Aindrias de Staic / Press

"Dangerously seductive" "... it would take a rhino dart to quell the energy of this bloke."

“This is a surreal stand-up creative experience as you have never seen it before. It is an art form that is individual, and unique to Aindrias de Staic."”

Seamus Ruttledge - Tuam poet and songwriter

"A wild-eyed shock of Celtic unpredictability ... the man's got talent and humour in abundance."

"The performance is half seanchaí, half shaman, half ‘Fiddler of Dooney” with a whallop of Flann O’Brien thrown into the mix for good measure."

"... exquisite, picaresque. Rarely has storytelling been so foot-tappingly funny."

"With his brilliant blend of classic Irish comedy and unique musical talent, Aindrias de Staic provides for a thoroughly enjoyable experience."

"Music is another of Ireland's great exports and de Staic is a master fiddler, not only playing a vast repertoire of Irish tunes but a range of Italian, Greek and Gypsy music as well."