"Aerochix hit every Aerosmith song hard and played most of the favored hits of the Boston band. The bad girls from Boston are Joni Scimone on drums; Rachel Clayton on lead vocals; Justine Klein on bass; Lisa Addario on guitar; and Sara Leketa on guitar, who have been together since 2009. They are the only Aerosmith female tribute band in the Boston area and have it down with their wardrobe, on stage presence, and musicianshipIn 2012, they took home the Limelight Magazine, "Best Tribute Band of the Year Award."

"This is not just another tribute band. This is a tribute band with a unique twist. The Aerochix are a Boston based, all female tribute band to Aerosmith, and what a band they are. The “Chix” are just as full of sass as the real thing... ...(The) evening at the Bull Run started out with guitarist Sara Leketa solo and acoustic. Her performance was a fantastic mix of originals and covers. Before her set was over she invited the rest of the band members up on stage for a preview of what was to come during the rest of the evening. ... Aerochix started make the hearts pump from the second they got on stage. What started off as an awesome show, wound up turning into one unbelievable night. Before too long the Chix brought a special guest on stage. Annie Perry, sister of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, joined in and made this a very special night at the Bull Run. This made the show even more authentic." ( Read the full article at the link below)

“2012 Limelight Magazine Winner: Tribute Band Of The Year”

Limelight Magazine

“The entire performance – the wardrobe, the musical equipment, the onstage frolics, the playful antics – all offer an authentic Aerosmith experience. The band quickly makes the audience forget they are watching an Aerosmith cover band and appreciate Aerochix’s musicianship for what it is.”

"Get ready to rock your heart out..."

The Cape Cod Times

"Meet the ladies who could SPANK The Bad Boys of Rock!"

Cat Wilson - The Cheap Seats

“Aerochix. Between American Idol, in-band fights, and Steven Tyler’s apparent inability to walk anywhere without injuring himself, it might be a while before we see the real Aerosmith on tour again. Fortunately, the ladies of this tribute band can rock out just as hard as one of Boston’s most famous musical exports. They get bonus points for including plenty of scarves.”

“Concert Review: Aerochix At The Beachcomber In Quincy Massachusetts”

“Aerochix. The bad girls from Boston, who love the Bad Boys of Boston. Aerochix hail from their idol’s home base and mine, Boston. Check out the bad girls from Boston as they take on the Rocks classic, Last Child.”

"Ladies played and sang like the Dudes" Photo: Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe Couldn’t swing a ticket to this weekend’s Aerosmith/J. Geils extravaganza at Fenway? You should have been at Olivers the other night. Neither Steven Tyler nor Peter Wolf were on the bill, but reasonable facsimiles of their bands were. The all-female cover band Aerochix blasted all your Aerosmith faves, while Blow Your Face Out, led by Dave Tree, rocked it Geils-style.

“Tomorrow night's show will start with a performance from Aerochix, an all-female Aerosmith tribute band, before The Fools open for, well, themselves, appearing first as a country-western band called "Mel Smith and His Wild In-Laws."”

“AEROCHIX If you attend this show and think “dude looks like a lady,’’ you’ll be glad to know it’s not the beer goggles. All the members of this Aerosmith tribute band are chicks. 7 p.m. Tickets: $25. Oliver’s at the Cask ’n’ Flagon. 617-536-4840, www.casknflagon.com”