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“A singer,songwriter,performer & a businessman <@afriqangenius>_<worldwide>_< WYSE™>”

“The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.”

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

“*The feeling* 1st *WYSE* 10 tracks album now on stores: : Feel free to visit ____ http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_album/artist_845483?item_id=1883907 4ur copy today* WYSE™”

““Big up you out there, most of all poor people, ghetto youth, warrior, badman, survivor all my brethren anyone out there. Look up and look good, watch out pon di street take care fi yourself and learn two love yourself before you love anyone else. coss sick idiot will be there satan mic talk bout rich but a poor people door eat belly full a pip pip hole day steel poor like dogg big eye greedy them work fi satan company mission is to mash up them self shame brethren shame seen unity in music me deal with great ya own style and stay bless TIME is master it's all about " - :”


““I loved working with WYSE™ because he is very creative and naturally talented. Note I said 'naturally', cause he is amazing in all he do.”

““Working with ''WYSE™ '' is a delightful, professional, and wonderful artistic work experience. His talent and passion for music already has me looking forward to our next collaborative journey.””

“-2012 ''WYSE™'' entered a track ''Tumetoka Mbali'' & ''Sawa Tu ft Chillaz'' on mixed cd/dvd ''New Discoveries cd/dvd 2012'' by DBTRIBUTE.ORG where there tracks were released in 1st feb Dennis Brown Anniversary of passing. ---------------------------------------------------- It has came out in online stores like Tunecore.com,Itunes & many more...”

“Welcome;wi were searching 4 5artists and all is done,but you can do record wit us or do a video and we can promote wen doing it to others.... Sci Hitz Limited established in 2010, as a Audio & Video Production studio aiming to produce top quality local music with an eye on the international market. We're professionals at our passion.A Kenyan based company that provides entertain ment whereby we are providing the following services...... Audio & Video production Internet Marketing & Promotion Web designing & Hosting Graphic Disigning Artist & Events management. Event Organizers & Promoters Please feel free to contact us anytime...... +254 722 729 359 Kind Regards, Management. Sci Hitz Ltd.”

““For an act that has Reggae/Dancehall/R’n’B and Hip Hop as his major music influences, “It will be so wrong to think that way because in America today, I have gotten to a point that with a little push I will get a label to back me up. But I won’t do that because at the end of the day the entire music community in America is looking for new sounds and it is only something new and unique that will sell. That is why I said to myself, why get signed and start fighting to impress record executives? So I decided to put my brains to use by coming home to fuse home sounds with my own kind of music before hitting the road. In a nutshell I am here to give myself an edge over artistes in the United States as well as sellKenya to the world... ””

"we gotta move faster now"..excellent collection of well crafted songs that span a variety of genres, but center on solid hooks and catchy lyrics. Really love the Trancey feel ofTumetoka Mbali". looking forward to more listening of your work.