Advent of the Sun / Press

“..this is surprisingly engaging and well-executed progressive metal. If this band has indeed only been active for a few months, and they’ve already achieved this sort of chemistry, there could be very good things on the horizon. Vocal melodies are memorable, synths are spacey and cool, and I can’t really even say that this is rough around the edges.”

“If you're looking for a progressive metal band that doesn't show off too damn much with techwankery, then look no further here. Fans of Dream Theater will like it, and any one that wishes to peer into uncharted territory would like it as well.”

“Overall, all the aspects of this band are sounding strong, and their sense of song writing is extremely well developed for a debut release. And of course, the talent of these prog musicians is definitely showcased in a way that demands your attention and also delivers an enjoyable listening experience. I give the debut an 85% for it’s strengths, and can safely say their next release will score even higher and perhaps flesh out their respective talents more and build upon an already fantastic foundation.”

“In short, with some excellent songwriting and some truly magnificent vocals Advent of the Sun draw you into their high powered sound and refuse to spit you out, instead holding you as a prisoner to their power metal inspired brand of prog. A journey that you will not soon forget!"”