“Hi AFTERBURN! Congratulations, Your song in Top 100 N1M Charts! "MAKE MY MARK" #37 for Metal in United States, New York”

“Audio interview with AFTERBURN by freelance reporter Sarah Vasquez from the 2012 Texas Rock Fest: http://sarahmvasquez.tumblr.com/search/AFTERBURN”

" The 2012 winners of the Real Radio Show Battle of the Bands showed their true character by holding a fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Each song played in their set received tumultuous applause, especially the new "Here Now" and "Downrange", to be released on their upcoming EP to be released sometime in the 2013."

Shawna Tai - GT Mag

“The entire FDNY have been hailed as heroes since 9-11, and rightfully so. At least 2 of them are metal heroes as well. AfterBurn is a dynamic metal band mostly comprised of two New York City firefighters - Joe Martin (guitars), and Richie Apps (vocals) - who set Austin ablaze with a slew of fiery sets during SXSW 2012. I was lucky enough to catch them at the outdoor stage at Kung Fu Saloon (where the above photo of Joe was taken) and at the 13th Annual Texas Rock Fest outdoor stage located at 7th/Neches. AfterBurn play metal in the purest sense. No gimmicks, no weird tunings, nothing dropped, nothing sampled. Metal. Fearless, heartfelt metal. Supporting AfterBurn is a no-brainer. These cats are bad-asses.”

"2000 + miles from home, after four days of intense heat and partying, not to mention 4 shows, AFTERBURN arrived in San Antonio during Tornado warnings. The Tornado came and went, bands cancelled, but knowing the show must go on and showing a true professionalism, AFTERBURN played a searing 40 minute set that left no doubt in my mind, who actually dragged that tornado into town ..."

Jason Comfree - Edge magazine

“Never have I had such an entertaining interview, high energy, non stop fun. These boys know how to party, and unequivocally Rocked the Texas Rock Fest twice as hard as they party with four unmatched shows!”

Hope Davees - ATX Musik Mag

"Think, Alice In Chains on Steroids, AFTERBURN's Hard hitting, high energy music owned the City of Austin during SXSW, but they played Heart of Texas Rock Fest! just pure, raw energy that poured forth from every song..."

Demi Lacey - INsight Magazine

" Firefighters that play music? I thought, yeah, this is just a gimmick... These Guys Absolutely Rocked the foundations of Texas Rock Fest with their Music, like nothing heard in Austin! They completely blew me away!"

Adam Brewer - Founder of Texas Rockfest

“Who better than two FDNY firefighters calling themselves AfterBurn to breath life into the local music scene. These instrument slinging firefighters played a blistering set of original / cover music on a hot summer night. Sprinkling a few covers into the set, You get an idea what this band's originals are all about.”

“If you have been searching for a Rock band that stands and delivers a new style of Hard Rock, these Lads are fantastic!”

Shiela Headstrom - University Press

“AFTERBURN's style of Hard driving Rock mixed with a gritty melodic sound, sure to be one of todays top unsigned bands with a diverse influentual range from British invasion to 70's classic hard rock and metal, right up with the 80's most influential guitar bands with a slight twist of the 90's Seattle sound ... If you are looking for a Rock sound that will get you up out of your seat and pumping your fists, Check out AFTERBURN, you will not be dissapointed!”

Ivana Onyatope - Maximum Musack

"Once they get out of the studio and out to start showcasing their material, AFTERBURN is a band you must see; they are loud, tight, and driven hard rock quartet who do it for the love of the music, you can feel it in every song..."

Abigail Adams - Smoke and Mirror Press