A Ghost Like Me / Press

“Whether you call them psychedelic, spacey, experimental or strange, A Ghost Like Me only has one priority: To make music that awakens one’s consciousness. Asheville’s instrumental rock band, A Ghost Like Me, is now offering trips that extend far beyond the ears; it is music that stimulates inside and out. “The New Paradigm,” the band’s first full-length album, released in spring 2011, is more than a composition. It’s an experience...”

"While to some the prospect of an instrumental ensemble might automatically mean prog rock or jam band, repeated listens to The new Paradigm, the band’s recently released full length album, reveals so much more..."

“Local “instrumental space rock band” A Ghost Like Me recently released its debut album, The New Paradigm. The group includes members of Crystal Kind, Stankface, Blue Stone and The Dark Shave. Fans of these bands probably have some idea of what to expect: Psychedelic themes, driving percussion, fanciful solos and songs that tend to run well over the six-minute mark. “Threshold” opens with a churning bassline and spacey burbles, a more menacing contribution to the Moonraker score, perhaps. “Japan” delivers funk, dynamic melodies and interesting play between guitars and synthesizers. “Song For Gaia,” a shorter track, shows a different side of A Ghost Like Me, leading with echoey flute and birdsong. “lucis ressurrectio” also uses flute, sounds of dripping water and distant bells — a dreamy soundscape, more temple or massage studio than rock club. But “Bridging The Gap,” The New Paradigm‘s lead song, illustrates A Ghost Like Me’s rock roots.”

"On their debut EP AGLM have tried to show their creativity by aiming for underheard progressive space rock, crafted something akin to a missing Hawkwind instrumental album. Or, more aptly, with the swirling keyboards in the background it could be Hawkwind meets Bill Laswell (i.e. "Threshold"). Though, having written that the second track "The Cleansing" might find a better home as a bridge in a tune by John McLaughin's Shakti with his low-key hypnotic repetition. "Duality" & "Just Be" follow the same hypnotic trail with a strummed guitar quasi-dueting with a cello only to launch into invigorated distorted Hawkwind choruses." -Aaron Joy / Roman Midnight Muisc