AINOMA / Press

“Related issues of a worried transition - perhaps into defeat - come to us even more dramatically from the Siberian city of Omsk. Here we find the project Ainoma, headed by the two thespian figures of Lex Rif and Johnny Ross. Their new release, "The Stone Room," positions various thoughts of metamorphosis in a specifically industrial context. For Ainoma, drama is synonymous with demise, i.e., with manufacturing decline. <…> These ominous structures are then swathed in "melancholy, abrasive noises, dark, martial percussion and broken guitar rhythms..." The overarching existential nervousness of "The Stone Room" is channeled directly into a "critique of consumer society. People may be equipped with ultra-technical tools, but they're still subject to primordial instincts." Taken to an extreme, implicitly within Russian history, that dangerous gap between reason and lust has led to the "murderous implantation of iron into living tissue. The mechanization of flesh."”

“Alter-X seems to be like a new Pandora's Box for Russian underground projects. One of the latest signings is Ainoma and the least I can say is that this deals with an interesting electronic approach in sound. The compositions are pretty minimal sounding while built up with intelligent sound textures mixing styles like industrial, ambient and a few other elements for the ride. It then evolves into pure soundtrack music (cf. "Only Ruins") which reminds me of early Vomito Negro (cf. "War InfekZia"). In between these opposites are hiding quite different songs. "CIR.kle" for example is more in the experimental style, built up with orchestral arrangements. "SkeLet" brings us into vague trance fields while the "TotalDecay ReVersion" remix of "SkeLet" is more into dark electronics. The diversity from the album is for sure the main characteristic from Ainoma, but I think it would be interesting for the project to dig a bit deeper into one influence for the next compositions. (DP:6)DP.”