Grind, A Tribute To Alice In Chains. / Press

"Grind did an amazing job of engaging the audience and accepting song requests, along with fist bumps and handshakes from the crowd."

“Grind joins Deftones, Drowning Pool, Wu-Tang Clan and more at the 2014 Texas Tattoo Showdown.”

"So appreciative and down to earth."

“Thanks Gary Allen and his Grind bandmates. Gary is a class act and a real talent!! I LOVE how he promotes shows and makes friends!”

"A very tall order indeed. They delivered."

"Haunting, humble and powerful." - CV Worldwide.

“South Carolina's Grind: An Alice in Chains Tribute isn't just going through the motions. Their reverence for the departed Layne Staley and Mike Starr runs deeper than Starr's penetrative bass grooves. Frontman Gary Allen's intense performances, which have been seen at House of Blues locations, Las Vegas, and the Sunset Strip, are intentionally haunting to those who caught Staley and Starr in their prime. Exhuming the spirit of '90s grunge down to every howled note and plaid facial whisker, the tribute band loads their spot-on sets with greatest hits such as "Rooster," "Them Bones," and "Man in a Box," alongside b-sides for hardcore fans.”

“Myrtle Beach Convention Center Promo”

"A kick-ass Alice in Chains Tribute"

“Mike Starr Memorial Show”

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“Remembering Mike Starr (Photo Slideshow)”

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"A spectacular night of rock." - MotoCity Rock - San Pedro Sula,Honduras. 19 Jan 13.

“For Mike Starr.”

“InkLifeTour.com Amarillo promo.”

“For Mike Starr.”

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