Agent Psyte / Press

“OutStandIn uhhh....excellence in the PC comin to me from Psyte child of the Sonic Light. Good azz material......Keep your head high and in contact!”

Jimi Sly - Reverbnation

“They can't handle the illness and freshosity. They simply need to recognize. That's all.”

Thomas Fitzgerald - FB

“Agent Psyte consistently lays out innovative sounds with lyrical lines of introspection, interrogation, and insight into the madness of society and increasing threat of government tyranny. Be prepared to go on a sonic expedition in more ways than one as Psyte creates sound-scapes that incorporate his particular flavor of rebellion into Hip Hop.”


“Hip Hop with meaning is alive and well in Agent Psyte!”

Darren Matters - Drop Beat Philosophy

“Psyte reminds listeners that we are each sovereign creations endowed with a history and potential beyond explanation. He at once chastises religions but repeatedly refers to faith and prayer with reverence. A secular spirit with a sick ass rhyme-style. His energy is based in ascension.”

Mercurios - Sonic Spells

“Dude makes me itch man. Like, just another fix in my earhole should do it but it don't.... you gotta get more. And more. And dude just gives it away for free, it's ill-logikal man. What's this cat up to?”

Big Willie Wonders - Rap Crack

“Agent Psyte? Nothing but original. He really can't be classified. However, his file seems to be.”

Victoria Sands - Lyric Masters