AHMAD / Press

“I know the more jaded amongst us, and I would usually include myself in that group, will read about a “one-hit wonder” rapper coming back after more than a decade long hiatus and conjure images of a past his prime boxer stumbling back into the ring for one more shot at glory (and a paycheck), and I hate to disappoint my fellow pessimists, but actually The Death of Me is, in a word, dope. Ahmad’s rhyme skills are as sharp as ever, and perhaps more importantly his time with 4th Avenue Jones has allowed him to develop a style completely and absolutely his own. Ironically, The Death of Me is the sound of an artist more alive than ever. In his words, Ahmad just went back to what he does best - rap. Read more: http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/ahmad-the-death-of-me-08111001/#ixzz0wS92qB8y”