Afterlife Parade / Press

“Are you an unabashed fan of pop music? By all means, run/don’t walk to Afterlife Parade. If you’re a more undercover fan of the brasher charms, sidle your way on over. Just get there, because this is how it’s done, folks.”

“Local Lightning Artist for Nashville's Lightning 100”

“Afterlife Parade is something much more than a group of musicians playing songs – they represent a message of hope and celebration for the journey through life and death alike.”

"In short, Erwin’s soft rock approach will take you on a soul searching expedition and make you question your own mortality, superficial goals and the giant puzzle known as life (you’ll probably hug a loved one after hearing this EP). His fervent delivery of every word is astonishing and I cannot help but find numerous connections to the likes of The Fray, Leonard Cohen, Death Cab For Cutie, and Amos Lee – he’s a talented dude with a set of pipes and magical, emotive fingers, that’s for sure.”

“With such precision and skill, not to mention the existing friends in the music business, Afterlife Parade will have no problem breaking into the music scene and becoming somewhat of a household name in the next 5-10 years.””

““As the set list progressed, so did the energy of the band. Playing several tracks from their upcoming EP Rebirth due out in August, they became absolutely engulfed in the music to the point I was convinced the drummer would fly out of his seat.””

"Afterlife Parade’s brand new EP Death, released January 31st, is a six-track playlist brimming with emotion..." and "...It is clear already that Afterlife Parade is more than just a one-trick pony." "...Afterlife Parade is here to stay..." and "...there is no denying why."

““It's one of those EP's that you have to listen to from start to finish, it constantly builds towards that joyous and triumphant finish that Quinn was looking for. It is a solid and very enjoyable effort. So overall I would definitely have to say....mission accomplished.””