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AITG/Agony In The Garden / Press

“You would never now to listen to Agony in the Garden that it’s a one man band. In that aspect he reminds me of Trent Reznor, very cool. I gotta say I kinda like this jam. There is some thing about it that reminds me of the metal in the 80’s. Those guitar riffs are totally retro, but used in a way that makes it perfectly new and relevant. I love some of the hot dogging that he’s doing. He’s got the skills so show em off baby! Vocally this is one of the best metal voices I’ve heard in years. Deep, rich with a bit of grit and that just perfect range. The drum line isn’t the most complex one I’ve ever reviewed but don’t take that to mean it just lays there. This guy is obviously working his ass of playing the line. It’s not really an uptempo song but it’s not exactly slow either. You just have to listen to it. Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. I like the voice a lot and those guitars are staying with me already.”

“I think this song would be a perfect match to a list with some Sevendust or better yet some old school metal. Maybe some of the (dare I say) slower metal jams from the mid 80’s”

“It seemed to me, that musicianship had been lost, until a twitter follower suggested I listen to you, Mack you have restored my faith in music and more importantly you made me fall in love with music again, your musicianship is absolutely amazing! I still have your songs on heavy rotation and every time I hear them I fall more in love with them such is your talent and flair, you are a true musician and it is your true musicianship that makes you one of the greatest artist/musicians that I have ever heard! Music as good as yours deserves the greatest audience!”

“Today I mixing it up a bit, the songs I reviewed last week were truly amazing and I was humbled that such a great musician would take the time out to write to me, I was going to respond personally but I felt it was important to let everyone know just how great Mack Perry from Agony in the Garden is! To Mack Perry, I am so glad you liked the review you deserved it! I was absolutely floored by your music and lyrics, they were visionary and the pictures you painted with lyrics and music was mind blowing not to mention your amazing vocals, so sincere, powerful and honest.”

"In Despair We Rise" - absolutely one of my favourite tracks on the album (yes I can have more than one favourite). I love this song from start to finish. The guitar, the drums, the bass, the vocals, the lyrics the whole fucking song is perfection! I highly recommend Agony In the Garden" it is truly awesome! Mack Perry is one super talented musician with an amazing sound and I feel so inspired after listening to his songs, I have been playing them non-stop, they have something that I can only describe as having been created by a true artist who knows his craft and each of the songs displays that talent and flair that only a true musician can create. The songs are almost like an experience you feel moved and only great musicians can do this and it is amazing! I especially love playing the songs really loud! I am giving these songs a massive 5 shots of whiskey out of 5! Yes they are that good so do yourself a favour and get this songs for your collection!

"BD - Shadows And Dust" I love the lyrics at the start of this track "Darkness is upon our gate..." and then this track kicks in with a guitar and drum intro, yeah I love it! The guitar and drums really set the mood and intensity of the lyrics and the vocals. Man I love this track, it has more emotion and soul than most music out there today, I do love the lull in the music about three quarters of the way into into the song and especially towards the end of the song when it launches into one of my favourite things of all time a "blistering guitar solo!" I love guitar solos as they really highlight how talented a musician Mack is, they are the sign of a true musician. Mack you are one gifted musician!

“Hello my bitches, I am back with a vengeance. Today I am reviewing the awesomeness that is "Agony In The Garden" "Mack" a one man band that goes by the name Agony In The Garden (AITG) he is an independent (yeah!). He hails from West Carrollton, OH in the US of A I got a tip to check him out from one of my twitter followers. Can I say it was one of the best things I did. I paid and downloaded his songs and well it is now on heavy rotation and I mean that I can't get enough of it, Let's get into it shall we? The first track is "Aegis (The Contagious Mix)" and what a track it is, the awesome guitar intro to start the track is kick ass, then the vocals kick in and what a voice, it suits this music and the wall of sound guitar that dominates this track, the drums are amazing and I especially love the lyrics and mid way through it is like poetry one of my favourite tracks!”

“I checked in with Mack Perry to find out what his alternative rock band, "Agony In The Garden" (AITG), has been up to since I reviewed the band a few months ago (the original review is posted below). According to Mack, he has signed with Sunny Dragon Records/Studios, and brought Gena Cygnar on board soon afterwards. Jeff Witwer is no longer with the band. Currently, Mack is covering drums and bass along with guitar, vocals, and writing for all of AITG's compositions. He's working with Sunny Dragon on an EP and video release, and in Spring 2014 will be touring from Ohio to California. AITG will also be starting a Kickstarter soon, so be on the lookout for it! AITG is currently being played on various internet radio stations, including RockFanatic, Rocker's Dive, and Indie 365. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MackPerryAitg YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AgonyInTheGardenMP?feature=watch”

“Agony In The Garden is a alternative/progressive rock band from Dayton, Ohio that has Mack Perry and Gena Cygnar on guitar, Perry doing lead vocals, and Jeff Witwer on drums. AITG first blasted into my consciousness when I listened to "Wayward One" for the first time. It's a brilliant track that carries you away with it on a dark, ominous cloud. Grounded in Witwer's furious staccato drumming, the medieval-sounding guitar riffs provide the perfect foil for Perry's gravelly vocals and dark lyrics. The intricate rhythms and medieval feel of "Wayward One" remind me of Alter Bridge. The almost psychedelic feel, brilliant guitar solo and echo guitar of my favorite tune, "Time," calls to mind Dream Theater's best music. A video on RN/YouTube of Perry discussing his guitar picking technique shows both how technically proficient and passionate about his music he is. If you're anywhere near Dayton, check out Agony In The Garden, and you'll be doing yourself a favor”