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““Metal has a soulful intensity that gives us a feeling of oneness and a spiritual transformation unlike any other.” Aghori’s unique blend of styles and onstage presence entices music lovers from all walks of life and backgrounds. Every show is an opportunity to channel your pain and anger into a soul cleansing experience. “It’s basically about not being afraid to be an outsider,” says Vocalist Dustin Keimig. “It’s about refusing to follow life’s prescriptions.””

“San Diego heavy metal/thrash band Aghori won the North American division of the Project Independent metal showcase on Friday. The five-member band will embark on a 60-day tour with a $5,000 cash allowance. The band-Dustin Keimig(vox),Seth Roscamp(drums), Tom Page(guitar), Jason Smith(guitar), Michael Alarid(bass and backing vox)-celebrated at a concert on Jan. 15 at Main Tap Tavern in El Cajon.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune - The San Diego Union-Tribune

“California thrashcore wizards Aghori bring the uphevel of 90s style underground and combines it with their own version of thrash and hardcore to turn it into a supersonic kick in the ass. Aghori resonates their presence on stage with a smooth balance of melody and brutality.”