Adrienne Cowan / Press

"Adrienne Cowan’s spellbinding vocal range and guitarist Jack Kosto’s scorching solos were some of the highlights of the band’s all too short of a set. The way that Seven Spires could morph from the symphonic metal template to suddenly bring in an almost death metal-heaviness at a few moments was nothing short of impressive (as was Cowan’s vocal switch-ups and stage presence), and they could just as easily switch gears into the opposite direction (the bouncy and infectious groove of “The Cabaret of Dreams”)."

"Cowan's voice is a monument to talent and intelligent songwriting... it was far and away one of the most dynamic and strong releases you'll find for female fronted metal this year. Or last year. Or the year before that."

"...Adrienne gets to flex her impressive vocal range (part Floor Jansen, part Sebastian Bach, as well as a touch pure heavy metal) and the chorus again stays stuck in your head for day"

"The group is fronted by Adrienne Cowan, who also handles the impeccably tasteful keyboards and orchestrations. By the halfway mark of the EP, Cowan locks herself in as a powerful vocalist with character to boot. Equal parts Simone Simons and Alice Cooper, Cowan doesn’t just ask more radio-friendly singers like Tarja Turunen or Lzzy Hale to step aside – she sounds as though she eats them for breakfast."

"the female vocal had a gritty and visceral quality, something that’s lacking a bit in the industry at the moment."

William D'Albertson-Young - Metal Junkie