A Fistful of Sugar / Press

"This bustling nest of singers and song-writers never met a tradition it didn’t get along with. They throw [a] party on Perspicacity, inviting Hungarian, Balkan and Irish sounds and forcing them to mingle with early jazz and honky-tonk."

"A Dirty Dozen. Twelve strong, with six songwriters and a litany of instruments fleshing out their bluegrass-roots-rock-country-jug-kitchen-sink sound... Americana-loving, crate-digging music geeks will relish this band’s inventiveness."

“In a word: SINCERE. 'Perspicacity' manages to take the listener on a journey that not only pays homage to some of America’s greatest musical roots but also reflects the album title, which is defined as the ability to deeply perceive...perfect for a debut album.”

"...pretty righteous..."

"AFOS has a modern vibe built on a melting pot of traditional genres...the lyrical poetry running contrast to playfulness in this harmony-rich sextet. The band’s new record rides on versatility in genres old and new, barbershop-like vocal work, and keen instrumental execution."

"A Fistful of Sugar really know how to throw a party...bright colors, great musicians, and good folky vibes. [They are] a big band now, with a sophisticated sound and ambitious music. The more the merrier."

"...perfect driving-on-a-Sunday-morning music."

“A Fistful of Sugar...entices with smooth, sultry vocals and skilled bluegrass-style instrumentals. The tenor of their sound is rich with vocal harmonies that layer seamlessly. Nostalgic is the wrong word for how A Fistful of Sugar feels, but lovers of traditional American folk will surely appreciate all that they evoke.”

"Very poetic and light-hearted...soulful and commanding. Well harmonically-textured, [with] tangy and organic arrangements capable of providing a foot-tapping, blues-infused style of country that rings with an appropriate tone of longing."