Agrippa93 / Press

“Awesome Album start to finish. I've been in the background of the music industry for years. A friend got in contact with me and told me about the band. I downloaded Veil of Lies first then Pale Horse then found myself with the whole album. I must say I was impressed to the point I needed to google more about this band. They have an unique sound and look forward to them touring outside of the Connecticut area. This band is definitely an iPod must have.”

“...it baffles me as to why artists like Agrippa93 are not huge. The band’s music has all the hallmarks that fans of the genre will fully enjoy.”

Nicky Baldrian - Fireworks Magazine

"Everything thats right with music. Agrippa93 writes music with intent, savvy and skill. The production value on this album is superb, and it enhances the music. These guys can actually play their instruments, and the depth of these songs are written in punishing riffs, precision percussion and crazed vocals. Agrippa93 is the type of band that will reward you if you listen. An excellent offering."

“Giant step forwards from the first album. If you like Megadeth, Rush, Dream Theater, etc etc this album deserves an honest listening. A++++”

"It's like a Megadeth, Rammstein, Dream Theater conglomeration."


"The trademark evil voice, tight riffing, tomtomage, relentless drive, intricate guitar leads, interesting change ups." - (MacJams.com)

"...a unique, immediately identifiable style."

Eidolonia - iCompositions

"From the ripping guitars in LVX to the haunting lyrics of Face of Fear - this CD has it all. Led by Agrippa's haunting lyrics that stir images deep from within the soul, Agrippa93 breaks out with their first CD that will blow your doors off."

"...Music for intelligent vampires. This is the thinking man's metal..."

Haineko - iTunes Review