Adults Only / Press

“Love the name, love the covers, love the music!! Love the whole concept! Brilliant!”

“You guys are awesome! "Boomshanka" has all of the best elements of psychobilly/rockabilly, experimental music, alternative rock and some tints of spanish melodies.”

"Go Again" has catchy melodies, some awesome guitar riffs, and a background of countless musical influences from multiple genres. Keep up the great work!

"HOLY $HIT!. Both CD's are now FREE on ReverbNation!"

“Adults Only #1 most popular band on Nuvo.net!”

"What can I say except AWESOME! Hands down my favorite style of music."

"Love your style, keep up the good work. Excellent musicianship all around!"

"A unique musical mix with catchy songwriting."

"You guys have such an awesome sound!"

“Your music sounds like something straight out of a Tarantino movie. I love it!”

"An engaging mix of smart rock, the variety on the album shows off musical diversity without succumbing to the braggadocio associated with progressive rock." -- CornFed Cannibal on '18 To Enter, 21 To Think'

"If you like Guitar Hero and Zombies, You'll love this CD!" - Miguel Sanchez - Band Manager on Hotbed of Iniquity.

“A reclusive individual, Jon likes to spend time with his Son #1 Grissom and despises being bothered on Thursdays (he's a diehard fan of CSI: ). Other than that, we don't know what the hell this cryptic wiseass is up to!”

"Mr. Smithwick is an impressive guitarist that we are sure to hear alot about in the future. The way he plays guitar is like making love to a woman, it's violent yet poetic in a way that you're drenched in sweat and reeling from pain and yet you still want more."--Dr. Chester Smith, OBGYN

“Jon credits Mike Patton and Keith Moon as the people who have influenced his musical excursions the most. His favorite composer/musician is Frank Zappa.”

"I was so moved, Jesus touched me!"-- Some Girl

"Incredible! Jeb had the crowd totally mesmerized! I was able to feel up the girl sitting next to me"--Jesus DeMartinez