A Hill To Die Upon / Press

"...the fact that everything's flowing as expected must be that it's family "business", the Cook brothers know what they're doing; and they're doing it well."


"Second album from this completely amazing and totally underrated Illinois band. Crushing black metal with death metal overtones, somewhere between newer Behemoth and Immortal material. Listen and believe."


"Rather than simply be another The Black Dahlia Murder rip off, A Hill to Die Upon has forged their own path of battle hardened and epic European influences and come away with one of the more impressive American black metal debuts of 2009, if not the last couple of years ..."


““Epic, powerful, crushing Black Metal onslaught…””

SOD Magazine

““…this young band is already operating at a very high level.””


“4/5 “…they've got my attention and soon they'll have yours.””

HM Magazine