Agonist Revival / Press

“~ killah brah, i;'m on the second song now , i like it, good stuff.”

Donovan Punch (The Donovan Punch Experience, EX Soilent Green) - Facebook.com

“Agonist Revival is for fucking real, fucking brutal, and not fucking around. Stay the fuck out of this bands way.”

“Agonist Revival ! Sounds Like The Fires of Hell Roaring Through a Marshall Full Stack... Killer Tunes To Curse Your Soul With...”

"Fuck that's heavy. Agonist Revival may just be the sound of the apocalypse"

- Jeff Liner, Dugdemona - Core of Destruction

“People have waited for me to die from a drug overdose, give up, give in, suck the man's dick, for years. It has never happened, and it NEVER fucking will. Fuck you all. Listen to Black Sabath...”

Jason R. Donnelly - Siflatic Publications

“The most dangerous, satanic, destructive, drug addled, musicians since Eyehategod. They are a threat to their community, and society in general.”

Jonathan Foerster - Naples Daily News