Aenygmist / Press

“« This is raw and dirty black metal, intensely, fast and vicious played. Yes, there are some clean voices, some back-up keyboards and some heavenly solos, but, this is a rare case where melody is not used just to soft the music! Au contraire! This is a false hope, the melody will not get you out from the disturbing and suffocating universe of Aenygmist, it's just a malefic trick to emphasize the fact there's no escape! »”

“« Plusieurs se demandaient quand sera le moment où des femmes formeront ce qu’il n’y a encore jamais eu : une musique harmonieuse et démoniaque avec une énergie puissante, qui, à partir d’aujourd'hui, n’était produite en majorité que par des groupes masculins ou des groupes mixtes. Nous avons enfin trouvé au cœur du Québec, non pas la perle étincelante, ni le plus gros diamant, mais bien la première rose noire à cinq pétales : AENYGMIST » -”

“« If you saw the movie "Perfect Storm", you will get the idea: the survivors from a boat located in the eye of the hurricane suddenly saw the sun in the distance and all their hopes are reborn, but the storm will finally crush'em without mercy. Yes, this is a "Perfect Storm" black metal ! »”

“« Creation Born Of Trauma remains a solid debut release that will appeal to fans of atmospheric, semi-melodic black metal. Keep an eye on Aenygmist. » « The Kittie, Dimmu Borgir, and Cradle of Filth influences are easily identifiable in the band's mid-paced, atmospheric sound, but repeated listens do reveal flashes of innovation that hint at what Aenygmist is capable of. »”

“« After the first listening of the album, I was stoned. Holy fuck! The intensity of the music broke my neurons. The girls (!) play a very ferocious black metal, seasoned by some melodic parts. »”

“« La formation drummondvilloise Aenygmist est d’ailleurs entièrement constituée de jeunes femmes. Celles-ci cumulent les représentations en se faisant grandement remarquer sur la scène «underground» québécoise. »”