harry V - Reverbnation

“ Wow, "Bb - The Fallen" such a beautiful, poignant piece to memorialise 9/11... divine!”

Leanne Felzien - Reverbnation

“..... I have the very haunting sound of 'The Fallen' cascading from my speakers here. so very open and stark. a beautiful experience .....”

g ~ Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“Sir Andrew " Bb ~ 'The Fallen' ~ 9/11 amazing work just like all the tracks you produce ! You are world class and kinda funny too !”

Six String Woody - Reverbnation

“Andrew you are one heck of a bass player. My oh my I wish you were near me. I watched BUZZIN, just now, excellent my friend, excellent playing.....”

Chipfryer - Reverbnation

“.....we're such huge fans of what you're doing here that when we crave craft and quality, this is where we head.....”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Ai, this trumpet in "The Fallen" brings me right into the blue!”

Vrouw die Drinkt - Reverbnation

“You're too cool Andrew! Mind bending experience is what you give ...amazing in more ways than one!!!”

Di Lee - Reverbnation


Nuclearsurfers - Reverbnation

"D&B 130" is so artistically abstract I can actually see the colors as the paint flies by on it's way through the canvas and into the atmosphere...great art Andrew...really epic! Richard

Richard D Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“I seriously love those bass skills man, you are great! Love your music!!”

Wade Braines - Reverbnation

“Hi Andrew. Stopping by for a moment of ambience... "The Fallen" provided wonderfully. Towards the end it put me in mind of one of the hypnotic moments on the awesome soundtrack from the Danny Boyle film, "Sunshine" (a personal favorite). A beautiful piece of sound sculpting. Much respect..... Nejjy.”

Richard Nejman - Reverbnation

“Ethereal tones and ambiance held together with subtle melodic lines. Feeds my head as well as my ears. Beautiful!”

Luscious Purr - Reverbnation

“ Checking out your tracks... Other than these words, I'm utterly speechless....Simply Amazing Work!!”

Granny&#39;s House Studios&#39; - Reverbnation

"Yumy" is WAY yummy...just like all of your music Andrew. You have more soul in one string then most players have in their whole bass......

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“...... Loving 'Yumy 2'...... It is fresh, innovative and musically so rocking......”

Sandy ~ drummerGirl music - Reverbnation

“This is definitely jazz at its best. Innovative, current and an evolutionary style to the compositions makes this a very enjoyable repast...... Andrew, Yumy 2 is just that; yummy. Wonderful jazz feel with a fine percussive feel to a great melody line. Top flight jazz...”

Doug Dickens - Reverbnation

“Koan ahead is wonderous journey, crafted by one of the most gifted musicians on reverbnation, inhale and enjoy!”

Big Fat Cat Ugly Bat - Reverbnation

“..... Clare 2, a strangely beautiful composition ..... A really cool and hot desert sound to Gil5, reminds of a desert in Arabia, kinda Persian, really majestic .....”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation

“..... Captivating music.... not one wasted moment,space,beat or note..... ”

Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“......Entangled in a delicate web of genius....... ”

Will - Hair of the Dog - Reverbnation

“.....You, sir, rule on the creatively cool realm. I wish i could play like you.....”

raised by dingoes - Reverbnation

“ ............... Incredible talent ................”

Subtracked - Reverbnation

“ Lost in the sweet piano musings of 'Clare 2 w/oddrun elike' we didn't know you could channel Keith Jarrett when you play keyboards.................”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

“Yumy 2 - you know if Donald Fagan sang on this song, it could easily sound like a Steely Tune in jam mode!! LOVE THIS!! The mix of is immaculate ... Every little touch stands out in it's own place with nothing disrupting another. Superb production work .............”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“Damn, motherfucker, you outdid yourself on "bass jam"... i bow down to your monster talent... fuck bass is the bomb, bro! i love that ambient sound... gil 5 is also ethereal beauty .......”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“ Weird and absolutely wonderful...Wish I could think outside the box like you do mate......”

Bazz &quot;Bass&quot; Harber - Reverbnation

“Koan Ahead is mesmerizing..............”

G William Boyd - Reverbnation

"Koan Ahead" Wow! Still feel like I'm somewhere in space.... Remarkable!!!! :D "Yumy" and "Bobcat" have your signature all over, just like the rest of your work..... I just love your style. It's like a musical planet all of your own..... Incredible! You rule...

Ruthus - Reverbnation

“ Wonderful compositions.Interesting and innovating is all I can say. This is some really fine jazz. Music speaks for all to understand..........”

Barbarian Wizard - Reverbnation

“.....Your music is an engaging blend of styles and ideas and the diversity is both appreciated and inspiring.....”

It&#39;s A Fucking Rhino - Reverbnation

“ Love it! So well written, you are a talent!”

Piranha - Reverbnation

“Koan Ahead......That was a really delightful ambience. Really really cool! Just tastefully handed out in small doses. Left me wanting more............”

Roberto Cordero - Reverbnation

“I have to say, your sound is out of this world......... ”

Drawing Trees - Reverbnation

“ LOVE these new tunes Andrew!! Really dig the floating touch's that blend together on the keys and bass!!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ What an outstanding musician. Andrew can take you to places you never even knew existed. I'm loving the awesome journey!!!”

Ronald Seaman aka Spider - Reverbnation

“ Your music is fabulous!! "Hipsampled 2001" - hypnotic tune, amazing guitar bass work and excellent voice!”

Jerzy Wlodarczyk - Reverbnation

“ Very subtle, intelligent & impressive music we have here - just love it......!!!”

Pyjama Devil - Reverbnation

“............... your sound is an extraordinary experience................”

Roy Oliver - Reverbnation

“ One of the most interesting jazz projects here on RN.................. Great songs!”

Firn - NR - - Reverbnation

“Yumy is Yumy!..Funk Jazz at its best here!”

Dr Flya - Reverbnation

“The 3 new features are SWEET. bobcat brings to mind some of the great stuff Weather Report did back in the day.........”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“Yumy, a very intricate tune, must have been challenging following that with the Bass guitar, just shows your skills as a musician, great tune, love the playfulness of it, kind of like MIles Davis meets Walking on the Moon.....”

DINNEBECK - Reverbnation

“Pure talent and great production here... You have great music here, just wanted to say congrats, Cheers...!!!”

Elmer Pastorius - Reverbnation

“man, what a clean sound you got on 'yumy', bro... it's like, cleaner than steely dan in their prime...”

Maloah Warriors - Reverbnation

“Yumy....... Jazz from hell :)”

Papa Crash - Facebook

“Yumy................... dude, that's a good fuckin' joint... love it........”

Derek Damico - Facebook

“ On "Bobcat" Andrew gives a tutorial on the right way to add a vibraslap. The rest is just icing on a cupcake. Full jazz ahead...”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“ Andrew, these new tunes are stunningly good. I can only think you are the child of Miles and Betty Davis! Koan Ahead and Bobcat are just way way out in the creative jazz stratosphere. You are a brilliant man, truly. Richard”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“Had to watch the sun come up as "Koan Ahead" plays. I can actually Hear the notes sparkling on the water. Beautiful Andrew........”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“Loving Koan Ahead - quality as always!”

Barrett - Reverbnation

“Koan Ahead ! very dreamy...................!!!”

Hair of the Dog - Reverbnation

“I'm listening to "Koan Ahead!!" Really great vibe!! Works for me!! :)”

FemArtNYC - Reverbnation

“The new track 'Koan Ahead' makes a great opening track to the rest of the very melodic and interesting work to come..... 'Bobcat'... now we're talking jazz, and we're all on the same page. Love this piece Andrew... we sure weren't expecting that.... 'Yumy', another yummy offering from the talented mind and fingers of Essex's master of the Bass guitar & Keyboards. Andrew never fails to amaze his listener's auditory nerves...:o)”

Klint/TPK - Reverbnation

“Your songs are always so unpredictable, Andrew. Like a dog with a black hat. Love ambiance and drum shots on 'Koan Ahead', What an unexpected and unusual bobcat! That's Gary Burton on steroids! Cool, Andrew. I really do love the two new ones....”

kappi/S of G &amp; Kloudworks - Reverbnation

“Koan Ahead ~ It's beautiful! You know I like this kind of stuff that builds up a landscape, world, universe, space around/inside the listener. Very tasty and well arranged!”

Laury/Steven Sings A Love Song - Reverbnation

“Well, I Wasn't Expecting That .... Very cool trance-like groove! Awesome mate! ”

Jimmy Dukelow - Facebook

“ ..lovely work on your latest release mate! 'koan ahead' took me away...cheers Andrew...!”

Cait Effing Collins aka beatmistresscait - Reverbnation

“Koan Ahead...mysterious,spacey soundtrack for journey ahead...........!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“oddrun eilki? that's a fuckin' brilliant name, man... and i am feeling koan ahead... love the ambient vibe, dude...”

The Magneto Flow - Reverbnation

"Koan Ahead" Def. " A conehead is a bush-cricket in the genus Conocephalus. The term is also applied to members of the related genus Ruspolia.(whatever that means) lol..Love the " Koan Ahead" Soundtrack !!! wow !!! bought about by some fun silly banter..amazing !!!

Jen, Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“Koan Ahead ~ Wow! This is awesome!!!”

Maggy Pety - Facebook

“Enjoying the beautiful soundscapes of "Koan Ahead" - Another WOW song from a KILLER musician, Andrew this is nice stuff my friend!!”

Scott, Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ Clare 2...great vocals by Oddrun...love the mood,bass and piano paintings..late night flying all the way!!!! Lee-Di....awesome bass line,into a world oriented choir....lovely arrangement and built up....great mood and groove Andrew...”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“ Talk about dreams, we woke up and could not remember if we were aJa, AjA, or a butterfly... CLARE 2 w/ oddrun rules all the brothers and their significant others.....”

The Raposi Brothers - Reverbnation

“I have no idea how to play tha music yer playin' but I love Bass, and listenin' to yer with headfones on, hits tha happy neurons in my Brain, and I really like tha attention to detail on yer mixing, panning, levels and such, and its so clean sounding.....”

Cody Pendant - Reverbnation

“.... sounding great, real Hip-sampled, such fluid ideas sprouting everywhere, just fantastic.....”

bobbywayne - Reverbnation

"The Fallen" is a gorgeous composition! Appropriately pensive in nature..... ~Anna

Anna Johnson - Reverbnation

“You're an outstanding musician, your bass playing is truly impeccable, what else can I say... "Bassjam" sounds awesome, ..you are an outstanding bassist my friend, amazing sound and structure....!!”

The Honest Mistake Band - Reverbnation

“Hi Andrew! Just listening what happens - flow with your perceptional sounds, relax and enjoy the ride! An ear-smile from China ♥¸¸.•*♪♫ cesli”

Cesli ~ Parvus Lux - Reverbnation

“Beautiful stuff Andrew.... Your songs sound like paintings....”

Michael Farrell - Reverbnation

“Clare 2 ... The sounds are captured so perfect... ”

Myles Marriott - Facebook

"Clare with Oddrun" With the subtlety and grace ~ positive vibes Andrew!

Pinksideofthemoon - Reverbnation

“This man's is one of the most gifted artist I have ever known........ Clare 2 w/ oddrun eike is simply beautiful my friend.....”

Daniel Johnny Johnson - Reverbnation

“Clare with Oddrun is really something special, i must say that her vocals add a lot to the way i hear this song, really like what the two of you put together..............”

Nix - Reverbnation

“ Andrew! Clare deserved the best & you found her! Oddrun delivered! Stellar vocal/musical fusion! ~ Lace”

Traces - Reverbnation

“ Clare with Oddrun is wonderful! Love the bossa snippet @ 0:37:) Hey, this kind of vocal processing reminds me of some Soundgarden songs but in a way this song is like a garden where to find the most wonderful details. Cascading sounds watering the mysterious ambiance. Wonderful work, Oddrun and Andrew. ~ kappi”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

“WOW!! "Clare w/ Oddrun" - This one will make you STOP and listen to all the superb effects and sound sprinkles that comprise a MAJORLY COOL TUNE!!”

Scott ~ Seven Days - Reverbnation

“Big congrats to Oddrun and you, Andrew! Clare is a very nice and interesting tune :) Peacelovemusic from Bavaria, Axel”

Axel Weiß - Facebook

“Clare... Oddrun added one extra dimention to this track, love it :-)”

Nix ExploderaMera - Facebook

“ Dear Andrew....something new for me this exiting soundscape of yours...thank you for sharing music with me :))warm regards from Oslo, oddrun”

oddrun eikli - Facebook

“Lee Di....awesome track...Your guys style would fit awesomely together. Call Me intrigued. Speaking of which, this is a killer groove and chill track. Loving it.............................. You know a song rocks when you have to come back in the next few minutes and play it again....ear candy. Playing Lee DI again....loving those horn tracks. bass groove for days and way cool choral backing tracks. This is just awesome fun........”

Joe Torcicollo - Reverbnation

“You have a very beautiful spiritual sound here in your music...Very well played...”

Holy Kiss - Reverbnation

“ How do you do that.. Capture a mind to really get into the music and the thoughts just become in sync with the melody. then comes the presence of real art and poetry flowing through the veins.. Wow, il share this with my many friends.. you are great..........”

Din - Reverbnation

“ Andrew is simply a gifted artist that has a amazingly large musical vision span........”

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr. - Reverbnation

“Your music is indescribably delicious. It is most unique and wonderful........”

Jon Rowell - Reverbnation

"The Fallen"...beautiful intriguing and spacial sound!!

Vocalatti - Reverbnation

“Listening to your The Fallen...evoking the dimension of cosmic vastness..truly an elated sonic trance experience! ”

Akasa - Reverbnatio

“ "RubyDi" or "Lee Di" - it's a SMOKIN' TUNE!! That sax sound reminds me of walking out of a bar in Chicago at 5:00am with the sun is just starting to show... DIG IT BRO!!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation

“ Really like your feel for bass AA. Jealous even!!! These tracks are outrageously good.......”

Greg Leatherman - Reverbnation

“ Your music is brilliant! Love the trance element, emotive phrasing and classy musicianship in each piece........”

Joanna Melas - Reverbnation

“In awe of your talent and will be back for more, but this morning have to share the hauntingly beautiful, and hypnotic, "Bb ~ 'The Fallen' ~ 9/11. Bravo sir.....very powerful in its stunning, almost surreal, tenderness.....”

East Met West - Reverbnation

“ This is pure poetry....a straight message to the soul....yes...... that is what your creations are.......Love Carol xo”

Carol Ichinose - Reverbnation

“ Andrew, Your music brings me back to the sweet memories of when I was last here!! It simply puts in a beautiful space in mind. Truly amazing!! :)”

FemArtNYC - Reverbnation

“ Great fusion, musicianship and originality. Superb work on Bb ~ 'The Fallen' ~ 9/11 tender, atmospheric, soulful track. Nicely done!”

Tony Fernandez - Reverbnation

“ Andrew, you are SO talented !!!!!!!!!! ”

Monica Dupont - Reverbnation

“Here's Kate 2 is so unfrigginly incredible. Claire a challenge, but such depth and passion. Amazing.... Andrew is a mad genius of sound and soul. Everything Andrew does is plunged in genius and comes out in sounds that humans need.....”

Scrumpy the Flea - Reverbnation

“nice compositions... i'm seriously impressed as well as slightly curious in your production time... something like this would take me some time I imagine you love doing it though to make it like this!! ”

Ezefeld - Reverbnation

“The more I listen to your music, the more addicted I become, You are a truly outstanding.... I've been coming back and coming back. I think your among the best of the best in the world...... (that F#$%bass is sick)”

RagChild - Reverbnation

“ Hi andrew. Im loving this new age jazz thing you got going on.... your a skilled bassist man!!”

dave@binarydna - Reverbnation

“Buzzin and Heres Kate........ Such a amazing skill you show with your Bass.....”

D.O.M.E - Reverbnation

“ Tune in for your bassjam..oh man that is so cool, damn sample hueheheheh that is sounds so great !!”

Aliceleonz - Reverbnation

"Baked Bean Hat" is a total beauty.... Love the whole concept of it, vocals are superb and like the rest of your amazing work; it is a delight for the ear and soul....Your music creates a perfect mood!!!

Ruthus - Reverbnation

“ No doubt that Clare is the coolest freakin song I'll hear this year! Yeah, had to listen to that three times my man!”

john cheney - Reverbnation

“Andrew, you're everywhere. There isn't any corner of RN or some little Bistro where you're not! I guess I can take that to mean you're omnipresent!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“ Great music Andrew .... Great atmospere and such unpredictable compositions ... Congratulations!!!”

Floating Worlds - Reverbnation

“Top hat raised Andrew..........Top five tracks in........Totally cool.......hypnotic also............Wonderful music!”

Pete Rivers - Reverbnation

“ Loving clare! song exploded and just bits hanging about ♥”

TE Fireoved - Reverbnation

“ Yes indeed, sublime CLARE, perfect after knocking up the dbs for HIP and then of course Bb; ty Andrew for a page graced with passionate brilliance......”

Bobo Raposi - Reverbnation

“Andrew... 'Here's kate 2' is superb!... Beautiful arrangement and trumpet work...love the bass and drums too! ”

Mirrored Shower - Reverbnation

“Clare paints this summer day hour with soft and improvisational sounds I really love to hear.....Clare must be a wonderful person I think...the song is rolling into pale colors with a wonderful way....I love the pauses,is actually music too.... ”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“Most impressive sounds, original material, awesome music, beautiful work. Excellent, really outstanding! You are a very talented composer, congratulations! Loving the music & soundscapes....”

Robert Steven Hunt - Reverbnation

“ As much as I try I still can't get my arms around it. Andrew is just too elusive. His exemplary jazz bass creates a rock-solid foundation for a game of who-knows-what? with those other instrumental parts. An improvisational master. Andrew, you are an inspired musician!”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“ Lovin' Hipsampled 2001. Great groove. Great Bass. Great arrangements and production. EXCELLENT!!!!!!”

Blue Purple Bees (ex Monotubes) - Reverbnation

“Here's Kate 2 has such a beautiful, sophisticated harmonic structure to it. It sounds like the city on a dark night! Cool, jazzy, and mysterious!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“Well, Andrew,I do know that the track, Clare, is magnificent!!--Joey”

Joey Pliskin - Reverbnation

“ Love the futurist soul of Hipsampled 2001! The Keyboard, bass, and vocal inter-play are very progressive and funky! Clare has a very cool mood indigo type of vibe. Beautiful resonating spaces accented by amazing bass technic! As always, great work Andrew! ”

The Space Age Soul Initative - Reverbnation

“ I absolutely love "Here's Kate 2". I love the dissonance, and that bass line is just plain AWESOME! Fantastic composition my friend! ”

Zeus Rooster - Reverbnation

“Clare .... This is cool ....”

Teo Kim Merlino - Facebook

“I am totally diggin your funky, Jazzy and unique sound. Great music. Awesome bass. . . really diggin "Hipsampled." ..... ”

Mari Dreamwalker - Reverbnation

“Great solid bass lines! Got some nice tones in your bass runs, as well. True jazz and other blends. Very Nice touch with the female vocals....”

Bruce Wayne Robinson - Reverbnation

“Clare ..... Really beautiful, Andrew ....”

AxW - Sound cloud

“ Hipsampled 2001 is a wow! I feel like I just tapped into a new part of my brain. It's scary in there, but at least now I'll have that funky bass to keep me company. That is one serious piece of extraplanetary jazz.....”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“Hipsampled 2001...is funking in a very creative and swirling way..awesome bass lines,samples and voice a la Brand New Heavies!!!!Great pleasure to groove with it!!!! ”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“I`m listening just now (to Hipsampled 2001) and its very very very cool!!! Oh...its great dear Andrew!! ”

Oddrun Eikli - Facebook

“Lovin' "Hipsampled 2001" Andrew....just something about you that pertrudes COOL....you know what ..:--)) (translation: you are awesome man)!! ”

Ashbury - Reverbnation

"Hipsampled 2001"...Cool! ..never know what Andrew has up his sleeve!

Rob, Promize - Reverbnation

“Loving the musical intrigue here - I'm hearing everything from Bill Laswell to Frank Zappa to Return to Forever to Brand X, etc. Eclectic & electric - sweet!”

EKM - Reverbnation

“Great instrumental tunes Andrew.....or should I say great sound canvases!! Well-produced also.....”

Paul Bibbins - Reverbnation

“Andrew, you can fretless with the best of em. Your playlist is like a free association exercise in creativity. The perfect soundtrack to a mind rejuve....”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“Totally been diggin your tunes man... I gotta say man...It's all superb! I love the way your approach electronic style music...It alot different than anything Ive heard before... Your arrangments are awesome! Killer mix too...production is on point!! ”

Present Day Bliss - Reverbnation

“ "Here's Kate", "Buzzin", free jazz style Weather Report, i love. Congratulations. You are a free jazz bassist. Longue vie artistique et amitiés ”

Léo Castelluci - Reverbnation

“Great tunes man. That bass is brilliant. Amazing off tempo runs. The keys are of great splendor too. Nice stereo-ambients. Cheers.”

Ashton Haze - Facebook

“Gil 5 is floating like a mid day magic under the sun... awesome mood and great taste of right sounds at the right place and time..I love the journey!!”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“Andrew...some real funky stuff you've got going on!! ”

Amy Ratliff - Facebook

“The Magneto Flobe -- Dude, you are a motherfucker!!!!!! awesome sound, bro... if you're ever in florida, hit me up... ya boi derinho Amanda Pollard -- LOL at Magneto Flobe's comment!!! I just love my visits to your page Andrew ♥ ♥ ♥ ”

The Magneto Flobe &amp; Amanda Pollard!! - Reverbnation

“Andrew, you create and own one of my favorite bass line in RN. Buzzin' still fantastic......”

Yellowalbum - Reverbnation

“ Hey Andrew, I'm diggin the tunes......... Its like painting a magnificent landscape with all the beautiful colors of sound....”

Drummer Brandon Laliberte&#39;  - Reverbnation

“ Luv the vibe on "Here's Kate 2"...nice groove with awsome bass guitar work! ”

Russell A. Worrell - Reverbnation

“'The Fallen' is talking to me, amazing piece of music...... has me hypnotized, truly unique...!!”

Fiona MacMahon - Reverbnation

“Here's kate 2 is an awesome track.... love the melody....”

Caolin Clay - Reverbnation

“Andrew, I think Buzzin is incredible. Love it.....”

Rory Lewis Band - Reverbnation

“ I like the Way you Think!!!..LOL....... Cheers!! ”

Paul Anthony Martini - Reverbnation

“Listening to Here's Kate 2.thats cool man.I like jazz a lot.... love all those cool sounds in your music..... I think movie people would put that song in a movie quick man... I definitely felt the pulse in the music and there was a ton of stuff there but it had space in it.its good stuff.... I actually thought about that.... I totally dig the stuff.made me think..... ”

Mississippi Blues Connection - Reverbnation

“ Really love "Here's Kate"! Enchanting and seductive! Great songs,and "Aja" is superb as well! Thanks!”

Stephen Allen Frey - Reverbnation

“ listening to "buzzin' " right now....that's you on bass? sweet tone, man, sounds awesome. you got chops.... ”

just da musik - Reverbnation

“ Excellent jazz! Buzzin' is outstanding and unique!”

Brummett and Lynn - Reverbnation

“... still listening, "The Fallen" is rolling on by right now. You are an artist of profound depths ...”

Blue Phoenix - Reverbnation

“ Amazing musicality, oozing with style, smooth yet complex grooves..... ”

Biocosmos - Reverbnation

“..... very brilliant sound and absolutely original style!”

Costas Christou - Reverbnation

“That new profile pic captures exactly what happens to me when I listen to your music. This is for ears that don't have to know where they're going. MMSH is another wild excursion across unexpected terrain...... Andrew's formula = no formula. His music doesn't even start at Home plate. Pure magic......”

Howard Lawrence - Revebnation

“Master of forward thinking jazz ♥ ♥ ♥ Whimsical, mysterious, hypnotic, inventive ...... I could go on and on about Andrew Austin but I think I'll just hear the music instead ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

“ MMSH - Fully transcending. The ambients are genius. Wonderful display of warmth and splendor.....”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

“ F da Bass is really cool dude!!! YOU groove!!”

STAND VOLUME - Reverbnation

“Andrew, you're a prime example of a musician fully confident in his vision. Your incredible playing and surreal arrangements cannot be retrofitted onto any static genre. Everything moves here at different paces. One must accept the no-boundaries approach to get it...... You're on a different plane than the rest of us. Bravo! ”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“ Andrew, I've never before listened to F#%kbass....is that supposed to be a bad word? Either way....BRILLIANT!!!”

Christine McHoes - Reverbnation

“ Man when i want to hear 1 of the best string sounds i found You! AwEsOme dude! THAT IMPROVE CREATION IS AWESOME BLACKSHITH. . YOU PLAY SO AWESoME BASS ..”


“ D&B 130 is so much a chase scene in my mind. Energy on the edge. Gil 5 has such depth and soul...”

Scrumpy the Flea - Reverbnation

“ Your music is always an inspiration for my own bass playing - Thank you very much for this extraordinary experience......”

Galsuintha - Reverbnation

“....very nice productions ! I love your sounds, rythms and keyboards. Jazzy influence with a great potential... ”

Talion Law - Reverbnation

“Wonderful musicianship. truly creative and original...... ”

12 string Scott - Reverbnation

“ Wild and strange music... Absolutely brilliant!”

BlackSmyth1 - Reverbnation

“.................... YOU R A MASTER MAN!!! ..................... ”

ion ~ IonoLa - Reverbnation

“I really can' t measure it in words Andrew ~ believe me I can't do it. So I will leave it to Alan Sillitoe's classic, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner to describe Bb. (It's funny tho how he keeps sPriNgiNg To miNd.) I read him 35 yEaRS AGO, kinda makes me think about your status :) Bb -I can't stop listening to it.......it is that piece of tree bark. That a man does eat, to taste the freedom of his soul.......”

Mandy Sylvester - .................

“Andrew we're adicted to your marvelous bass!!!”

Keep Driving - Reverbnation

“ Great playing.... man so tight..... And the sound too... Much respect!! ”

NARKOFUNK - Reverbnation

“Wow!..................your stuffs incredible!”

VueJaDay - Revernation

“ Love your musical concept ... Don't need to say ...your an excellent bassman with a vision ! !”

Gottwald - Reverbnation

"We recommend .................. Intelligent stuff."

Xenophanes Productions - Reverbnation

“You have such a subtle and irresistible compositional style....Your music sneaks into a persons consciousness and won't let go! But who wants to be let go of in such a mysterious and delightful world?”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“ Andrew, you are a master musician and composer..."Here's Kate 2"...truly superb work! ”

Ashbury - Reverbnation

“ Very cool ideas! Love the space you allow for in your music. Beautiful......Love your style Andrew. Sound choices, musical ideas etc..... excellent!”

Paul Kriege - Reverbnation

“Marvellous multi-textured grooves, these Jazz/electronica composition ooze with quality..... I love your inventive musicality ..... especially the achingly beautiful The Fallen 9/11.....”

Biocosmos - Reverbnation

“.... Andrew. you sure make that Jazz Bass get up and say something man. one of the best artists here on RN in my opinion....”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“ ‘Here’s Kate 2’....superb instrumental, so engaging the senses, musical bliss...........”

soulnarrative - Reverbnation

“Most people describe really great artists as to be "talented". "Attained full musical maturity" suits much better in your case. Thx for this wonderful and richly coloured pieces!”

Laury, World-Sound-Colours - Reverbnation

“ Tthanks for sharing your vision. Love the atmospheres you have created. Simply beautiful!!! ”

Panagiotis Kalimeris  - Reverbnation

“ 'Bb -The Fallen-9/11' is one of those great musical landscapes which have an appeal way beyond the world of transient pop. This is more than ambient music, it is an intriguing, emotional musical journey and a monumental piece, really love it!”

Robyn-Jane - Reverbnation

“....Listening to 'The Fallen'.....U caught the ambience and the afterword feelings dead on....Sittin' here in rural Fergus -pitch black dark and feeling every note through my bones......Simply a Masterpiece!”

Joe Jaunty - Reverbnation

“ Bb THE FALLEN 9/11 is a beautiful piece!”

DollyG - Reverbnation

“ Great tracks Andrew and so refreshingly different...... ”

Eamon Ireland and Paul Dunn Music - Reverbnation

“ Andrew you are king of kings , your music is timeless ! Every song has a story ! Only an artist like you could creat such amazing music !”

Six String Woody - Reverbnation

“ Here's Kate, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart , soul and big brass balls.......”

David Namerow (Freelance Congas/Hand Percussion) - Reverbnation

“You have a smooth sound on Buzzin' it sounds like Stanley Clarke or Jaco Pastorius very enjoyable listen,nice work mate!”

Jimi Jr - Reverbnation

“Your music is really something else & these tracks are a showcase for so much talent. I love that cool chilled vibe on so many of these tracks and that high riding clean electric sound juxtaposed against those tasty hot bass grooves, nice work indeed!”

Robyn-Jane - Reverbnation

“ You honestly have the most unique music I've ever heard! LOVE IT!”

WoJo - Reverbnation

“..... Gil 5 is a haunting tune, loved the old England folk of The Blacksmith Fisherking but Here's Kate is the one,that dub style bass had me hooked.thoroughly .....”

A Tuesday Paradox - Reverbnation

“Here's Kate 2.... the reverb on the first horn hits is so mysterious and mood setting..... Did I mention, on the Fallen...the tone of that trumpet is out of this world....”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - Reverbnation

“ There's such a wonderfully mysterious quality in your music, I love it ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

“You hit home -”

Sankthansaften - Reverbnation

“I like artists that mix it up and innovate. You have a nice mix............”

Original Mechanical Mouse - Reverbnation

“ Awesome....Unique and Brilliant Tunes...!!!! Love the Transitional Jazz....Stellar....!!!”

Johnnyx &amp; the Voodoo Wild - Reverbnation

“(Yumy) ...nice nice...as always.. and as expected... ...fiendishly simple..yet engaging!”

Cait Collins - Fandalism

“(Yumy) - Love this dotted song. Even the look of the waveform seems different and one can almost 'see' the way the song is composed and played. No compressed to the max feeling. Less is more.....”

kappi - Soundcloud

“Detour to 5/4, Joseph, MMSH, No More, Seaton Road and Cinderz, r all awesome sounds!!”

Mask Poet - Reverbnation

“Here's Kate 2 - is simply a gorgeous track....”

The Nameless Girl - Reverbnation

“ Buzzin is a cool track,, great layering of sounds, textures,, bass tone is awesome,, very pro,,”

K Dallas Ward - Reverbnation

“ "Gil 5" sneaks around and inspiring me - love your bassline on "Duretti C" - "MMSH" is a dreamer...”

Mental embargo - Reverbnation

“Your music has such a mysterious, mystical sound to it. I love it!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“ Drifting along the mystifying vibe of Improv 3Q...Peace!”

Mista Preacha - Reverbnation May 4 2012

“Hi Andrew, Hope that music continues to feed your soul............... ”

Bluey, Incognito - Myspace May 1 2012

“...Love yr sound, really chilled... :)”

Pia Dean - Reverbnation May 1 2012

“...Bb is ABSOLUTELY beautiful...”

Susan Cabral - Reverbnation May 2 2012

“ Entering "the place". Here "all" is joined together with a spectacular view in music. Roaming all the time through minds and hearts leaving traces in many places....”

Ruthus - Reverbnation May 1 2012

“...Lovin'...Here's Kate 2...LOVE This Song...Sooo Unique...>”

Ron Sillito - Reverbnation May 1 2012

“ This is some of the most awesome jazz fusion I've heard in a long time!! All the accents and timing changes are totally awesome!! Great Work!!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation May 1 2012

“ Improv 3Q feat M.Isnard - Gets me a King Crimson / Robert Fripp / Larry Coryell sense... and thats good :~)”

Mental embargo - Reverbnation April 30 2012

“ A very fine "fretless sound" & brillant compositions - like it a lot......”

Pyjama Devil - Reverbnation April 30 2012

“ Beautifully emotive guitar and thoroughly enchanting blend of styles ya got there...........”

Lunar Dusk - Reverbnation April 30 2012

“ Here's Kate 2 is a masterpiece of sonic construction. Really wonderful music Andrew. Great......”

Sills &amp; Smith - Reverbnation April 29 2012

“ Improv 3Q...Love the mood-amazing gtr improvisation.... High class here .....”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation April 29 2012

“...... Listen.......... to that ambient masterpiece´The Fallen'.......”

Joe Jaunty - Reverbnation April 28 2012

“......Your collection is a lesson for me to learn......”

ionoLa - Reverbnation April 24 2012

“Your music rocks, such intelligent well composed rhythmic and melodic!! You have all my respect! Best wishes hope you are well! Peace, DAwn”

DAwn ~ Shocking Dawn - Reverbnation April 18 2012

“ Andrew, I am listening to "Buzzin'" superb mix, with some intensely unique sound effects, great jazzy feel, it felt like an outdoor jazz festival in a pasture full of flowers, bees and butterflies......”

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio - Reverbnation April 17 2012

“ Yea! Now this is some originality using elctronic sounds! Nice mix of moods and well thought out arrangements. Everything is done with taste and keeps the listener engaged throughout. This music is difficult to catagorize, as it's several styles mixed together, which is one reason it keeps my attention....”

Richard Flinders - Reverbnation April 16 2012

“ The fallen 911...is very hypnotic...and it is like stuff comes out of nowhere and just talks to you...”

Holy Kiss - Reverbnation April 16 2012

“ Listening to you music tells me: a great work, great knowing, aaaaaand I hear a good feeling.......”

Dietmar Langhammer - Reverbnation April 16 2012

“ Awesome musicianship Andrew...... Your music is riveting.....”

Dry Martinez - Reverbnation April 16 2012

“I would place your music in the same class as MIles Davis, one of the greatest jazz composers ever, your music sounds alot like his.... I love your version of Blacksmith, you put a jazz flare on it that I have never heard before and the vocals I would rate up there with my favorite irish singers....”

Dinnebeck - Reverbnation April 16 2012

“Slow, gray and sometimes full of sleep. Occasionally I awaken, admittedly, not so often as I would like, but certain stars shine so brightly, I always wake smiling....”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation April 14 2012

“ Beautiful progressively free music! Love your style and bass playing! Your music floats out of the speakers and fill the air with a positive celestial vibe!”

The Space Age Soul Initiative - Reverbnation April 9 2012

“Bb - The Fallen - ... is just fantastic... lonely trumpet and the slow build up taking you to the journey.. ... love the late night mood a la ..kind of blue.....”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation April 8 2012

“ (Here's Kate 2) ~ Most of all.. it's YOUR BASS!!! :)”

Rudy jr. &amp; The LovePirates - Soundcloud

“...... Great music..... You just got that knack of making it chilled and exciting all at the same time......”

Raw Urge - Reverbnation April 8 2012

“I love the work you have here! The Fallen is quite moving. You are moving jazz into the future. For a moment I thought you had Zappa playing on the improv piece. Superb!”

Jeffreaux the Obscure - Reverbnation April 4 2012

“Buzzin is an incredible mind-catching soundscape, it could be a strange underwater setting or the sky of some other planet. Those strange sounds you create sound like mysterious creatures passing by in the ear's view. What an amazing work this is!!.”

Robokitty - Reverbnation April 4 2012

“ Andrew! Your music is unlike any other--so original--sometimes touching--then groovy--then something out of this world. Your imagination and creativity are endless. And all very well played and produced. :-)”

Hitherside - Reverbnation March 28 2012

“ Sounds as softly as in a morning sunrise here.........”

kappi ~ kloudworks - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“ Mr. Austin...when I was a kid growing up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, my entire family tuned in each week to a television show adventure named "Masterpiece Theatre". It was always exciting, completely artistic, creative, random, and refined. The elegance in your music puts me in mind of this fine programming. I'm always entertained on the highest level by you. Richard”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“ Great compositions.............great tone............I wish I had that kind of mind to be so expressive.........”

Jammie Lile - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“........................ such relaxing and beautiful music!”

Jinji - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“Buzzin' I hope that's the way to purify our genetics..... Crystalline consciousness and joy!”

Solyot - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“Yo I be on RN alot listening to music an I wanna say urs is some of the hottest ive heard on hear thanx fa makin great music just letin u no..... ”

jeronimo - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“..... Great jazz bass player.... Sure you love Pastorius...:)”

FaffiGP - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“ Superb, sometimes funky, sometimes mellow, atmospheric jazz. Brilliant music......”

Last Day On Earth - Reverbnation March 26 2012

“I just checked out some of your songs , I need to tell you that they are more than awesome , that was brilliant work...........”

Basse.M.Sh Music - Reverbnation March 2312

“ Andrew Austin, the jazziest of the jazz... the inspirational of the inspired. A lot of wonderful journeys in music here!”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation March 23 2012

“ Everyone support this man!”

Eric Pina - Reverbnation March 22 2012

“. .。 Great music, great arrangements, superb producer.。 ♫。 ♪。 ♫。 . .”

dR1 - Reverbnation March 22 2012

“ ...Listening to your tunes always fly me to another place...and it's kind of addictive stuff... "The Fallen" ...you really put very deep emotion on it..it's beautiful...”

Alice &amp; Björn - Reverbnation March 22 2012

“You sound like You! Any door who opens a genre leads to the creator room,the essence... ”

Nicolau Jan-Marius - Facebook March 21 2012

“Hey Andrew, I'm soooo lovin' your songs and sound! Your music is inventive and awesome!”

Juliann Andreen - Reverbnation March 21 2012

“Andrew Austin..meets Jaco on Buzzin' and creates his own amazing track..... Here's Kate 2...absolutely haunting and wonderful..great musicianship.....”

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation March 20 2012

“Nobody does it like you Andrew ...... your sound is unlike any other! you're in a class alone ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation March 20 2012

“ Outstanding music..... Its a great thing that u are doing with your 911 tribute to the fallen.....”

SR1-Project - Reverbnation March 19 2012

“....... It's quite something hearing someone of your calibur play that bloody bass .......”

Monet - Better Off Dead - Reverbnation March 19 2012

“.......... Great jazz and outstanding bass - wow!”

Scott Wolfe - Reverbnation March 17 2012

“Wow....... Really don't know what else to say except we'll definitely keep listening.............. Amazing.........”

Grrlz will be BoiZ - Reverbnation March 17 2012

“.......Improv. 3Q - fabulous freeform.......”

Alan/Stirling - Reverbnation March 15 2012

“Dig the tunes man.. really funky and slinky... i always love fender jazz basses. the best... for sure...!!!”

Version Control - Reverbnation March 14 2012

“Dude - You have a sound my friend! AWESOME! ”

Seven Days - Reverbnation March 13 2012

“Really diggin your groove!!....Sweet!...”

Tribal Frequencies - Reverbnation March 13 2012

“ Andrew - your bass prowess is phenomenal! Buzzin' - just pops really.. Cheers !”

Jim Marcotte - Reverbnation March 13 2012

“ Love in musical form dwells here!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation March 12 2012

“Wow great sound on Buzzin..... Refreshingly unique!”

Robbie Rush. - Reverbnation March 12 2012

“Always so beautiful and magnificent universe is here, Light up my heart!”

Ryo Utasato - Reverbnation March 12 2012

“Wow...........as a fellow bassist..........I bow to your talents. Awesome!”

Jammie Lile - Reverbnation March 12 2012

“Diggin' on "Buzzin'" - Has a nice Stanley Clark / Return to Forever feel. Nice! "Here's Kate 2" - DAMN!! That's some great sounds!”

Seven Days - Reverbnation March 11 2011

“Andrew, your work is so very cool. Love the textures and artistic creations you are doing with the bass and other instruments. The variety of music is awesome. Love what your doing. Way cool....”

Blue Mountain Mule - Reverbnation March 11 2012

“ Playing Here's Kate 2. This is such a cool work. Its got such amazing stuff going on in it. The keys, horns, it all just works so well...and dymanics that keep teasing and bringing you to a higher place.......”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - Reverbnation March 10 2012

“Great music Mr. Andrew Austin! I will recommend you to all my fans:) I really dig your cool jazz sounds.....”

Paul Amirault - Reverbnation March 7 2012

“As musicians go this guy is just super human... You are truly a breed apart!”

Spider - Reverbnation March 3 2012

“ Fantastic music! Great productions and musicianship! Shine On!......:))))”

Caroline Moore Music - Reverbnation Feb 25 2012

“ I love the waterfall of beautiful sound colors and moods on Buzzin'..................”

John Revitte - Reverbnation Feb 23 2012

“. . Trying out Gil 5 . . . calming, yet suspenseful & full of surprises. . . nice!”

Traces - Reverbnation Feb 12 2012

"Improv 3Q" is a great track, who is this mysterius guitarist Mich Isnard.................?

Nix - Reverbnation Feb 12 2012

“ Listening to these songs is like listening to some fine poetry. So magical!!!! Brilliantly written..... Always with so much to express... A special experience!!!!”

Ruthus - Reverbnation Feb 10 2012

“You are among the best of the best and I have great love and respect for your musical works........ Your music sets great standards for other artists my brother...”

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr. - Reverbnation Jan 11 2012

“That bass line in "Here's Kate 2" is sick.............”

Altayon - Reverbnation ~ Jan 10 2012

“ Love "Improv 3Q". Great atmospheric background and outstanding guitar solo. Very well done, congratz you both!”

Andre Henriquez - Reverbnation ~ Jan10 2012

“....... THE FALLEN ~ remember me IN A SILENT WAY......”

Papa Crash - Reverbnation ~ Jan 9 2012

“ Such beauty in this music. One could get lost for a very long time........”

Janani - Reverbnation ~ Jan 8 2012

“.......so true, just like a shining star way up above is your soul reaching out.......”

Ruthus - Reverbnation ~ Jan 7 2011

“ Very inventive and compelling music!”

Andros the Nazarene - Reverbnation Jan 4 2012

“ Very enchanting atmosphere. You are absolutely different and SO Brilliant!!”

Panagiotis Kalimeris - Reverbnation ~ Jan 2 2012

“ Love the state of mind! REALLY COOL...........!!!!”

MYZAGA - Reverbnation ~ Dec 31 2011

“You are a true master of chord voicing. Great atmospheres you create. Your music is very engaging and somehow makes me feel relaxed and peaceful.....”

Tym Deal - Reverbnation ~ Dec 31 2011

“Excellent command of all instruments Andrew, well thought out, well played compositions. Killer bass playin !!!!”

Damn Pigeon - Reverbnation Dec 31 2011

“ Stunningly Fresh and Unique....!!!!”

Johnnyx &amp; the Voodoo Wild - Reverbnation Dec 30 2011

“The Fallen - 9/11 is poetic and achingly beautiful..... Wonderful, inventive soundscapes - and the Bass playing is supremo!”

Rhesus Monkey - Reverbnation ~ Dec 30 2011

“I go away ,then I come back and am completely blown away all over again. You are truly a GREAT player.....”

3 a.m. - Reverbnation ~ Dec 21 2011

“ Andrew, you're incredible! You have that warm, fretless, Jaco-like bass sound in the first track that I enjoyed very much. Long live jazz............”

Chase Everett - Reverbnation ~ Dec 20 2011

“Your music leads me to a higher level ............................... explosive!!!”

Inner Enforce: - Reverbnation ~ Dec 19/21 2011

“Hey Andrew, loving your music, I really like Improv 3Q feat M.Isnard. Very moving dude.....”

Mark Gosney - Reverbnation ~ Dec 16 2011

“Great grooves, great musicianship here. Congrats!”

Russ Sargeant - Reverbnation ~ Dec 14 2011

“your tunes are anti-depressants......... <3”

Melody Joy - Reverbnation Dec 13 2011

“Even if it's strange to me I heard your music and was hooked up. It's enchanting and innovative sound & songwriting......”

BIG NEGRO BIG GUN - Reverbnation ~ Dec 10 2011

“'Gil 5', Bb~'The Fallen' ~ 9/11, chilling and moving, love the trumpet, all your music is movie material, just splendid and awesome...........”

Sandy ~ drummerGirl music - Reverbnation ~ Dec 4 2011

“I'm diggin Improve 3Q right now. I love the dissonant chords and crazy leads!! Very inspiring!!!”

Joe Compagna - Reverbnation ~ Dec 3 2011

“Andrew.... a musician/songwriter who really knows his trade, can take you on a roller coaster ride of moods from absolute elation! to the depths of despair! and back,a true genius!!”

The Billy Button Alternative - Reverbnation ~ Nov 30 2011

“I'm loving "BUZZIN"!!! I love your style. Its mellow, unique, quirky and fun...........!”

IsIs TheGoddess - Facebook ~ Nov 28 2011

“You're A U.K. Blessing ! This Is Beyond Tight ♥ The Fallen is Brilliant.... Its beautiful brother ! Its still playin as we speak...... Snow ! ....... Wicked ! That's my type of music right there ! AmaZin. And thanks for the knowledge on the composition. Yu got skillZ !”

Alex Darktanian Scott - Facebook ~ Nov 28 2011

“ Great tracks and wonderful bass on Buzzin'. Reminds me of Mick Karn......”

Yellowalbum - Reverbnation ~ Nov 27 2011

“ What a wonderful use of instruments and sounds, and tha bass is to die for, i'm excited by your stuff............”

Mama Chill - Reverbnation ~ Nov 21 2011

“ ........Here's Kate 2 - Fabulous. Sophistcated and the musicianship is beyond most us........”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation ~ Nov 21 2011

“...... Your music is very refreshing ......”

Will Vetter Goodin ~ Nov 18 2011 - Reverbnation

“ "Gil 5" now on a tantalizing tare through my imagination. YES! This is gifted musicianship at the highest level........”

Ruttenberg Fusion - Reverbnation ~ Nov 12 2011

“'Improv 3q' has musical impact of a highly composed jazz track!! In other words it is awesome!!”

The KHM - Reverbnation ~ Nov 12 2011

“..........I've checked your songs and you are a talented player man!”

Tansu Turner - Reverbnation ~ Nov 12 2011

“ ........ Superb , Interesting and Engaging .........”

Prince Sampson - Reverbnation ~ Nov 6 2011

“Brilliant, virtuosic musicianship........ "Here's Kate 2" is ripping my soul apart....... I hear shadings of BITCHES BREW?”

Dombrovski - Reverbnation ~ Nov 3 2011

“Excellent dialogues the way your instruments communicate............”

Gottwald - Reverbnation ~ Nov 3 2011

“ Amazing Bass playing. You are area master of your craft indeed..........”

Ashton Haze - Facebook Artist ~ Nov 2 2011

“ Hey there...your BUZZIN song is awesome. Wonderful display of ambients. Super creative. That is art indeed. Wow, that bass is priceless......”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation ~Nov 2 2011

“Listening in.. all your tracks Amazing repertoire..Each one a rare Gem..Unique in itself Exquisite and elegant portrayal of emotions..Touches the Soul..............”

Anuradha Padmanabhan - Facebook ~ Nov 1 2011

“Your music is REALLY cool and original and sounds fantastic!”

Stranger - Reverbnation ~ Oct 31 2011

“ You're like Jaco Pastorius reborn ! Way !”

Stone Cole&#39;d - Reverbnation ~ Oct 28 2011

“It's amazing hearing such unique and unconventional songwriting........... You are a real inspiration!”

The Mad Pride - Reverbnation ~ Oct 28 2011


MICHAEL HENDERSON (Miles Davis bassist) - Myspace ~ Oct 28 2011

“Enjoying your soundz today ....... real (non-bogus) music that harmonically rearranges my synapses according to higher geometries..........”

zed mizar - Reverbnation ~ Oct 27 2011

“.........I take >>> D&B 130. . . What a conglomeration of sound so complimentary it sooths! Amazing trumpet!”

Traces - Reverbnation ~ Oct 26 2011

“Buzzin has a hypnotic sound, I can't stop listening!”

Lewis and Klark Jazz Guitar Duo - Reverbnation ~ Oct 26 2011

“Im lovin the tunes Andrew, the sounds put me in a trance of melodic euphoria.........”

Mr Temptation - Reverbnation ~ Oct 25 2011

“Dropping in to catch some of your outside the musical box thinking! I love that you approach your music in ways I would have never thought of...really helps to expand my songwriting horizons..........”

Beyond the Cage - Reverbnation ~ Oct 25 2011

“WOW!!! " Improv 3Q feat M.Isnard " really is worth 5 consecutive listens! cool and well-organized, very involving..........”

LightHouse Guardian - Reverbnation ~ Oct 22 2011

“Had a listen to your work and you're nothing but talent oozing out my speakers......”

Elsewhere and the Bumble fly - Reverbnation ~ Oct 22 2011

“I'm Buzzin tonight...such a high, your awesome bass riff just blow me away......Bass in hand this man's a genius...amazing musicianship here..all this mans songs are great...”

Vlay - Reverbnation ~ Oct 22/28 2011

“'The Fallen'~ 9/11" is an incredible and very powerful masterpiece. And like the rest of your music, so very special. A magical escape, like some therapy......”

Ruthus - Reverbnation ~ Oct 22 2011

“Playing Bb...cause its just such a cool work of art. It really transports me somewhere else. Which is what all great art does.............”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - Reverbnation Oct 21 2011

“Incredible expression and emotion in every note. Really excellent music! Love the blending and weaving..... Really fantastic...........”

OdenYoung - Reverbnation ~ Oct 21 2011

“I loved The Fallen 9/11, a novel concept to me, sounds very contrasted climate.... And the "Buzzin" and "Here's Kate 2". Nice bass and original and risky arrangement.......”

Henry Menrath - Reverbnation ~ Oct 20 2011

“The Fallen is such a gorgeous piece with the muted horns, keyboards, strings and vibes blending so wonderfully..... This is beautiful music.....”

Sills &amp; Smith - Reverbnation ~ Oct 19 2011

“...."The Fallen" ~ I`m deeply touched listening now...thank you for this piece of music that goes right to my heart......”

oddrun eikli &amp; arne hiorth - Reverbnation ~ Oct 19 2011

“Your "Bb ~'The Fallen' ~ 9/11" never fails to affect and remind me of the breadth/diversity of approach and touch in your work. This of course means that a different track tends to stand out as favourite at each visit. Today, it's the sunny, struttng cool of "Bitch 2" and texturescape of "Fuckbass" that hit the spot.....”

Exile Pots - Reverbnation ~ Oct 19 2011

"The Fallen" is such a masterpiece and your music takes to me to different place.........

Ellen Hinton (Ellen Once Again) ~ Oct 17 2011 - Reverbnation

“ Amazing music Andrew ... extremely atmospheric and expressive. I really love the textures and phrasings.....”

mark ceeney solo musician ~ Oct 17 2011 - Reverbnation

“ The Fallen seems to take you on a ride of serenity...relaxing and calming...a beautiful heartfelt song.......”

RED SERIPH - Reverbnation ~ Oct 17 2011

“Hey Austin that is wild....lots of hard work and very articulate phrasing .....amazing....”

Gordon Welch - Facebook ~ Oct 16 2011

“I listened to your Bb composition..... Holy shit...that was stunning.....And if you dont know, Andrew is an awesome talent, but even more importantly a rather deep and soulful musician. And if he's playing that horm on this track, he's got more talent, phrasing and soul in his one hand than most musicians have in their entirety. Playing Aja....some killer musicianship going on here. Master timekeepers here...........”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - Reverbnation ~ Oct 15 2011

“ Andrew, your music invokes so many different emotions in me I can't even begin to explain it. Every beautiful intricate note brings tears & cheers and I thank you. You speak to my soul..........”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation ~ Oct 14 2011

“Hypnotic, intellectual and existential...........”

Serge Grimalsky - Reverbnation ~ Oct 6 2011

“Love your music...just this constant thread of cool musical ideas running through a hip and cohesive, well recorded tracks.......”

Jeff Pailer - Reverbnation ~ Oct 2 2011

“Yes, it' very nice....it's calm and sad. the trumpet, the piano, all is for me very good and the song brings you in another world ~ aaaaaaaaaaaaa ~ ok ~ very nice ambiance in this song.... you can use this on a film ~ I think it's a good film music......”

Yacine Fou - Facebook ~ Oct 1 2011

“maxmus: upper level sounds here...”

maxmus - RN ~ Sep 29, 2011

“Love the cool vibes of your music! It makes me want to gaze into space for awhile and get lost in thought.........”

Adam Schoch - Reverbnation ~ Sep 28, 2011

“Sounds like a nice group of artists..... You must be so blessed. I listened to your instrumentals and the effect was tremendous. Very smooth and vibrant and clear to the soul....................”

Sonja Quintana - Reverbnation ~ Sep 28, 2011

“You've the creativity and the feeling to take us to other places with your sound and that is what I consider a great musician.........”

Cisco-Pathfinder - Reverbnation ~ Sep 28, 2011

"Improv 3Q" has that sunny day September feel - that quality of light and touch. Very nice too. And speaking of light............

Exile Pots - RN ~ Sep 27, 2011

“I almost cried while listening to 'The Fallen' ~ it's absolutely beautiful......”

Kendra - RN ~ Sep 22, 2011

“The Blacksmith produces a sound of great honouring and strong love- and i haven't heard a single wrong note, but a beautiful song with a powerful story. The magic you create surpasses note value, hence..timeless classic. bloodyfkng well done my friend☺”

Te Fireoved - RN ~ Sep 22, 2011

“One of the boldest and most brilliant displays of originality I've come across in a very long time! Andrew you are exceptionally creative and your repertoire of compositions is nothing short of stellar!!!”

Rick Frost - RN ~ Sep 19, 2011

“Dear Andrew,, you did it... "the Fallen 9/11" is an absolute remarkable and respectful tribute to those who ..well, did fall.. May they all rest in peace .... Deep, deep respect to you and your incredible talent............”

Philo ~ Coccinella - RN ~ Sep 19, 2011

“Andrew. I can actually see the images listening to your song "Bb ~ 'The Fallen' ~ 9/11" Awesome talent my friend.................... :)”

Jaki Song - RN ~ Sep 19, 2011

“Grand Artiste de la chanson je vous remerci; vous avez un très bon style que j'aime ; bonne continuation à vous !”

Jim-Koy Chablis - RN ~ Sep 19, 2011

“Bb ~ 'The Fallen' ~ 9/11 Is a very powerful piece. Very touching and beautiful..........”

Ruthus - RN ~ Sep 19, 2011

“In quiet times when the dew is fresh and the morning is new I hear The Fallen and I remember all those that have gone before me and am grateful. Grateful to you Andrew for expressing what only the morning sun and cool mist has expressed before you......”

Ash ~ Mindful Chaos - RN ~ Sep 17, 2011

“I listened to The Fallen over and over! It was really touching........and to see it go well for the 9/11 victims. Dude you really got some great stuff. I was really impressed.................”


“The Fallen has a wonderful ambiance, a mood that carries you into space..........”

Fetal Zombie - RN ~ Sep 14, 2011

“Excellent use of time and space in "The Fallen". Makes for a very subtle, reflective, mood. Nice dedication for the victims of 9/11..............”

Foxman - RN ~ Sep 12, 2011

“Eight minutes is a long time, but so is death when you are dead. I think you have a very strong piece here Andrew. I am honored to listen to all of its finer nuances in memory of those who were so abruptly murdered on 9/11.......”

Magnificat Sonnets - RN ~ Sep 11, 2011

"The Fallen"...is a beautiful piece and tribute..............

Vocalatti - RN ~ Sep 11, 2011

“Andrew you've done it again :) The Fallen is a beautiful piece so tranquil, a fine tribute to those who wanted nothing more than peace :)”

Magic Marker - RN ~ Sep 11, 2011

"The Fallen" is spellbinding...................

Justin Case - RN ~ Sep 11, 2011

“Hi Andrew, I believe the word here is "virtuosity"”

YouBigMe - RN ~ Sep 10, 2011

“As always, Andrew...blown away by your talent and creativity! It's like you have a leak in your subconscious mind!”

Beyond the Cage - RN ~ Sep 10, 2011

“This is some sweet music my friend ;-) Can tell you've worked hard at it. great sounds and great vibes. Lovin the Jazz Bass and and the trumpets on Here's Kate 2 - Laarvely. ;-)”

Paul Patane - Facebook ~ Sep 07, 2011

“Hearing Here's Kate 2 on a pair of good speakers, and it's a treat!! Amazing dance of instruments, bass is just too cool...................”

RoboKitty - Reverbnation ~ Sep 06, 2011

“Your intonation is so instinctive...the way you can melt the melody and beats, alongside electronic influences, to form such a cultivated jazz work is just incredible.....”

Karina (Violinist/Aria Arvan) - Reverbnation ~ Sep 04, 2011

“Andrew, Congratulations on winning for BEST JAZZ ARTIST in the REVERBNATION BATTLE OF THE BANDS! Your the jazziest of them all...................”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation ~ Sep 03, 2011

“Andrew...your canvas of musical interpretation is graced with the art of sound in notation that only you could do...incredible production here..really!!!....much respect!!!”

DeLeSwa - Reverbnation ~ Sep 02, 2011

“Killer bass! Oh!!...Killer Everything!! Love it!”

Chrissy...Unfolding - Reverbnation ~ Sep 02, 2011

“If for a moment one pauses to listen, one will be amazed at the clarity of Andrews vision. Genius is to small a word to describe him.............”

Ash ~ Mindful chaos - Reverbnation ~ Sep 01, 2011

“D&B 130 spits you out at the end ~ fu%K”

Michelle - Private Hostel ~ Aug 31, 2011

“Your chord progs are tasty........ .Just heard Bb. Really lush, impressive...”

DefaultCollective - Reverbnation ~ Aug 30, 2011

“INCREDIBLE creativity and AWESOME talent , this music is really special !!! each songs is jewels from this great composer !”

Alex Holy - Reverbnation ~ Aug 30, 2011

“Heres Kate 2 just absolutely blew me away!”

Sea - Reverbnation ~ Aug 30, 2011

“Your music sends shivers down my spine! kudos on a brilliant musical act :)”

Sara Syms (The Ashen) - Reverbnation ~ Aug 28, 2011

“Intriguing music. From one end of the musical spectrum all the way across to the farthest end.........”

Greedy Gonzo - Reverbnation ~ Aug 28, 2011

“D&B 130 !! cool cool cool! man you really do remind me of weather report. (that experimental touch)”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation ~ Aug 26, 2011

“I'm in love with your Bb tune....soooooo AMAZING good :)”

Serenity Heartbeat - Facebook ~ Aug 24, 2011

“Your musics at RN really something man... some of them sounds really mysterious & some of them just make you sit back & enjoy... awesome creations my friend......”

Mab Fatamorgana - Facebook ~ Aug 24, 2011

“Buzzin sound like..... "being on the deep forest" ...extremely good, even for someone who cannot play music like me........... Gil 5....... I feel being on the empty area......such as remote lake.......”

Genta Gunaldi - Facebook ~ Aug 23, 2011

“I love it !!! Nice mood, good universe! Inspiration...”

P.L.G. music - Reverbnation

“Oh yeah!! that bass is so freakin cool, and that tone is WOW!!”

Scott Paul Davis - Reverbnation

“.......your music is brilliant on re listen. You have a nice groove/arrangement and your a great bass player......”

Wayne Sanelli - Reverbnation

“Very experimental and challenging, excellent sound ...”

Franz Holzhauser - Reverbnation

“ AMAZING JAZZ here !! Its a smokey cool ass jazz club in my basement, featuring a mad genius............”

3 a.m. - Reverbnation

“ ~ Quality & Style = Andrew Austin ~”

The World of Subduction - Reverbnation

“ I'm vibing to "Here's Kate 2"...another song with spirit that tells a different tale every time I listen to it......”

Mista Preacher - Reverbnation

“Whoooooa AWESOME!! Those live instruments ~ man thats dope as hell ~ lol "Fuckbass" is too dope i swear (Andrew Austin 'My head was fucked with my sisters suicide.... the music lives') ~ Well whenever you are ready lemme know........”

Cain Marko - Facebook

“ Indeed, the dreamscapes are ever so intreguing. I want to peak around the next corner! See what's coming......”

Kayt Lucas - Reverbnation

“ ..very kool vibrant sound colors and visceral communication..”

Charles &quot;Wsir&quot; Johnson - Reverbnation

“Çдяд мзиδдрдткди jзмрøl вдичдк δisтдтцs диδд диδд ндяцs взяsilдтцняднмi кзsтдтцs тзмди чдиб lдiи кдsiн jзмрøl & Çøмзит вднщд диδд ндδiя δisтдтцs тзмди диδд кнцsцs'д рдяд jзмрølзяss●● jдибди lцрд jцбд дкци ряivдsi диδд ндяцs дктif кзsзмцд øядиб sзlдмдт мзиÇøвд søвдт jзмрølзя's”

Cake Indra - Facebook

“السلام عليكم. hadir kawand... met apa ja deh mo9a hari2mu menyenan9kan hehehehehe.... ☂♓ÅήK•̃ Ɣ☺ΰ ___ Ajam Williams - '‎Mantab bro....in indonesian language thats great..:D' ”

Raden Mas Hendro - Facebook

“...: Dude, this is some of the craziest jazz I've ever heard. That's saying a lot. I've been trying to comprehend John Coltrane's "Ascension"..................”


“None equals Austin!! ~ majestic! ~ D&B 130 would make you dance like an African! ~ feel that tradition!”

diamonah - Reverbnation

“ Ladies and Gentlemen! Rockers, renegades and reverbnationites, PLEASE allow me to introduce the one, the only ANDREW AUSTIN!!!!! Yeaaaahhhhh! music fills the room forming a crescendo to which we weep with joy......!!!”

Ash ~ Mindless Chaos - Reverbnation

“ You have taken jazz to a new level ~ Amazing work!”

The White Noise Hypocrisy - Reverbnation

“Hi Andrew, must confess, Jazz has always seemed obscure to me, i've never been able to get into it .. i'm just listening to Buzzin' now, and it is quite intresting, i can appreciate it, the bass sounds are great, i can relate to this .. without the percussion sounds this would be a great drum n bass tune .. Gil 5, i realy like the darkness of that .. Seaton road also, nice sounds, almost old skool soul, r.n.b :)”

Edd Case - Facebook

“ Great intonation and touch is the thing with Andrew A---makes for incredible listening pleasure.......”

Te Fireoved - R

“I do quite a bit of lookin' around,...not sure I've found anything better.........”

YouBigMe - Reverbnation

“Andrew you have powers that some only dream of ~ A true master of the universal laws!”

Smoke32 - Reverbnation

“The assumption Jazz needs something scary in it! Andrew Austin can make scary Jazz if he tries... reflect the vibrational imprints of the past We love your Jazz it is very scary and unlike any we have heard in the world EVER of this present day and of this lifetime! You too will possess the power to be different too you are already on the path amongst the top stars in the world, You are a leader in Jazz!(;\m/;)”

S R L B L ~ Julian - Reverbnation

“The musicianship here is incredible! Makes me think I might be in the wrong line of work!!”

Beyond the Cage - Reverbnation

“Wow! Andrew....you are a master when it comes to painting soundscapes! Your compositions evoke scenes and moods and colours! And there's a sense of timelessness about them....blown away, my friend!”

Beyond The Cage - Reverbnation

“ """Improv 3Q feat M.Isnard""" AWESOME !!!!”

DJ Antonio - Reverbnation

“By the way Buzzin' was an awesome track, (still stoked--very creative)”

LJ7 - Reverbnation

“Andrew Austin ~ the one best suited to challengng absolutes of all kinds.........”

Julian Vomit - Facebook

“You are the real deal, and ( I know you may not like this expression) But I truly think you are a wonderful musician and I truly (respect) your musical ability. And in my mind one of the few real artists here........”

“I just want to tell you how much I like your music. I sense a lot of emotion when listening to your tunes. They are very well crafted and played beautifully. There is something about Bb that really hit me. I think it is the subtleties of all the parts and that wonderful trumpet. And that synth shot that keeps happening.....”

“Buzzin... i aint neva heard nuthin like it, but i like it. awesome sound ~ I must have hooked a Big Fish ~”

“Andrew, this bass work is off the hook - how you even get all those different tones to mix and find a home in Buzzin is beyond me, thankfully it wasn't beyond you...... I just got to Bb and had to make sure I wasn't listening to Kind of Blue for a second there. This is just awesome. I'm like...happy for you. I think there's only a small handful of people in the world with what you've got. How did you even get to the point where you could Hear this to Play it? Stunned...............”

“Awesome tunes......You really know how to craft a song!”

"Gil 5".... really spooky sounds, your music is awesome soundtrack material. brilliantly played with a cool aura about it........... Poland is amazing.....

“..........."cinderz" is the perfect soundtrack to these moving shadows and sunset hues--You fit in perfectly to the architecture of the universe.....................”

“Andrew, The piece of music that was written by Salariatus in memory of Dawn & Caroline was absolutely beautiful. I wish you love and peace today and always.”

“Great bass playing and awesome arrangements ~ must also say the improvisation is pretty wicked on 3Q..... ”

“This man is the perfect example of an A LIST musical genius. Inspect his pictures, absorb his music. relish in the rich sonic pallet of his work.....”

“I like the complexity and groove of Buzzin', but my favourite is really Bb. It has a lovely mood of stillness and spaciousness about it.....”

“ Wow...I've just discovered Improv 3Q again and am blown away...You are the David Copperfield of harmonic mastery. Absolute magical genius...No kidding around. This is serious business here. Andrew Austin is worthy of a GRAMMY for most refined Jazz artist. Man, you've got my vote. Serious, man.”

“ Bb... wasn't sure what to expect. Awesome is what I got. Very spacey / atmospheric......”

“Wow FUCKBASS... a plethura of unique sounds tantalizing the taste buds...great bass!!! unique to say the least...”

“You're UK's most beloved creator of fusion jazz/ instrumental/electronica sound relaxation!”

“I am listening to your music now ... I have to say it takes me to another dimension!.”

“Had a friend round tonight and played your music. He said that he hears elements of Prince in DB130... "God !" he says, "he's a maestro!" You.”

“ I love listening to your music...You have captured passion as well as compassion......”

“ Articulated composition, and real feeling presented in Bb, thought for a second i was listening to Miles Davis, though the transient synth just takes it to another unique level!!!”

“ Bb.......... BEAUTIFUL”

“ Andrew ...you are truly one of the finest musicians with one of the most imaginative musical minds I've had the pleasure of studying. Thanks man..This Gil 5 tune is just off the scale for brilliance. I totally am captivated again and again with each listen...The mark of great music for me is if I return to listen to it again...I'm here with a measure of frequency. RDR”

“ There is so much Talent on Reverb but You are one of the few unique pleasures worth re- visiting...Rock on!!!!”

“ Back in your amazing sound universe, Andrew. Listening to AjA that somewhat reminds me of some Anthony Jackson stuff I listened to when I was young.......”

“Here's kate is so ambient sweet, I totally loved that...inspiring sax and bass work, and the mood of it blew me away.................”

“........ a creative sound so distinctive and original ........”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“ Superb musicianship. A cut way above most. This is pro stuff all the way. #1 in Essex is easily understandable.....”

Kevin Lamb - Reverbnation

“ man u got great vibez.. ur music inspires a lot of visuals”

The Actual TANIS - Reverbnation

“~ "Bb" is incredible!There is such depth and weight to your compositions! ~”

Larry Crowell - Reverbnation

“ Absolutely love what I hear! You music takes me to dreamlike places, that only great music can. Thanks for bringing your talent to the world..”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“You open minds with you sounds...I'm hooked on the high music vibes it brings...Powerful stuff...Andrew...I never any music alike yours...”

Ark Angel OutaNational Records - Reverbnation

“......excellent compositions, each one is like a sacred well feeding the first of the traveller so they can journey to the next......”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“Sweet man! luv your playing!”

Archie Ajay Jackson - Reverbnation

“ Wow! I love this! You just made the list of artist that I would love to work with!!! Great progression of chords and melodies!!!”

Swisha Treats - Reverbnation

“ Fascinated with Cinderz. So much to find in your songlist. You know how to dramatically reduce songs...................................................”

kappi ~ Ships Of Gold - Reverbnation

“ Awesome bass playing and music, man. Glad I found you.-TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT”


“ Beautiful bass work and deliciously chilled jazzy vibes.....”

Endo Meso - Reverbnation

“.....am now listening to 'Poland' it's really an emotive soundscape and takes me on a journey.....”

Sven Fredheim - Reverbnation

“ I particularly like 'Here's Kate 2', 'Improv 3Q feat M.Isnard' and 'GIL 5'among others. Great musical quality, and nice acoustics. Weather Report sounds a bit cheesy after listening to this :).”

Hitchcock Dances - Reverbnation

“ Requiem 4 Dawn is such a great track.But then they all are!!”

Chrissy McAnaney - Reverbnation

“ …rarely have i been instantly enthralled as i have by the musicianship here..every button pushed to ‘oh my yes!’..superb in craftsmanship and execution..a gift for purveyors of jazz beats.”

beatmistresscait - Reverbnation

“ Great sound..... and I have to say....I love GIL5.....what an incredible atmosphere!!!”

Silencio - Reverbnation

“Nice work here Andrew... unique and fresh... each piece takes you on a journey... of suspense... or intrigue... mystery...are you selling your work for movie sound tracks?? you should!!!”

Raylene Waye - Reverbnation

“Wow. You have a great sonic skill there. Always a pleasure to hear inspirational sounds and you have a beautiful talent....”

My Life Model Decoy - Reverbnation

“You've got a very original style - very atmospheric and quirky, with some neat track titles!!!!”

JON EDWARDS - Reverbnation

“‎...pretty ethereal stuff on Bb...love to know the setup there..big wow factor.. 'Poland' is equally mesmerizing...‎ and Carena?..('',)?..(wait..your secret i know) ‎..up my street this..diggin' the keys... Buzzin' ...Joe and Jaco would dig this methinks.. ‎..very very accomplished and stylish chops ‎..ah now 'Here's Kate 2'...love this!!!!‎... superb work..classy.. I am sold...damn.. my best to the band... nice guitar work on Bitch 2..nice overall, but tasty licks there.. yeah man i love this kind of groove.. I was weaned on this vibe back in philly..the influences are apparent and varied.. very very nice now..‎. number 2 nationally?..I'm not surprised a little bit! You cats should be recording on a major jazz label...music speaks for itself... Superb band in every sense.. jazz jazz jazz jazz jazz..and it's ALL good! All anyone has to do is listen once...”

Cait Collins - Facebook


Shelby ~ June 10 2011 - Reverbnation

“ Your music is the very definition of WAY COOL, masterfully conceived and performed, intimate and broad at the same time and, or course, extraordinarily enjoyable.....”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“ I just sat here and listened to every track you have here. Your music sculpts beautiful sounds,,, and takes me to a place where I feel I belong....”

Dawoud - Reverbnation

“Your talent does not go unnoticed....”

Gypsy Myth - Reverbnation

“ I've got carried away with our sense of humour in AjA. Breathtaking! AjA gets to the heart of Jazz... AjA”

Cesli Vane - Reverbnation

“ Loving your unique music Andrew. Really unconventional and captivating....:)”

The Mad Pride - Reverbnation

“ Andrew, you music is all SO very BEAUTIFUL. I love your entire player, am listening to Bb again, I especially love that song.....”

Susan Cabral - Reverbnation

“ Andrew-your music both soothes me & suits my slightly wine-tinged mood this evening. i like the surprises & electronic sparks too.....”

zed mizar ~ Psychedelic Cyberpunk - Rverbnation

“ Listen this guy will blow you away!”

PROMIZE™ - Reverbnation

“Wow your sonic blends are very inspiring...... Really amazing creations in sound for sure -”

Mario Panacci - Reverbnation

“ Wow dude. Love the groove. Never heard anything like it. Some is Pink Floyd ish in a way to me. And I LOVE Floyd:) To many cool ones to pick a fav bro. Awesome !!!”

Yankee Rhoad - Reverbnation

“ The most talented Jazz artist on RN I'm sure... its this friend of mine... his name is Andrew (^_^)”

Aria Arvan - Reverbnation

“ Put together real nicely. Great bit of arranging, and the music captures the soul...”

The Legendary RT and Sredni - Reverbnation

“Peace and blessings brotha Andrew. Wow!...love the sounds:)I got to get some downloads from you :) I have a blog talk radio show and I'm starting my jazz showcase again for this year and I am looking for fresh new sounds... I will take them and apply them to the show format. we can also do a phone interview if you like to discuss your musical style and what do you see for the future jazz musicians....”

Naquams World - http://blogtalkradio.com/naquamsworld

“The Guys who Know Who It Is are Always The Coolest....”

Frankie O. Solovely - Reverbnation

“ "Buzzin" is the eptiome of song writing: an epic in verse.... Had to listen to Bb again. It would be a privilege to be an opening act for you. Really superior musicianship. My complete compliments is all I can offer.....”

Joshua W. Scott - Reverbnation

“ Love the Jaco/Marcus style bass in Here's Kate 2. Awesome! Laurie”

Laurie Miller - Reverbnation

“ Your ability to think outside the box is wonderful.... Seaton Road is my favorite :)”

magic marker - Reverbnation

“Took some more time to listen to your songs...really amazing sound you got ...like the groovy, melodic bass-lines...the airy jazzy chords...Nice work*”

Patrick Schenker - Reverbnation

“ Hey Andrew...Buzzin' is cool. Melodic, good dance groove, and smooth...........”

Bobby Snard - Myspace

“You have a very ethereal, thought provoking sound. I wouldn't mind adding your music to my jazz collection....”

Mista Preacha ~ hip hop producer, song writer, and performer. - Reverbnation

“Bb this one I found really deep and meaningful to mean some how, while listening to it my mind went to another place of peacefulness, strange as not experienced this sensation before....”

Stephen Broadhurst - J.Lear ~ Myspace ~

“ Lovely, intricate pieces! Divine!”

Taryn DeCicco - Facebook

“I totally enjoy your music..there is so much going on in your music, things that could be easily missed, however all this detail flows together beautifully ~”

Nipple Nose - Reverbnation

“ You are talented beyond belief and thats what brings me back to your page time and time again..I'm enraptured!”

Vuuduu Dawn - Reverbnation

“ wow... very relaxing stuff.. u made a great work.. we love Buzzin'.. sounds very unique....”

mov band - Reverbnation

“ "Poland"....this piece is very structured and finely crafted... to me it feels Poland is a musical reflection of many of emotions... from tender to turbulent.... ”

Nick Kosar and Eclectic Dee as &quot;Genre Fuse&quot; - Reverbnation

“ love the uniqueness to your music...........”

Charissa Mrowka &amp; Auburn Sky Band - Reverbnation

“ i LOVE the gentle melancholia in Bb!! very lulling and unrushed.. great music :)”

joyless - Reverbnation

“ " Bb " I close my eyes and get lost in this one !! COOL..........”

3 a.m.. - Reverbnation

“CINDERZ * love the tasteful piano & the rests add the flame * IMPROV 3Q * Andrew makes it all sound so easy to listen to ...but therein lies the genius! * RN is lucky to have you!! SONG 1A * ambient jazz gem *”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“I am feeling Bitch 2, Way craaaazzzzy groove but intensely hypnotic....”

Trazel - Reverbnation

“ sweet music. I love this.”

S.a. Raja - Myspace

“I am shattered forever by Andrew Austin! Our expectation and hope setting the means of the next generation of Jazz and Electronica. He is unrealistic creating a sound barrier of a lifetime! He is a vigilant and honest individual. His music is pleasant and a very powerful productive experience. Don't be afraid to look back at the truth, the fire always burns and is never put to rest! Andrew Austin is the power that evolves in the world today!”

Julian ~ Shawna - The Black Vomit Funzine Denver, Colorado

“Intricate, sophisticated music for the soul is how I would describe Andrew's music. Excellent composition and execution. I'm Buzzin' now.....!”

Monty Johnson - Reverbnation

“I see you the man in your city! Good work poppi!! See you at the top...........!”

Maria Verdelli - Reverbnation

“ Wow.. world music track with many of nature-sound involved without loosing wave and harmonization at each of note ! very detail ! How we described that except brilliant, sir..:)”

Quit Yet - Reverbnation

“ Oh yes almost forgot...these are some of the coolest tracks on the web. So musical and inventive. J”

Jeff Pailer - Myspace

“ Bb song just blew me away. The feel was just so mesmerizing I give this one a A+............”

GRAB - Reverbnation

“ ... and what a magic athmo! Very warm and chilly. I like that, go on! (hihii: Buzzin!) Superb!”

Xell - Reverbnation

“ Question.......is a bass supposed to sound THAT good? Damn! :) My head is still spinning in disbelief....”

Spider - Reverbnation

“ Yes, I love Bb too, cause it the long way home, and you have BUZZIN up where it should be -- but I'm still facinated by AjA, don't know how to process it other than just enjoy the complete otherliness of it, it mystifies me still.......”

Bobo Raposi - Reverbnation

“Bro you're music is so unique, you have some absolute GREAT WORK here!!! Performance,writing, and production, it's just hypnotic and so soothing, one could just lay back and vegetate off of it, AWESOME !!!”

Vince Broomfield - Reverbnation

“Very distinctive sound; I particularly like Bb - love the space in it with time to absorb it all........”

Tommie Brewster - Reverbnation

“FUCKBASS left me in a state of confusion, Bitch2 set me straight, amazing work..........”

Dirty Green - Revebnation

“ Improv 3Q made me feel like floating away! How did you do that shit! Brillant musician!”

Faye Simpson - Reverbnation

“ Andrew..You are a musical genius!”

Josey Milner - Reverbnation

“Here's Kate 2 * artmusic at its finest!”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“ Andrew....BUZZIN' has taken me to a different....but good...place today!”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation

“ I love the creations that ooze from your brain. You write great music! :) Groove on!”

TUNERs grooves - Reverbnation

“ I love the track "GIL 5" It's a masterpiece with a beautiful ambiance.........”

The Billy Button Alternative - Reverbnation

“Diggin the pace of this track! Yea Fuckbass is Smokin Sweet and has these different flavors goin on,like moog like vibes and modern synths together with a unpredictable direction..yea i get it man!”

Dr Flya - Reverbnation

“Id PRESS play if I had the hard copy...yawn yawn:-)Bb, Carena, Fuckbass, Poland oh how I ramble... You own your music:-)x”

Mandy Myspace - NOKIA N73

“Absolutely mesmerizing. Andrew Austin makes it all sound melodic and smooth but when you really listen there are a thousand little perfectly united things going on. Pure genius!”

R. Frost - Reverbnation

“ Love the unique arrangements. This is what creation is all about. Awesome work...........”

Tracy Rigby - Reverbnation

“ Sometimes you come across the work of artists that puts one's own meagre talents well in the shade..... Andrew Austin is one, highly recommended artist!”

undermain projekt - Reverbnation

“Hi Andrew, I'm here for another tutorial on how to be freaking brilliant as a composer. In listening yet again to Buzzin, I'm hearing all sorts of high minded ideas. Miles Davis is smiling down on you my man, now, somewhere in the universe.....”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Jazz / Ruttenberg Fusion - Reverbnation

“lol..........so you just see right through it, a giant's third eye will cure the lies......”

Eric Pina - Reverbnation

“Baaad muther bass player here! Serious cat on the prowl...”

R D R - Reverbnation

“ Beautiful, haunting, complex instrumentation and production. This is really advanced stuff....very few can pull it off......”

Kevin Lamb - Reverbnation

“ Andrew is one seriously hip musician. He would surely have been in Miles Davis' next band had he lived. This cat locks down the bottom brilliantly on the bass and his imagination is endless. You've got to love each and every track here. A great imagination exists in this man...........”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“ I'm listening to "BUZZIN"!! You are smooth as Silk!!”

Laurie Rox - Reverbnation

“Super! tout le contenu est vraiment exceptionnel, bravo Andrew, sincèrement.......”

Diaenoxe - Reverbnation

“ Keepin fusion alive while bringing it to another level! Buzzin' is such a nice funky number - really dig the tone and your playing on that Jazz bass Andrew!”

Well Trained Monkey - Reverbnation

“Cool sounds, a lot of patience and maturity.......... ”

Eric Tricklebank - Reverbnation

“So... Andrew, how'd you get to be _SO_ good. Your music is such a pleasure......”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation

“Brilliant music throughout. Love love love this musician. Seriously, this is one baaaad cat!”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“ HERE'S KATE is brilliant, like the stuff i heard on myspace before, you're magnificent........”

DRUG MUSIC - Reverbnation

“ Fabulous world of sound Andrew,your chart success is gained by very inventive and accomplished musicianship and imagination,a visit to your page is a cool wonderfilled earperience.....”

Johnny Bonkers - ethereal &amp; transpirational - Reverbnation

“ Buzzin' reminds me of what might happen if Herbie Hancock got lost in a rain forest filled with Miles Davis records...Fucking brilliant, man! This is genius level stuff my man...”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Jazz / Fusion - Reverbnation

“You have awesome tracks btw Andrew. You can always tell, when you see who an artists top listeners are...!!”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation


Maria Qidan - Myspace

“I am listening to your wonderful groovie sound here while thanking for your great friendship, for your listening and for your wonderful comments. I also want to thank you for beeing so funny, because that is such a great gift in life to know someone being funny ...and you share music, humour and friendship..thank you Andrew..for beeing you! ”

oddrun eikli &amp; arne hiorth - Myspace

“ Music fills this guys heart and soul hugs from your fan!”

Shelby ~ Promize - Reverbnation

“ I love soundscapes Andrew! Yours are some of the best I've heard!”

Kidd Blast - Reverbnation

“ I'm seriously intrigued by your unique musical perspective. Very abstract, funky, and cool. Miles Davis would be proud...”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“Your music is sooooooooo beautiful!!! Brilliantly made and a shower of amazing musical notes. Love the tracks, so unique, very special with a great feel. I loved it! It was a pleasure listening to it......awesome....”

Ruthus - Reverbnation

“Here to listen to your awesomeness :) Love the trax "Bb" is so moody, Also love "Here's Kate 2". Your music takes me on a ride through the labyrinth of your artist mind. It's a quite a ride:)”

Jaki Song - Reverbnation

“ Subtle flair - unchained, but plugged in!”

Cesli Vane - Reverbnation

“Some rules are made to be broken while others are left to one's understanding of it.....”

Wastelandic Paradise - Independent Record Label - Reverbnation

“Hey Jo, I just listened to a couple of Andrew's tracks, "Buzzin" and "Bassjam" He's a real funky Bass player/writer and I can see/hear why you support him so much, I wish him much success!!!, He's awesome!!!!.. Have a great day Jo. From J.D. :)”

“I have been listening to your AWESOME style I must say, it is humbling when your 'fans' are such amazingly talented people!!!!”

Ian Stokol - Reverbnation

“ So much to dig here... and then AjA seems in a realm all its own, incredible Mr A !!!”

Bobo Raposi - Reverbnation

“ I listened to your creation here at RN. They are amazing & beautiful sounds of music. And cool sound arrangement... it creates some great imaginations to the listener...”

Fatamorgana - Reverbnation

“ I love what I'm hearing....You are awesome!!!!!”

Bry - Reverbnation

“ Very innovative music......”

Mark Andrew Hansen - Reverbnation

“ Amazing jazz music! Real good! ~ Zen”

Stoneria - Myspace

“ So love your timing & the rhythm and ride you give through music is purely excellent. Love this... Cheers! ~”

Reiny Pier - Reverbnation

“ Great sound! "Buzzin'" is grooooooovy, baby...”

Rose Robbins - Reverbnation


7beatstreet/Dan Albury - Reverbnation

“Your music is really awesome..especially "Bitch 2." Lot's of great groove/funk here.....!!!!”

Lordd Virgil - Myspace

“ Great music. The bass line on Here's Kate 2 is awesome. Buzzin' is my fav so far.....”

-F+ - Reverbnation

“ Love the awesome grooves in your music....!”

Pearl Black - Reverbnation

“WOW we've found the Bitches Brew of great music on RN... You have a very nice style of Jazz/Fusion blended in with Experimental/Electronica... Such a great variety of songs... from relaxing chillin' electronica music to intense fusion jazz. We absolutely love it Andrew. 'Improv 3Q' is a favourite for today's listening, if we had to pick a favourite. They all sound great....!!!!!!!!”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

“Your tracks are so experimental. Really appreciate what you are doing. Such a departure from everyday pop bullcrap....”

Vanilla Pesto - Reverbnation

“Your number 2 on the charts.I want to see you knock jamie Cullum off no 1 spot.Go for it!!”

Chrissy Mcananey - Reverbnation

“Yes, thats why i invited you, you're a talented musician!! 1 example: Here's Kate 2, great track :-)”

Studio 8 Records Netherlands - Reverbnation

“Ur music is beautiful!! :)”

Angelina - Reverbnation

“Your music is amazing!”

The Mad Pride - Reverbnation

“Bb is amazing! I can't stop listening to it! I love long forms of music soundscapes because you can get lost! Your music is very unique, more electronic form of jazz which is beautiful! Your so much better than 90% of what's allowed in music!”

Eric Pina - Reverbnation

“Great music! I just listen to Bb ... wonderful music man....very cool!”

Markus Oeffinger - bassplayer - - Reverbnation

“Your tunes..it was great to close my eyes and get lost in ur sound!”

Martin Kleid - Myspace

“ Very classy and very enjoyable !! "Here's Kate" I think might be my fave..incredible piece :)”

She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“Great stuff here, dude! Bb is a beautiful construction of tunes, Buzzin has this delicious jazzy soundind, but still original...”

LAKRANYA - Myspace

“Thanx 4 the love Andrew ... I am inspired by ur music 2 fam, I am a FAN.... ”

Cardio - Reverbnation

“Miles smiles - and I love it.....”

Pyjama Devil - Reverbnation

“ Listening to your intricately woven yet effortlessly engaging music is an absolute joy. Beautifully played. Crystal, open and colourful. Those bass textures and key sounds make my mouth water! Seriously. You got my feet jiggling around fit to bust AND had me moved emotionally. Superb stuff, and very morish....”

Exile Pots - Reverbnation

“Great sounds ! Bringing me in a little futuristic feel. You did the basswork on " Buzzin " on yourself ? Love it !!”

reverend - Reverbnation

“....Your sonic palette is amazing... awesome tone & songs....!”

Nights on Venus - Reverbnation

“ Great harmony and production! a subtle eric johnson style guitar with truly great ambient work. I dig it.....”

BeDope - Reverbation

“ Brilliant style. I really like the jazz elements....”

Kalin - Reverbnation

“Your music is awesome bro. Great low end tone..”

Jazzric - Reverbnation

“ ..great musician and combination of jazz and electronic ...”

Ruhr Chill Factory - Reverbnation

“ Your music is sooo peaceful and relaxing...perfect blend of soothing melodious sounds...it's "orchestral", but modern & smooth combining both acoustical & electronic. Excellent Work!”

Joyce Spencer - Reverbnation

“ Brilliant! Love Bb...!!!”

Josef Glaude - Reverbnation

“I just listened to the first 4 tracks on your RN player, I like your use of sound it's different and I like different!”

Surf Studio - Revebnation

“Nice ... a brilliant musician and a wonderful man!”

Aleksandra Saychuk - Myspace

“ Sonic splender spoken here, mondo tasty explorations, funkalicious jams, hot licks, warm colors, you had me with the mute ala Miles, and what a launching pad! I'm thrilled to have crashed any party you are near.....”

Bopo Raposi - Reverbnation

“ Really unique music, ♥ ♥ ♥ it!!!!!”

VOID INN - Reverbnation

“ I love your music, you are breaking all the rules! You got me inspired.....”

Pasi Koivu - Reverbnation

“ Dynamic sound Andrew, I love the beat on "Improv 3Q" and the trumpet on "Bb" makes the song.....”

Neuroblend - Reverbnation

“I really love your etherial jazz as well. Perhaps a collab sometime in the future? ”

Jesse, minneapolis, usa - Reverbnation

“I love this man and his music! He's so Cooleo!”

Promize - Reverbnation

“ Very Miles from "In A Silent Way" and a little Weather Report on the side.. great!!!”


“ "Amazing work !!!”

the Fluu (producer- Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, NiN, Radiohead) - Facebook

“ Your music always refreshes me: all the benefits of narcotics without any side-effects. My ears have a crush on your soundwaves.....”

Atomic Honey - Reverbnation

“ Hi Andrew ... nice work - unique and vibrant soundscapes :)”

Stirling - Reverbnation

“ I love music here... they are sophisticated, very nice....”

akiko/firebird999 - Reverbnation

“You know, the more I hear music from you cats in the uk, the more i feel like a bastard child in my own homeland. Much respect to you and your musical constituents....”

Chikkenhawk a.k.a. $.L.I.C.K. - Reverbnation

“Andrew I'm just lovin your stuff - "Buzzin" what a great piece - man you leave me wanting more!!!”

Ray Elderbroom - Reverbnation

“(Spanish to English translation) Hi Andrew, thank you very much for your words. They are a very important compliment coming from an artist like you. Really your music is fantastic, is very classy. Undoubtedly UK musicians are the best in the world....”

Reverbnation - Gabriel Bollani

“...Love the feel and I sure miss this style of jazz, so nicely understated and alive. A+ ....”

King Crab - Reverbnation

“Say Andrew! I love what you are doing with your music. I really like Bb. It is so free and revealing. I sat waiting in expectation during the entire piece. Great expression.... ”

Spooky Kool - Reverbnation

“ Andrew, Martin, Mich...beautifully done! What a kinetic ensemble. An "encyclopedia" of ideas, rhythms and rich tonality expertly tracked and presented on a silver platter. Beautiful unpredictability in every piece! Love this jazz....”

Jeff Pailer - Reverbnation

“ Wow, Bb is chillin' ☮”

Electric Druids - Reverbnation

“ What a collection of exquisite,musically excellent and vibrant tunes. Artist's, the caliber of Andrew Austin, are the reason jazz is once again re-emerging as a contemporary means of musical expression....”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“ Unpredictably superb...”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“ Oh SNAP!!!!! I LOVE this!!!! THIS IS HOT!”

Joani Taylor - Reverbnation

“Astonishingly beautiful!!! Just finished your roster. What an incredible listening experience. I feel fortunate that you stopped by my page. You are a brilliant musician/composer Andrew. I'll be back ...often! ”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“ Wow Andrew I think you found your calling for sure my friend. Very, very cool music, clean and sophisticated....”

Bill Wren - Reverbnation

“ A wonderland of sounds...refreshingly original... ”

Daz Wedgwood - Reverbnation

“ Wow man! Really imaginative. Theres all this really nice jazz... and then its livened up by all these extra sounds and stuff....!!!”

Martins Bizarre World of Sound - Reverbnation

“ Beautiful sounds, Beautifully crafted. So creative!”

Orchid - Reverbnation

“ Buzzin/Sweet!”

Promize - Reverbnation

“ keep that audio bangin, really dope sounds!!”

MANTIS - Reverbnation

“ Teo is right. He found the right word: " elegant ", a word i don't hear much nowadays. Time to change that.....”

Chordinators - Reverbnation

“ Excellent... some of the best I've heard here on RN. Well worth my time to listen. Really like the production values and engineering. Mix is spot on.....”

Art Bell - Reverbnation

“ Hi Andrew... What a smooth and delicious way to start my day.. Loving your work.. You are sharing many pieces so there's much for me to listen to. I'm enjoying every minute of it!!! Thanks for the elegance!!”

Teo (kim merlino) - Reverbnation

“ Yep i get it...:) very well crafted songs mate...they say "spaces in between the notes".;)..”

Cutaway Kid - Rverbnation

“....You have an awesome sound, very original....”

Lemon Yellow Sun - Reverbnation

“ Sweet & Mellow just the way I like my Jazz! Great arrangements. You did an outstanding job on these Andrew! I really loved listening....Great musicians in the UK!”

Michael Katfish Karr - Reverbnation

“ Interesting work Andrew; very creative music, nice performance, cool sounds.....”

Luciano Martella - Reverbnation

“Some beautiful sounds here. Congratulations with your well deseverd number 1 status!”

Steve Phillips - Reverbnation

“ Aaaahhhh...Wonderful creativity here! Love your music! YES!!!!”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Reverbnation

“Andrew..... its so nice to meet musicians with a good taste like you! I like the atmosphere in your sound....”

Sakis Zachariades - Reverbnation

“Really love Bb - just magic.....”

Kevin Wrench - Reverbnation

“ I love everything about "Here's Kate 2"”

UR2 - Reverbnation

“Your music is absolutely beautiful, I love it.....”

Steve Mursic - Reverbnation

“ Hey Andrew ! I'm just "Buzzin" this morning with you and my coffee !”

Jeffery Whitman - Reverbnation

“Buzzin'... I love the effect on the bass guitar, i assume it is a fretless. It is great to hear intellect in music! Do not be concerned with the public popularity, they are sheep, one following the next blindly to gain acceptance, playing and listening to what Mr. Cool Daddy listens to so he can fit in with the boys and plays what makes 'Miss drop dead beautiful no brains hot Mama shakes her ass to' music...”

UR2 - Reverbnation

“Your improv 3Q takes on a melt between jazz and a Gershwin genre of symphony.. If you would have added another movement this could be a new symphony with a barage of instruments in harmony taking to a new level then to come back full circle after a number of movements. Hard thing to do in a 'fast food, I want it now, hurry up generation' that can not sit still...”

UR2 - Reverbnation

“I enjoyed B flat it is meloncoly and trancelike for me and makes an easy meditation, drift away from the Earth felling like a rainy day brings as I stare at the rain drops falling and time melts away.....”

UR2 - Reverbnatopn

“ Andrew. I love this! There has been so much thought put in to it. I wish I could play jazz but I can't do it. Grrrr.....”

BunChakeze and Odin of London - Reverbnation artist

“ Dope! Sounds spacious as if you are improvising, which is like the true test of a jazz artist. Yeah, I can ride with this in my car and vibe out!”

Afi Makalani - Reverbnation

“ Your bass playing on "Buzzin" is superb Andrew!! Love the cool little sound effects that pop up now and then!! Everything is very tasteful!”

Jordan Danielsen - Reverbnation

“ Amazing creativity and passion in your outstanding songs Andrew!!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Your music is wonderful and I can hear it is from the heart. I loved especially "Bb", you create a wonderful atmosphere with your music......”

Sue Trickey - Myspace

“ Very elegant beautiful music! I love the mood and vibe of "Bb" very nice! I will have sweet dreams listening to this every night!”

Funky Groovy Lemonade - Reverbnation

“I really dig your bass-playing. Great music with an addictive vibe and wonderful atmosphere!!!!”

RobsBassCafe - Reverbnation

“ A compelling and captivating synthesis of jazz and electronica that is deeply expansive and intriguing with each play..........”

Shambhu - Reverbnation

“ WOW...just beautiful andrew..i listened..and was honestly hypnotized....your work is undeniable..”

Michael Caruso - Reverbnation

“ A great variety, and all are exquisite compositions. Very refreshing, tasty, evocative music! Multi-multi talented!”

Loping Buzzard - Reverbnation

“ Really enjoying Improv 3Q. Interesting rhythms.............”

Sugarfree Jazz - Reverbnation

“ Very unique music!!! I LIKES..........!!!”

Juss Russ - Reverbnation

“ I love innovative artists... and you are just that.......!”

Pride and The Vanities - Reverbnation

“ Interesting music, you have the courage to give the tracks some 'space' and I like the way they unfold!”

Caroline Ty - Reverbnation

“You have a lovely subtle jazz sound that is both esoteric and highly accesible. That's some trick to pull off but you have done it beautifully, my friend......”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“Supremely hip grooves with simmering sonic textures..........”

Rocco &amp; Rahj - Reverbnation

“ Love the clean jazz style & the funk jazz style on Duretti C!!”

LarryRCampbell - Reverbnation

“ Un grand vrai jazz mon ami! dans la lignée un peu, de Miles Davis ou de Weather Report, excellent! surprenant même...”

Diaenoxe - Reverbnation

“Andrew, cool tracks mate, digging the ambient funkadelic sound..........”

Patrick Bowsher - Myspace

“ da'n fine bass playing man............”

Auriemma - Reverbnation

“ Super Trippy.... Super Cool.... Im In....!!”

2 Years Apart - Reverbnation

“ Oh BTW.."Buzzin" my fave..diggin that bass :)”

She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“ Hi Andrew.....Bb................ This song is beautifully composed!...... I love the mix..........!”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“ Beautiful music my friend-Awesome work......”

VINES OF VENOM - Reverbnation

“ Andrew you are the man................”

XNO - Reverbnation

“ Beautiful! Great music man - keep it coming!!!!!”


“ Here´s Kate! Fantastic! Excellent vibe! Great groove & bass playing! Wonderful!:-)”

Orange-1 - Reverbnation

“ Lost track of time listening to your music!!!!!!”

Cal David - Reverbnation

“ Wow, I'm very impressed by your music!! Very intelligent arrangements and cool sound! That's why I recommended you...........!!”

Akim Jensch - Reverbnation

“ Yeah Man!Your sound is uplifting and quite unique.I'm really dig'n your song Duretti C.......”

Gregory Goodloe and The Light Years Ahead Band - Reverbnation

“ Great texture and groove you got laid down here Andrew!! Really cool!”

Kidd Blast - Reverbnation

“ Loving Here's Kate with its haunting trumpet and driving baseline...........”

ThehUigin Jazz Quartet - Reverbnation

“Awesome sound. Amazing talent. Impressive. Much respect..............”

The Umbrella Corporation - Reverbnation

“Here's Kate, Buzzin, excellent Jazz...but what blew me away was Bb, a realy cool Bluesy ambiant sound....... Awesome!!!!!”

Zaelon - Reverbnation

“Loving your music too and really like Buzzin' there's something about it.....:)”

Tamara Parsons-Baker - Reverbnation

“Man, this is good, I mean, REALLY GOOD! Here's Kate took me far and out; beautiful. Excellent musicianship............”

Emanuel David - Reverbnation


Scott Paul Davis - Reverbnation

“Super talented creative force at work here. Im hooked on Buzzin, what a groove............”

Joel Reed McNair - Reverbnation

“♪♪: Really beautiful music Andrew =) Raphaella x”

Raphaella - Reverbnation

“Beautiful atmosphere, strange and emotional...”

Pascal Antonin - Reverbnation

“Bb...very peculiar music, it's midnight here, lights off and it's a beautiful atmosphere here.......”

Gate57 - Reverbnation

“ Hey Andrew, man you have a wonderful sound, it mystic and beautiful all at the same time, we love it!”

Crystal Heritage - Reverbnation

“This is hard music to make, it just breaks the rules. Well sound good on the DT 770 pro head phones...........”

“Bb is very good...........”

“Hey, I'm listenning to "buzzin".........beautiful fretless bass sound!!”

“Andrew. imaghine i'm impressed with your sound using one string bass myself...... i'm not into technique, never was nor felt the need. play 3 chords. but i play'em f*%ing good!!!!! i like to think so. but it's not the technique i like in your sound. course, one hears, (!) but it's in no way "trying" to impress. it's all about 'the feel' when i hear you play your way to 'my' soul (start write like a poetic ...strange....don't you tell the other cowboys bout this!!)) think i understand your remark joni mitchel was also about 2album don juan blabla daughter? the minute i saw this i understood. i rarely write i'm stoned and i do hope i make sence?!”

“ This sound in your track "buzzin" is out of another world! really love it......................(&) "Bb"....wonderful..... ”

“Bb................A spiritually injected elixir that rips the duvet off your sleeping Utopia....”

Mandy - iPhone

“I listened through your player from "Buzzin" to "Detour to 5 four". I like the groovy bass taste and your sensitive feeling for melodies....”

“Hello Andrew!!!!!! One thousand thank you, I am honored d " to have drawn your attention, it is cool!!!!!!! From my part, I put BUZZIN, because I meet good in this song, and DURETTI C, in my play list.....”

“Your new song, Bb .. beautiful picturesque expressions and dramas .. *☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚♪☆”

“ Your song Bb, has a good sound ambient.....!”

“I am insanely jealous of your setup. sweet funky vibes............”

“Bb is a bit quirky isn't it:D Seriously: I love the instrumentation and the surprising elements within the smooth flow of the song. A wonderful piece of music. I like it very much. Keep up the great work. kappi”

“Bb...... I just really don't like this track, I love it !!! A fantastic sound, quite different from what I've listened to. Keep us this excellent work...”

“ Congrats, Andrew, Bb ia a fascinating piece of music full of surprises! Love it!”

“Your new tracks SUPER!! I like it!! You could always surprise)))))”

“Bb is a compeling piece..nice eight mins.. that low freq part makes me feel like I'm hearing it in a stadium all by myself!”

“It's all so beautifully fuckin EDGY!:) Hung made me cry. Improv 3Q had me whiskin up a double, Carena has me walkin funny...Gil 5 is plain scary... and Fuckbass is that black unlit palace...in the back of the mind. IT'S AMAZING Amps:-) totally, TOTALLY unique. Lovin it xxx”

Mandy - iPhone

“You make it again..Bb is real awesome my friend !!”

“Listening to Bb. it seems a good way to end the day? who's on the trumpet? miles?”

“Bb is a tune with which the relief and the tension mix. It feels it like a very grand theme. This tune is very beautiful.”

“hey Andrew .. wowwww .. your new song is great .. i love buzzin' .. your old / new song 2 .. yes ..great bass work .. i love your tune .. that.s bass .. peace and a great week .. Kurt .. ”

"Bb" is a GREAT track, Andrew. A piece with a large space, something that sounds like the universe's breath. the first time i heard it, i've got the feeling that i reminded something i forgot a long time ago, or that i met some old friend i've not seen since a long time. Interesting, rare and peaceful. Exactly what to day's world needs.

“Wonderful, creative music Andrew, I do appreciate your work! Very unique style with excellent musicianship.”

“Bb is a very beautiful composition, very beautiful atmosphere!!!!!!!”

“Heya Andrew ... Just listened to Buzzin ... 13 years ago! I wouldnt dare put up anything I did back then ... Well maybe there is 1 or 2 traks I,m still proud of .... Anyways , I liked the track ... the lead bass sound reminds me of Pino Paladino if you know what I mean ... Be Lucky”

“Dawn Rising - suggestive and inviting, imaginery and simply awesome sounding!”

Joe Jaunty - Reverbnation

“ Very cool jazz sounds. Your music needs to be played around the world then more and more people would get into jazz....”

Soul Kisser - Reverbnation

“ Andrew! I freakin' love Scofield Matters 6!..Quirky & haunting jazz gem...also great pic of you & Di Lee. ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Mr. Austin's musicianship is unsurpassed. His unique to jazz and infusion is duly noted. Cheers. J”

Eugene Jacquescoley Music Group - Linkedin

“j'aime votre musique! je sais cela se sent dans tes chansons que tu vis pour la musique , le temps passe vite si vite n'est ce pas des joies, des peines, beaucoup de regrets je suis content de t'avoir pour ami c'est trés bien ta musique;”

daniel girardi - Reverbnation

“Very cool! Love what you did in "Improv 3Q w Michel Isnard". Great tone! Well played, keep on rockin! Great musicianship - much respect!”

THEY - Reverbnation

“ "waiting for godot 2".... godin... godet... godeaux... go... what? what? how did i get here? you know what a sucker i am for top notch ambient work... this is the best ambient work by you, yet... in my opinion... even some soul with that guitar... and the ending, was perfect... too good, mate... ya boi da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Andrew Austin is the consummate musician. His imaginative, harmonic and melodic abilities, coupled with a responsible work ethic and open musical mind, makes him a very desirable fellow to work with in a recording studio environment. He is an original thinker and is most careful in the discharge of his responsibilities. He is a joy to work with and I want to be associated with him professionally for many years to come.”

Richard D. Ruttenberb - Linkedin

“...Back for THE OLD COUNTRY Andrew..this song is so special and wonderful...”

JMOYA - Reverbnation

“ Creativity at its finest! Makes me think of some of Andreas Vollenweider's work in a way. Kinda speaks ya know....”

Barley Station - Reverbnation

“Yeah - There's some musical erudition goin' on here!. A lifetime's work coming together in every tune. NICE piano!”

Julian Wilson - Reverbnation

“ Andrew - you have a total command of, & are the master of, space in music.... your compositions always have flow,are full of imagination & beauty...... & I'm in awe of what you do......”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Meant to tell ya i love your new tracks.. I always have found your songs to be mind stimulating.. while i listen my mind seems to become alive and invigorated by the wide variety and unique sounds you produce.... The Old Country is sounding sweet... nice jazzy beat with some excellent piano work... Pollinated is incredible Andrew. very stirring and invigorating for the mind !!!”

kenny heroux - Reverbnation

“Andrew truly you have such good musical instincts as evidenced by festival. Just the use of space alone is so well done! Then there's the flawless rhythm. And the beautiful melodies. There's your theory right there...”

roberto cordero jazz quintet - Reverbnation

“Really awesome stuff with Art Lip! Listening to The Old Country now. Love how it swings. Great piano. Wish I could do that!”

SpEnt fiXer - Reverbnation

“Andrew you are a top-notch jazz musician! Always amazed at the quality of songs on your page. The piano sounds so cool on The Old Country. You are one cool cat...”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Exquisite music!! Nice blend of jazz with electro music. I really enjoyed all your tracks, especially "Festival" and "Over There". Great instrumentation as well....”

Nagasus - Reverbnation


7beatstreet/Dan Albury - Reverbnation