Afraid of Figs / Press

“Afraid of Figs describes itself as Seattle’s “most most prominent dried fruit related geek rock band.” That seemed like a natural fit for GeekWire, so we had to learn more from this Devo and Weezer-inspired quintet which is planning its big CD release party on April 2nd at Chop Suey. Also, the group’s latest song — (Don’t Wanna Be Your) Facebook Friend — takes a bit of an anti-technology (or at least anti-Facebook) bent. Afraid of Figs was a finalist for the WTIA/Xconomy Battle of the Bands in 2009. And Bloomquist notes that the band — like almost every other band on the planet these days — is using social media tools to tell its story and connect with fans. “You can’t just be good anymore you have to be tech savvy,” he says. Got to say, the lyrics to the song are pretty funny. I wonder what Ari Steinberg of Facebook Seattle would think?”

“March 11th, 2010 Seattle Show Gal - Review by Jon Olken If blue eyeshadow and spandex stirrups aren’t your thing, lay your fears to rest. The new local band, Afraid of Figs is putting on a show at Neumos. Described as “Barenaked Ladies meets Cake,” the Figs are equally humorous, tongue-in-cheek as Leslie and the LY’s are. Afraid of Figs come at the listener with lyrics that lament on the trepidations of having to live a sustainable lifestyle. Recycling, for one, eating vegans another. A few choice lyrics are: I hate to recycle – It’s a lot of work Dividing garbage makes me feel just like a jerk. Got a carbon footprint the size of Peru. I like my S.U.V., and my hair spray too Finding bands who have fun with music is refreshing, and Afraid of Figs make me certain that they are one band to look out for. ”

“..Afraid of Figs took the stage first, and clearly had the wittiest songs of the five contenders. The standout was "I Ate a Vegan," which made light of Seattle's political correctness and green-leaning lifestyles. Also hilarious were "Rap Song," a parody of the rap idiom, and "Ritalin Barbie," an ode to an ex-girlfriend. With ties to Morpho Trak and Robert Half Technology, the band drew comparisons to such fun-loving, hyper-kinetic bands as Barenaked Ladies and the Presidents of the United States of America. ”