After The Fact! / Press

““After the Fact” Bassist, Big E, shared their CD with me. I have to say, I was jamming in my Mazda shortly after. Track two on their “Super Scary Scenarios” CD, “Don’t tell my girlfriend”, had me hitting the rewind and singing along"”

“ After The Fact are a band from Fort Myers, FL who play an infectious brand of ska punk and like having fun. The bands debut EP "Super Scary Scenarios" (Route 8 Records) is loaded with catchy riffs and hooks, a good beat, great vocals and or course horns! The band has a sound similar to that of Less Than Jake, but at the same time have their own style of songwriting.”

“After The Fact! is, in my opinoin, one of the best bands to come out of the great state of Florida. They play a very unique style of Ska Punk, and it's very obvious that they 100% of their energy and effort into writing/recording and putting on a great live show.”

"After the Fact is a high energy band that plays a highly interactive show. Their creative blend of ska and punk attracts fans of all ages. After the Fact is the spark that is re-igniting Southwest Florida's punk and ska scene."

"i recently received a copy of the after the fact EP release SUPER SCARY SCENARIOS and opened the EP in anticipation of dropping it into my laptop as i was heading down to the pool" "by the time the final song (whatchu gunna do"?)was over the requests came pouring in to turn up the speakers and hit replay which i happily did ( which i was GONNA DO ! anyway."